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Since Cosmo affects the attack damage, it is advised to use attacks that deal more damage to Cosmo over Life, unless your opponent is low in Life, such that attacks focused on Life damage can be better.

Temple I: Aries[edit]

Anime synopsis
In the Anime, Mu was revealed to be the first Gold Saint. Mu had helped the Bronze Saints in the past by repairing the Pegasus and Dragon Cloths. In the temple, he reveals that his intentions are to help, not hinder, the Bronze Saints in their efforts to save Athena, and repairs their Cloth for the battles ahead.
Aries Mu repairs your armor

It does not matter who you select to complete the first temple. All of the Bronze Saints' maximum Cosmo and Life will be 99. Select any one and proceed through the action sequence to reach the Aries temple at the end. You cannot build the Seventh Sense meter yet, so there's no reason to take any longer than you have to to reach the end.

Aries Mu[edit]

As in the anime, Mu is not an enemy, but a friend. There is no need to attack him. Speak with him twice, and he will agree to strengthen each of your Cloths, and allow you to tap into the Seventh Sense in order to restore any lost Life and Cosmo before important battles.

Temple II: Taurus[edit]

Anime synopsis
At his Taurus temple, Aldebaran faced all four Bronze Saints, but they were no match to Aldebaran since none of them had achieved the seventh sense. His battle stance allowed him to attack and defend at the same time; since he moves at the speed of light, he can launch his "Great Horn" and return to defense without being seen. Using his "Pegasus Meteor Fist," Seiya reached to the seventh sense for the very first time, getting Aldebaran out of his stance and making it possible for him to see his technique. In the end, he cuts Aldebaran's left horn off his helmet. Aldebaran, who had told Seiya that he would let him pass the Temple of Taurus if he could break the horn, kept his promise.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Seiya, 120, 120.
Although you can safely make it through at 99, it's not a bad idea to give yourself a bit of an edge. The red henchmen are a bit stronger than the earlier green henchmen, but not by much. Don't worry about taking too much time to build up the Seventh Sense meter, get to the temple as quickly as possible.

Taurus Aldebaran[edit]

Stats Great Horn attack
Cosmo 299 19% (9.5%)
Life 199 29% (14.5%)
Taurus Aldebaran is your first Saint battle

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life : Cosmo 120, Life 120.
When this battle begins, you should start out by talking with Aldebaran twice. At first he will try to intimidate you. Then you will make him doubt the Pope's cause. Doing so will cause him to lose some of his resolve, and will cut the amount of damage he can do to you in half (9.5% and 14.5% to Cosmo and Life respectively.) Now you must fight. After you successfully strike him, he will counterattack with his Great Horn attack. Even if you successfully dodge it, you will still take damage. You will likely end up dying before you can defeat him. As Seiya, you will hear Marin's voice informing you that you can see through his attack, allowing you to successfully dodge and avoid taking damage. You will then gain 200 more Seventh Sense power, and have the opportunity to refuel your Cosmo and Life. Set the Cosmo to maximum and your Life to 120, and resume battle. Attack him with the second attack until he is defeated, and do your best to dodge his counter attacks. Seiya will also gain extra max Cosmo if he wins the fight.

Temple III: Gemini[edit]

Anime synopsis
The Gemini Saint creates a maze of light that makes it impossible to find the exit from the temple. The Saints split up into two groups, with Seiya and Shiryu going one way, and Hyoga and Shun going another. Hyoga and Shun encounter the Gold Cloth and fail to harm it with any of their attacks. The Gold Cloth uses the "Another Dimension" attack which absorbs its target into an alternate dimension. Hyoga is sucked in, but Shun avoids the attack. While wandering through the other dimension, Aquarius Camus intervenes to confront Hyoga. Hyoga communicates his suspicions that Camus was behind the death of Hyoga's mother. Camus then attacks Hyoga and locks him away in a giant frozen block of ice.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Shun, 140, 140.
Note: If you use Hyoga in this stage, he will run into a special event and skip the boss fight. Doing so and other saints will not receive stat bonus. If you use others however, Hyoga will still be disabled afterwards, but you get the bonus for the saint you use.
There will be no surprises along the way to the temple of Gemini. Do your best to avoid colliding with the meteors and any projectiles that the guards throw at you.

