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When Holding down Cross button you cannot steer so make sure you only hold it down when the jump is straight ahead of you.

Use Left lstick/Right lstick to steer, hold Up lstick to crouch and go faster. Push Left rstick/Right rstick to push. The bigger the rider, the harder they push.

Hold down Cross button to get ready to jump, release to jump.

Red boost is the fastest, orange is medium and yellow is the slowest boost. A yellow ring with lighting bolts round it is a speed boost pickup. It gives you red boost for about 5 seconds. A pickup with red arrows on it is a trick boost, it makes you spin and flip faster for one trick.

The bar at the side of the screen is your boost bar, press Square button to boost. Do tricks to give you boost.


Tweaking does not give you any more points than an ordinary grab, but if you do the same trick over and over again, the trick points and boost you get decrease.

When in the air press the shoulder buttons to do grab tricks. While doing a grab trick press Square button to tweak it.

There are 15 combinations of grab tricks you can do, not including tweaks. Each character has different grab tricks.

Alpine boards
If you are using an alpine rider it is inadvisable to spin because if you land backwards you will slow down and you have to press Left lstick/Right lstick to turn around. If you are doing a race you are likely to get overtaken if that happens. Just do grabs and flips with alpine boards.

To spin: when holding down Cross button hold down the direction you want to spin, then release Cross button before you reach the top of the ramp but hold down the direction, and you will spin.

To flip do the same as spinning but hold Up lstick/Down lstick.

You go faster boosting on a rail than boosting on the snow

To grind, just land on a rail, turn sideways to balance easier by pressing Left dpad/Right dpad, or keep on pressing that do do rail spins.