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Portrait SGF Miss X.png
Sakahagi Arcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Saka Sakahagi Arcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png
Command Moves
Ge Shiki • Yumebiki Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.pngArcade-Button-Punch.png
Ge Shiki • Gofu In "Shinigami" Arcade-Stick-Right.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png
Ge Shiki • Yuri Ori Control-Modifier-Air.png Arcade-Stick-Left.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png
Special Moves
108 Shiki • Yami Barai Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png
212 Shiki • Koto Tsuki In Arcade-Stick-Hcb.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png
127 Shiki • Aoi Hana Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png (up to 3x)
Special Moves
100 Shiki • Oni Yaki Arcade-Stick-Dp.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png
311 Shiki • Tsumagushi Arcade-Stick-Dp.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png
Kuzukaze (close) Arcade-Stick-Hcbf.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png
Mighty Bop
Kin 1211 Shiki • Ya Otome Arcade-Stick-QcfHcb.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Ura 108 Shiki • Ya Sakazuki Arcade-Stick-QcbHcf.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Ura 311 Shiki •
Saku Tsumagushi
Ura 91 Shiki • Yatsukahagi Arcade-Stick-Qcb.pngArcade-Stick-Qcb.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png