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These are the default S.T.A.L.K.E.R. controls. These can be changed by going to Main Menu > Options > Controls.

Control Action
 ↑  Up
 ↓  Down
W Forward
S Back
A Strafe left
D Strafe right
Space Jump
Shift Walk
Control Crouch
Control + Shift Low Crouch
X Sprint
Q Lean Left
E Lean Right
1 Weapon1
2 Weapon2
3 Weapon3
4 Weapon4
5 Weapon5
6 Weapon6
0 Next Firing Mode
9 Previous Firing Mode
Y Change Ammo Type
PC Mouse Left Click.png Fire
PC Mouse Right Click.png Zoom
R Reload
V Grenade Launcher
I Inventory
P Active Tasks in PDA
H PDA Contacts
L Flashlight
N Nightvision
] Quick Bandage
[ Quick Medkit
G Drop
Pause Pause
F Use
F12 Screenshot
Esc Exit
` Console
7 Artifact
Tab Points
, Chat
. Team Chat
B Buy Menu
O Skin Menu
U Team Menu
F5 Begin Voting
F6 Vote
F7 Vote "No"
F8 Vote" Yes"
C VoiceMessages(1)
Z VoiceMessages(2)