Gemini Cloth[edit]

Stats Another Dimension attack
Cosmo 299 26%
Life 299 18%
The Gemini Cloth is unoccupied

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo MAX, Life MAX.
When you are given an opportunity to use Seventh Sense power to refuel your Cosmo and Life, increase them to the maximum amount. Regardless of whether you attack or talk to Gemini, he will activate his "Another Dimension" attack, and literally send you to another dimension.

You will be back in a side-scrolling sequence, although this will be considerably different than the usual kind. You must successfully jump from platform to platform through a stage with a distinct lack of a floor. That means any mistimed jump will cause you to lose health and return you to the start of the stage. Geometric shapes and comets will fly across the sky and damage you if they make contact. There are two particularly dangerous sections where you must jump across a set of narrow blocks. Try to reach the highest block and jump across. Near the end, there are a set of bubbles which you must break with your punches. If you have trouble getting through the paths where the bubbles were, remember that you can jump higher by holding up on the direction pad, or jump lower by running when you press jump.

Aquarius Camus fights Hyoga at the Libra temple

If you are anyone other than Hyoga, you will find the Gemini Cloth waiting for you at the end. Once you reach it, you will fight it like any Gold Saint. If you are playing as Shun, and you die in battle, Ikki will restore your health and give you another chance. Whoever beats Gemini receives extended Cosmo.

If you are Hyoga when you reach the end, you will instead find Aquarius Camus. You will now find yourself in the Temple of Libra. Talk to him first, and then try to attack him. He will deflect your attack and give you another opportunity. Talk to him again, but he will not be swayed. Attack him again, and he will continue to deflect your attack. Attack him once more, but it will do no good. He will then use "Aurora Execution" on you, followed by "Freezing Coffin". Ultimately, Hyoga will be frozen in glacial ice, and unselectable until the rest of the Bronze Saints can reach the Libra Temple.

Temple IV: Cancer[edit]

Anime synopsis
Shiryu faced Deathmask when he and Seiya reached his temple. Shiryu told Seiya to go ahead to the Temple of Leo while he finishes the business between him and Deathmask. Shiryu attacked Deathmask first, and Seiya jumped over Deathmask's head to get away. Using his technique, Deathmask sent Shiryu to the gate of Hell. There, he tortured Shiryu to his own pleasure. After he felt satisfied, he tried to throw Shiryu into the death hole, a pit of Hell. However, he was interrupted by the prayers of Shiryu's sworn friend, Shunrei. Angered, he uses his telekinesis to throw Shunrei off the cliff in the Wulao Peaks. Angered for his friend's apparent death, Shiryu started to fight back, swearing that he'd kill Deathmask. During the fight, Shiryu was again almost thrown into the death hole, and again Deathmask tried to torture him. Shiryu, in turn, smashed Deathmask's ankle to defend himself. Deathmask laughed and told him that it was useless because he was protected by the Gold Cloth. Yet, to his shock, his ankle's armor suddenly disintegrated. Then, piece by piece, his entire cloth left his body. Obviously, the Gold Cloth of Cancer abandoned him due to his evil deeds and more importantly, because he completely forgot what the true meaning of justice was. Wanting to preserve his honor and defeat Deathmask in a fair match, Shiryu took off his Bronze Cloth. Using his seventh sense, he defeated the evil Gold Saint by throwing him into the pit of hell with his rising dragon blow.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Shiryu, 160, 160.
This is the first side-scrolling sequence where it starts to become considerably more difficult to avoid taking damage. There are quite a few wide jumps to cross, although nothing as dangerous as you faced in "Another Dimension." However, near the middle, you will encounter a set of archers. These archers may be a bit difficult to hit if your Cosmos is not high enough, but you should be able to take them out as you jump towards them.

