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There are 10 achievements on Steam.

Picture Name Description
SVCMotM Heptathlete.jpg Heptathlete Earn a medal in every Olympic game
SVCMotM My Hattrick.jpg My Hattrick Win at least once in each of Tournament's My One, My Tag, My Team
SVCMotM Let's Dancing.jpg Let's Dancing! Unlock Akari
SVCMotM You've Got Taste.jpg You've Got Taste Unlock Yuri
SVCMotM Warrior Unleashed.jpg Warrior Unleashed Unlock Akuma
SVCMotM The Hunt is On.jpg The Hunt is On! Unlock Baby Bonnie Hood
SVCMotM Are You Worthy.jpg Are You Worthy? Unlock Geese Howard
SVCMotM Riot of the Blood.jpg Riot of the Blood Unlock Orochi Iori
SVCMotM Respect the Power.jpg Respect the Power Unlock M. Bison
SVCMotM Shed the Weakness.jpg Shed the Weakness Unlock Evil Ryu