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Note: all stats listed in these tables are final stats unless noted otherwise.


Name Unlocking Nationality Edging Speed Stability Tricks Blood Type Description Riding style
Elise Default Canadian 35 32 24 28 O- A BX rider Known to be Shrewd dangerous and beautiful. BX
Hiro Get 4 gold Medals Japanese 32 35 24 23 A+ An alpine Rider that pushes himself and his gear beyond the limits to win at any cost.
Hint: when using alpine boards, avoid spinning if you can, if you do spin, make sure you do 360, 720, 1080, 1440 ect...
JP Get 2 gold medals French 28 27 28 33 AB- Slick and Well outfitted, JP is the epitone of style over substance but still has enough innate skill to throw down with the best of them. Freestyle
Jurgen get 1 gold medal German 27 30 35 20 AB+ Hint: Don't try to knock this guy down.
A willy and weathered veteran of snowmobile and backcountry ski competitons, Jurgen is an established Juggernaut on the SSX scene.
Kaori Default Japanese 27 28 24 35 B+ A Freestyle rider with a positive groove Freestyle
Mac Default American 25 26 31 35 O+ A freestyle rider with stylish flare an the quiet confidence of riders twice his age. (he is 15) Freestyle
Moby Default British 25 28 27 33 A- A BX rider who is used to taking risks and breaking bones. BX
Zoe get 3 gold medals American 30 30 28 39 B- Wild, Sporty and street savvy Zoe takes her Winning ways from the pinnacle of mountain biking into frosty new territory BX


  • Anton
  • Chase
  • Claude
  • Gary
  • Guy
  • Luther (not the same Luther from SSX Tricky)
  • Macy
  • Mike
  • Molly
  • Moses
  • Ron
  • Ruby
  • Saskia
  • Spike
  • Troy
  • Willy