Cancer Deathmask[edit]

Stats Praesepe Hell Wave
Cosmo 399 28%
Life 299 18%
Cancer Deathmask sends you to the underworld

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo MAX, Life MAX.
Raise your Cosmo and Life to maximum as soon as you arrive. Regardless of whether you attack or talk, Deathmask will send you to the underworld with his Praesepe Hell Waves attack. Just as with Gemini, you will now find yourself in an unusual side scrolling sequence. There are three kinds of enemies here. Ghost souls can be defeated with your attacks. Mummies can only be pushed backwards, and fireballs can't be harmed at all. Although there are some difficult jumps, once again, they won't be nearly as difficult as the ones in "Another Dimension." When you are close to reaching the end, boulders will fall from the sky as you climb the stairs that lead to Deathmask.

Deathmask will naturally be surprised that you survived the cluster and made it back alive. Although Deathmask is powerful, there is very little strategy to this fight. Use Shiryu's only attack to damage Deathmask as much as possible. Successfully dodging his attacks will give you a better chance at survival. Never speak with Deathmask as it will give him a free attack opportunity. If Shiryu loses in battle, Shunrei will pray for his success and give Shiryu another chance to defeat Deathmask. For whoever you use, the winner gains extra Cosmo.

Temple V: Leo[edit]

Anime synopsis
When Seiya arrives at the Leo Temple, he learns that Aeolia is the guardian. Controlled by the evil Pope Ares' Imperial Phantasm Punch attack, Aeolia turns very sadistic. His behavior is compared to a cat playing with its victim, since he didn't kill Seiya at once, instead he was weakening his body slowly with many attacks. Cassios arrives at the Leo Temple, and states that he would like to be the one to kill Seiya, for winning the Pegasus Cloth off him and severing his ear in the past. But he instead turns to attack Aeolia, telling Seiya that Aeolia is under manipulation from the Pope, and it is only dispelled if someone dies in front of him. Cassios then commits suicide by protecting Seiya from Aeolia's Lightning Plasma. Realizing that Aeolia is still under the power of the Pope, Seiya draws up the maximum power from his Cosmo, and manages to evade Aeolia's Lightning Plasma and knocks him down with a Pegasus Meteor Punch, releasing him from the Imperial Phantasm Punch.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Seiya, 180, 180.
The side scrolling sequence for this temple continues to expand upon the increased difficulty with narrow ledges to jump on, and archers that occupy many of them. You may have to start intentionally landing on the spots where the archers wait, and push through them as quickly as possible in order to minimize the damage to take while standing on top of them.

Leo Aeolia[edit]

Stats Lightning Bolt attack Lightning Plasma attack
Cosmo 399 48% (18%) 32% (8%)
Life 399 32% (8%) 48% (18%)
Leo Aeolia must defeat you before you can defeat him

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo 0, Life 0.
This is the first battle where, no matter how much cosmo and life you assign to your saint, you will be unable to do any damage to your target until you are defeated. Therefore, as a way to preserve your Seventh Sense pool, not only is it recommended that you not increase your cosmo and life, but that you actually decrease it to 0, and give your power back to the pool for later use. Any attempt to attack Aeolia will be futile, and he will defeat you.

At this time, Cassios will appear with the intention of defeating Seiya and getting revenge for losing his ear and the Pegasus Cloth to Seiya some time ago. However, Cassios will realize that there's no glory in fighting a defeated opponent. He will see that Aeolia is being manipulated by the Pope, and sacrifice himself to give Seiya another chance at defeating Aeolia.

Seeing this will cause Seiya to rise up. Assign the maximum amount of Cosmo to Seiya, and at least 200 to his Life. After Seiya stands, be sure to talk to Aeolia first, or your attacks will have no effect. Having killed Cassios, Aeolia will be somewhat stunned and doubt the appropriateness of his actions. His attacks will do decreased damage and you can avoid most of that damage by dodging. Attack him until he is defeated, and he will fully wake up.

