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Sadakichi Seven
Box artwork for Sadakichi Seven.
Release date(s)
System(s)PC Engine
ModesSingle player
TwitchSadakichi Seven Channel

Sadakichi Seven is a menu-driven text adventure game developed and published by Hudson for the PC Engine near the end of 1988. The game's full title is Sadakichi Nanaban: Hideyoshi no Ougon (定吉七番 秀吉の黄金? lit. Sadakichi Seven: Gold of Hideyoshi).

The player directs an apprentice spy (whose number 7 is a parody of the famous English super-agent James Bond 007 ), who must retrieve ancient documents of the Kansai culture from the hands of an evil organization called N.A.T.T.O. (a play on the name of a regional dish of fermented beans, and the international defense alliance NATO). The action takes place in Osaka and Tokyo and some places in the game are supposed to be accurate representations of the real cities. Several allusions to the 007 franchise are made throughout the game, including an opening cutscene viewed from the barrel of a gun and the hero casually tossing his hat onto a hat rack as the game begins.

The odd narrative elements aside, it plays much like any Portopia-derived adventure game: The player can interact with their environment through a list of commands on the right side of the screen and the goal is to talk to NPCs, explore the surroundings and discover clues in order to solve a mystery. The game was only released in Japan, and have never been translated into another language.

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