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Tournaments are events that allow you to progress through the game by unlocking new mountain peaks (courses) and rewards, and earning character upgrades. Here are a few things to keep in mind when competing in tournaments:

Qualifying, Winning and Losing[edit]

Tournaments consist of a series of one or more events. Each event is broken up into a number rounds, called heats.

You need to finish at least 4th in the first two heats of an event to qualify for the final heat. Your result in the final heat will dictate the final result for that event. If you place in the top three for the final heat you can proceed to the next event in the tournament, or if it is the final event, you will get credit for completing (winning) the event.

For example, let's say you start a tournament that consists of the Wild Tree Fun race and the Dysfunktion half-pipe. Let's also say that each event is made up of three heats. In the first event (race), all you have to do is come in at least 4th for the first two heats. Then, for the last heat, you must finish in the top three to continue to the next event. This same logic follows for the last event, where 4th place or higher in the first two heats are required to progress to the final heat. Interestingly, the final result of the last heat of the last event will dictate what your final result of the whole tournament will be. So, in the example, if you get a silver star in the last heat of the half-pipe, you will get a silver star for the whole tournament. (Even if you got 1st place in a previous round!) Strange, eh?

Once you understand this strange tournament logic, you can speed through the tournaments much quicker by simply using this strategy: Use the first two heats of an event as "warm-ups" (making sure to place at least 4th), then really turn up the throttle for the last heat and shoot for the top spot. If you mess up, simply pause the game before reaching the finish line or time limit and restart the event to restart that heat. If you do not finish in the top 3 in the final heat, you will lose the tournament and have to start at heat one of the current event.