Temple VI: Virgo[edit]

Anime synopsis
Seiya, Shiryu, and Shun meet Virgo Shaka in the temple. He is referred to many times as the "the man who is almost a god" due to his immense power and is also considered the only Gold Saint that has full control over the Araya Shiki (8th sense). He is supposed to be a Buddha's reincarnation. The efforts of all three Bronze Saints combined are no match for Shaka. Just as Shaka was about to destroy Shun, Phoenix Ikki suddenly appears, reincarnated.

Shaka recognizes Ikki and unlocks the memory of their first encounter. Ikki is shaken by the daunting power of Shaka, but proceeds to fight. While Ikki's cosmos had matured since their last encounter, he was still overwhelmed by the Virgo, and had to resort to his resurrection abilities in order to continue. At one point, Shaka completely removed all six of Ikki's senses, which allowed the bronze saint the opportunity to tap into his 7th sense unhindered. Even then, the Phoenix could not fully defeat Shaka, but immobilized him by removing both himself and the Virgo out of the battlefield.

Not soon after, Shaka would bring Ikki back from their spectral realm with the help of Aries Mu's psychic abilities. During their battle, Ikki's determination forced the gold saint to begin doubting his beliefs, and Shaka became curious about the invaders' motivation -- there was a chance that Saori Kido was, in fact, Sanctuary's missing goddess, Athena. No longer opposing Ikki and the bronze saints, Shaka allowed the Phoenix to pass through his temple.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Any, 200, 200.
The path leading up to the Virgo temple is long, and contains an odd gray colored background. However, there are no archers, and no real difficult jumps to overcome. This is good because you're actually going to have to proceed through this section three times. Boost the Bronze Saints up to 200 for Life and Cosmo before you begin. Take the time to fight as many henchmen as you can to boost your Seventh Sense. Don't worry if you take too many hits along the way, it doesn't matter what you arrive at the temple with as long as you're alive.

Virgo Shaka[edit]

Stats Demon Suppressor Celestial Treasure
Cosmo 599 42% 37%
Life 599 28% 22%

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo 0, Life 0.
The fact is, Shaka is very hard to defeat with any of your current Saints, but you may proceed even if all of them are defeated. You will likely go through Seiya, Shiryu, and Shun (in any order) until all three are wiped out (the third one must fall in front of Shaka). At that time, Ikki will appear.

Virgo Shaka defeats everyone before Phoenix Ikki arrives

Ikki will begin to fight Shaka, but after his first attack, Shaka will send him away to the Six Realms, another unique side-scrolling sequence that only Ikki can experience. While running, Ikki's attacks travel the length of the screen. Focus on clearing away any enemies in front of you, and avoid falling down through the bottom of the screen when there is no floor. Most importantly, preserve as much of your Life and Cosmo as you can, as you will not be given a chance to refuel right away. Finish the sequence to arrive back at Shaka.

Once the battle resumes, you will have a better chance of harming Shaka. After striking him, his eyes will open. It is very important to dodge his attacks, or he will finish you off very quickly. If Ikki is defeated in battle, the game is over. Once you do enough damage to Shaka, he will be taken by surprise. At this point, you can assign more Cosmo and Life from your Seventh Sense. It's only important to boost Cosmo to maximum, but it doesn't hurt to adjust your Life in case you next attack misses. The next attack or two should finish Shaka off. Then Ikki will sacrifice himself in order to allow Seiya, Shiryu, and Shun to continue.

One may be lucky enough to defeat Shaka without making Ikki appear. If such case happens, Seiya will also receive Cosmo bonus like the other two. But if Ikki appears, only Shiryu and Shun get the bonus.

