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Olympic Mode is a collection of challenges you can compete in to earn medals and Vs points that you can use to purchase MAX super moves.

First you must select SNK or Capcom You can skip Rimururu's or Karin's intro with Option button.



Vs. Points is Win ×10 for the first 30 wins and ×30 after that
Medal Wins Vs. Points
Bronze 20 200
Silver 40 1200
Gold 60 1800
Platinum 80 2400
Crystal 99
Master 100

Here your character faces up to 100 opponents in elimination matches containing 5 opponents each. Your fighter takes less damage from attacks, and dishes out more damage then normal. You lose if your character gets knocked out. You regain some health after every opponent you knock out. High damage characters (ex. Zangief,Evil Ryu,..) seem to be the most effective in this mode.

Time Attack[edit]

Medal Time vs. Points
Bronze 2'30"00 150
Silver 2'00"00 180
Gold 1'30"00 200
Platinum 1'15"00 350
Crystal 1'00"00 400
Master 0'50"00 ??

In this you try to defeat 5 foes in an elimination match quickly as possible. Your fighter is invulnerable, but there is a 7 minutes time limit. Rush Style seems to be the most effective.

First Blast[edit]

Vs. Points is Score ÷ 200
Medal Score Vs. Points
Bronze 20 000 100
Silver 40 000 200
Gold 60 000 300
Platinum 80 000 400

Here your challenged in 10, 10 second, sudden death matches. The first fighter to cause damage to his or her opponent wins that match. Your score is based on the number of wins, finishing move, and time. Your opponents always come in the order shown below.

Co. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
SNK Ryu Chun-Li Zangief Ken Dan Sakura Morrigan Guile Akuma M. Bison
Capcom Kyo Terry Ryo Mai Leona Athena Iori Haohmaru Nakoruru Geese Howard

Target 9 (SNK only)[edit]

Vs. Points is Score ÷ 100
Medal Score Beaten Vs. Points
Bronze 20 000 41 200
Silver 30 000 60 300
Crystal 80 000

Help Marco (or Fio) shoot down all the Mars People.

Vs. Points is Score ÷ 200
Neutral control Use stick to aim
A button Shoot
B button Reload

You get 100 points for every Mars Person you've shot and a multiplier for every 10. Every pink Mars People you shoot down gives you health.

To play as Fio push Option button before the ready sign comes.

Blade Arts (SNK only)[edit]

Vs. Points is Score ÷ 150
Medal Score Vs. Points
Bronze 40 000 267
Silver 50 000 333
Gold 60 000 400
Platinum 70 000 467

Help Jubai slash all 100 dummys.

Up control+A button Slash Up Left Up control+B button Slash Up Right
A button Slash Left B button Slash Right
Yellow Green Red 5 in a row
300 600 1200 1500

Ghost Trick (Capcom only)[edit]

Vs. Points is Score ÷ 100
Medal Score
Bronze 30 000
Silver 40 000

Help get the money bags and treasure chests. Avoid Red Arremer.

A button B button
one jump Doll Bag Jewel Box
50 1700 5000

Cat Walk (Capcom only)[edit]

Vs. Points is Score ÷ 100
Medal Score Vs. Points
Gold 45 000 450
Platinum 55 000 550

Play DDR with Felicia. Select a song and hit the buttons as the symbols come up. If you select your song with Option button, the symbols will be replaced and Felicia will be in her alternate color.

Master Skills[edit]

Character Master Skill vs. Points
Terry High Angle Geyser 4000
Kyo 182 Shiki 4500
Athena Flaming Sword 4000
Iori Ura 311 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi 4000
Nakoruru Irusuka Yatoro Lise 6000
Mai Houou no Mai 4000
Haohmaru Hiougi: Ten'ha Dankuretsuzan 5000
Ryo Tenchi Haoh Ken 2500
Yuri Shin! Yuri Cho Upper 5800
Akari Tenmon Amata no Hoshikuzu 8000
Leona Grateful Dead 6000
Ryu Metsu Shoryuken 6000
Dan Otoko Michi 8000
Felicia ES Rolling Scratch 3000
Ken Shippujinrai Kyaku 4000
Guile Crossfire Assault 4500
Chun-Li Shichisei Senkuukyaku 4500
Sakura Shun Goku Satsu 5500
Morrigan Cryptic Needle 2500
Zangief Russian Beat 4500
Akuma Kongou Kokuretsuzan 9999
B.B. Hood Doll & Bomb 6500
Geese Deadly Rave 9999
M. Bison Psycho Field 9999
Evil Ryu Ryukoku Hadoken 8000
Orochi Iori Ura 311 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi 6500

Here you can Purchase a new Super Move, for every character.