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Main Quest[edit]

Get information from the scout[edit]

This is the first quest in the game, given by Sidorovich. He mentions that some of his guys has disappeared, and wants you to find the one named Nimble. You need to retrieve a flash drive from him.

  • Visit Wolf from the local camp. He is wearing green armor, and is near the campfire. When you talk to him, agree to assist the scouts to attack the bandits. He will give you some basic equipment.

On the way to Wolf's people, you may find a wounded loner. There is a first-aid kit nearby that you can retrieve and give to him. He will become your friend and return to the main camp.

  • Meet with Wolf's People and speak with Petruha. In the dialog, you can choose to attack as a group, or try to single-handedly engage. There's a greater reward if you do it by yourself, although it is obviously more dangerous and difficult.
  • Kill the bandits at the car park. There's about 8 bandits in the camp: 2 by the gate, 2 near the fire, and 2 in the left building where Nimble is kept. You can also search the bandit's bodies, as they're likely to give the locations of hidden stashes.
  • Get the flash drive from Nimble. He should be alive when you meet him, and if he is, he can also give the location of an artifact stash.
  • Return the flash drive to the trader.

Reward: 1500 RU. If you rescued Nimble, you can speak with Wolf to receive a Jellyfish artifact. If you rescued Nimble by yourself, he will also give you a Fort-12Mk2, 2 RGD-5 grenades, an F1 grenade, and some medical supplies.

Find the militaries' document[edit]

This quest starts when you ask Sidorovich for a special quest after retrieving the information.

  • Head to the railroad embankment. There are four routes:
    1. A tunnel left of the bridge. This section is filled with Electro anomalies. This provides only a south to north passage when you follow these anomalies at a safe distance.
    2. The bridge, which is a guarded military checkpoint. Although they show as hostile in the binoculars, you can approach and bribe the soldiers to let you pass.
    3. To the right of the bridge, where there is a small hole in the fence that you can walk through.
    4. To the far right of the bridge, where the fence stops. This is covered by radiation that extends along the rail, and is generally lethal since you lack protection at this time.

Once you pass the railroad, Sidrovich will direct you to Fox, who has some information about Strelov. Head to his location. When you arrive, he is wounded after an attack by Blind Dogs, and needs a first aid kit. You can give it to him and in exchange receive information about Strelok. After you revive him, there is another wave of Blind dogs approaching from the east. If you fight them off, Fox will give you an additional 1500 RU as a reward.

Continue to the north. When you approach the checkpoint, there are two bandits waiting there, using SMGs to attack.

Side quests[edit]


Along the road to the first main quest mission, you will spot two Stalkers on the side. Collect the medikit from one, and use it on Tolik.

Saving him will slightly increase your reputation in the rookie village.

Find the perfected suit[edit]

Time limit: 1 day

  • Speak with Nimble for information about the secret stash of the bandits.
  • It is located at the end of the road leading east from the abandoned carpark that you just conquered. There is a pseudodog in the tunnel, who will attack when you approach.

Retrieve the mail jacket from the tunnel, and return it to Nimble to receive a Stone Flower artifact.

Clear the lair[edit]

Time limit: 1 day

  • South east of the Loner camp is a small stash that is also home to a few boars. Kill both of them, and return to Wolf for the reward.


You can find the exact location of stashes by searching dead bodies within this region.

  • There is a backpack somewhere north of the village.
  • In the building southwest of the bridge, climb to the top and onto the roof. There is a toolcase containing a Crystal Thorn.
  • To the southeast of the bridge, you can find a cross and an item.
  • A stalker died near the anomalies near the train tunnel on the right.
  • To the northwest of the train tunnel, you can find a cross containing a few items.
  • South of the northern outpost is an overturned truck. The stash here contains several medical kits, but the truck is radioactive. You should wait until you have protection before grabbing the stash.
  • In the northern outpost, there is a stash box in the tower. Note that this stash may be empty.