Temple VII: Libra[edit]

Anime synopsis
At the Libra Temple, Seiya, Shiryu and Shun found Hyoga in the ice coffin. Suddenly, the Libra Cloth appeared. Shiryu had to choose the correct weapon to release Hyoga. He took the Libra sword, and successfully set Hyoga's body free. Seiya and Shiryu went to the next temple while Shun healed the frozen Hyoga with his cosmo.
If you choose the wrong weapon, Libra Doko sends you back to the beginning

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Shiryu, 250, 250.
The side-scrolling sequences that lead to the temple get longer, so this will be one of the longest you've encountered. There are few surprises, and only one section with archers and tricky jumps to the pillars that they stand on. Fortunately, Shiryu has one of the longest range attacks, so he should be able to get most, if not all, of the archers off the pillars before he leaps over. Remember to drop down to the ground when you land on low platforms, as it's easier to fight the henchmen from there.

Libra Dohko[edit]

There is no fight in this temple. If you arrive with Seiya or Shun, they will realize that they are unable to help Hyoga escape from the ice. Only Shiryu can accomplish this task. The spirit of his master, Libra Dohko will appear. He will ask Shiryu to choose the right weapon from among the Libra Gold Cloth arsenal. The correct choice is the Sword. All other choices will force you to repeat the side-scrolling sequence for another chance at guessing. After selecting the right weapon, Hyoga will be available for selection once again, with +300 stat boost, while the others will also receive +100 bonus.

Temple VIII: Scorpio[edit]

Anime synopsis
Milo is confronted Seiya and Shiryu at the Scorpio Temple. The two Bronze Saints were no match for Milo's power. First they were set back by his Restriction, and later injured by his Scarlet Needle. When both of them had lost the will to fight, Cygnus Hyoga arrived, holding an unconscious Shun, and challenged the Gold Saint.

Milo attacked Hyoga with his Restriction technique, although it had no effect because Hyoga's protected his body with ice. After his first attack was ineffective, Milo started to use his Scarlet Needle. Hyoga could do nothing against Milo's speed, and after almost all his attacks failed to injure the Gold Saint, a nearly senseless Hyoga awakened his seventh sense and launched an Aurora Thunder Attack on Milo. At the same time, Milo attacked Hyoga with the last Scarlet Needle, Antares.

Hyoga dropped to the floor after he received Antares. Looking down at Hyoga, Milo saw that he was trying to crawl to the next House. After seeing this, the Gold Saint realized that Hyoga's attack had frozen his Gold Cloth in the fifteen places that corresponded to the stars of Scorpio. Milo realized Hyoga had hit him just as he received Antares, and if he had not been wearing his Gold Cloth, he would probably have died first. Milo admitted his defeat, and after he stopped Hyoga's bleeding, he allowed him to go to the next House.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Hyoga, 300, 300.
As this side-scrolling sequence gets longer, there is a more difficult jumping section in the middle which contains archers. You won't be able to remove all of the archers from the platforms before you jump to them, but you will be able to avoid some of them entirely by jumping over them. Do your best to land on the occupied platforms, and leap off of them as quickly as possible so you sustain very little damage.

Scorpio Milo[edit]

Stats Restriction Scarlet Needle
Cosmo 499 20% 29%
Life 499 30% 19%
Talk to Scorpio Milo once for revival

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo MAX, Life MAX.
As far as Gold Cloth fights go, this one requires minimal strategy. Use a variety of attacks against Milo, as certain ones appear to stop working on him in the middle of the fight. Dodge all of his attacks as often as possible. There is no chance for a resurrection, but if you stop and talk with him once in the middle of the fight, it will create an opportunity for you to refuel your Cosmo and Life to maximum. Save this chance for a moment when you're close to losing the battle. Winning with Hyoga will net some extra Cosmo.

Temple IX: Sagittarius[edit]

Anime synopsis
When the bronze saints were in the Temple of Sagittarius, the Sagittarius Cloth moved on its own (or with Aeolus' spirit), and fired its golden arrow into a nearby wall—revealing a final hidden message of the gold saint's last will: "To you young boys who have reached this temple, know that I entrust Athena's life in your hands. Aeolus." It is likely that Aeolus foresaw that one day, new Saints would go to his temple to fight for Athena.
The spirit of Sagittarius Aeolus encourages you to continue

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Any, 350, 350.
Any Saint can go through this side-scrolling sequence, although players using Shun may find it more difficult to make the precise jumps do to his unusual speed. Particularly, you should choose any Saint who is already closest to the recommended 350 points for Cosmo and Life so that you don't have to use up more Seventh Sense power. This side-scrolling sequence is long, and it contains archers in the middle, although they are posted on slightly wider blocks than usual, making it easier to get through that section. However, towards the very end, there are three tiny platforms that you must jump across. These platforms remain in midair for some time, but fall down after a while has passed, so don't stand on them for very long.

Sagittarius Aeolus[edit]

Once again, there is no fight in this temple. No matter who you arrive with, you will hear the words of the spirit of the former Sagittarius Gold Saint, Aeolus, who sacrificed his life to save Athena. After hearing him speak, he will provide the Bronze Saints with a massive boost in Seventh Sense. There will not be any stat boost afterwards.

Temple X: Capricorn[edit]

Anime synopsis
When the Bronze Saints reached the Capricorn temple, Dragon Shiryu confronted Shura alone and told his friends to go on ahead. Shura quickly demonstrated the power of Excalibur. Shiryu was horrified at seeing Shura's amazing power, and quickly realized the force behind Shura's attack. The power of the Excalibur had been embedded in Shura's arms and legs. Every strike Shura made had the power to tear Shiryu's Bronze cloth like it was paper, even breaking Shiryu's shield which was said to be unbreakable. As Shiryu suffered from Shura's attack, Shura revealed to him that he was the one that handed down Aeolus' punishment. Shura pierced Shiryu's heart (which was the weakness of his Lushan Rising Dragon Lord technique) but realized that Shiryu had done this in purpose, in order to break his left arm. Left with his right arm, he once again pierced Shiryu's chest. With Shura's hand stuck in his chest, Shiryu literally chopped Shura's right arm, amputating the Gold Saint's arm, leaving him defenseless and unleashed his ultimate technique, the Lushan Proud Dragon Lord - sending both flying up the sky to their apparent death. Both the Gold and Bronze Saint rose up to the sky at an amazing speed. Shiryu's technique would kill both of them at the same time. The Gold Saint was horrified at Shiryu's unbreakable will, and asked him why did he fought so hard, and why was he willing to throw away his life like this. Shiryu explained to him that any Saint would know why: For love, justice and peace in the name of Athena. Shura cried over the error of his ways, and how he was not worthy of being a Gold Saint. He lamented the fact that both him and Shiryu will die soon, but just as they reached outer space, Shura decided that Shiryu was not meant to die. The Gold Saint burned up his remaining Cosmo and transferred his powerful Gold Cloth to Shiryu and kicked him back down Earth.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Shiryu, 400, 400.
The path to the Capricorn temple is actually rather similar to the path that you just took to the Sagittarius temple. Archers appear on longer platforms, and the three small platforms that fall away appear near the end. Ironically, the soldiers that appear later are weaker than the ones that appear in the beginning.

Capricorn Shura[edit]

Stats Excalibur
Cosmo 799 26%
Life 799 26%
Dragon Shiryu will sacrifice his life to defeat Capricorn Shura

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo MAX, Life 50%.
Shura has an abundance of Cosmo and Life, and his Excalibur attack is quite powerful. Dodging the Excalibur is important, and it seems to be more easily avoided if you dodge to the right than to the left. Shiryu can make quite a dent in him with his Lushan Rising Dragon Lord attack, but it may not be enough to get you all the way through the battle, especially once Excalibur reduces your Cosmo to a low enough level. Fortunately, if Shiryu gets wiped out, his master Dohko will appear and unlock Shiryu's most powerful attack, the Lushan Proud Dragon Lord. Shura appears to be unable to avoid this attack, and he will fall victim to it until he is defeated, at which point Shiryu grabs Shura and flies into the sky where they will both be destroyed. At the last minute, Shura will push Shiryu back down to the ground, although Shiryu will be unselectable for the remainder of the game.

Temple XI: Aquarius[edit]

Anime synopsis
Hyoga finally arrived at the Aquarius Temple to face his master again in battle. Camus told him that he was wrong to have just frozen his body, and would not show any mercy to him this time. Hyoga was still easily beaten by Camus, up to the point where Camus froze and shattered Hyoga's Bronze Cloth. However, Hyoga managed to awaken his 7th sense and hit Camus back with an attack, freezing the left side of his shoulder armor; when this happened, Camus commented that that Hyoga's powers of ice had reached absolute zero, but he would not be defeated since Hyoga didn´t wield a technique that could use the Zero Absolute at Full Power. Much to Camus' surprise, Hyoga mimicked his Aurora Execution technique, and was ready to use it on him. Camus, shocked to see this, also readies his ultimate technique which makes the best use of his freezing power. Both Camus and Hyoga release the Aurora Execution instantly freezing the house of Aquarius. Standing frozen, Camus commented that he was pleased that Hyoga was able to reach such a level of power and activate his Seventh sense, because he battled believing in himself, Athena, and his friends. Camus wished that he could let Hyoga continue his path to truth and justice, but lamented that he didn't have the power to do so. Having his whole body frozen, the Aquarius Saint fell to the floor, dying happily as his mission in Earth was finished. Hyoga cried upon his master's death, realizing that in the end, his master guided him to reach Absolute Zero and eventually to his learning in awakening his Seventh sense at the cost of his life.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Hyoga, 450, 450.
The side-scrolling sequence up to the temple will be rather long. There are two sections of archers. They will occupy the tops of narrow columns in the first occurrence, and then they will be stationed on slightly longer platforms later on. There are no sets of small falling platforms this time through.

Aquarius Camus[edit]

Stats Freezing Coffin Aurora Execution
Cosmo 599 21% 30%
Life 599 31% 20%
Cygnus Hyoga gets a chance for revenge against Aquarius Camus

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo 0, Life 0.
You will be unable to harm Camus under any circumstances until he defeats you, so reduce your Cosmo and Life to increase your Seventh Sense pool for later. After Camus attacks Hyoga and defeats him, Mu will appear and tell Hyoga that he can reach Absolute Zero. Hyoga will rise back up, and have a chance to recharge his meters. Fill his Cosmo back to maximum, and his Life to around 500. Hyoga will have learned the Aurora Thunder Attack. Before you attack, talk to Camus once and in doing so, Hyoga will learn his final and most powerful attack, Aurora Execution. It's still quite possible for Camus to block your attacks, but use them until he is defeated. In the process, Hyoga will reach Absolute Zero and freeze both of them, removing Hyoga from play for the remainder of the game.

Temple XII: Pisces[edit]

Anime synopsis
Pisces Aphrodite faces the last two Bronze Saints remaining: Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun. Shun stated that he would hold Aphrodite off, while Seiya manages to pass through the temple. Aphrodite laughs and tells Shun that even if Seiya passes through the temple, the garden of Royal Demon Roses lies before the Pope's hall. While traversing it, Seiya would eventually lose his senses and die. As the two engaged in battle, Aphrodite stated that he was the Gold Saint who attacked Andromeda Island and killed Shun's master, Cepheus Daedalus (Albior in the anime). Having been told of this by his friend Chameleon June, the shy Andromeda Saint had vowed beforehand to defeat the man who killed his beloved master.

Using his Rolling Defense, Shun managed to repel of all Aphrodite's Royal Demon Rose attacks. However, when Aphrodite used his Piranhan Rose on Shun, his Nebula Chains and Bronze Cloth were shattered. Although he seemed to be defenseless, Shun remembered that his master, Cepheus Daedalus, mentioned that within him lied an extremely powerful Cosmo, normally restrained by the Andromeda Cloth. This power could only be awakened when not wearing the Cloth. Using the power of his hidden Cosmo, Shun performed a secret attack: Nebula Stream, which he used to restrain Aphrodite. However, being merciful in nature, Shun gave Aphrodite a chance to repent, to embrace again the path of virtue as a Saint should, especially one who possessed the honor of being a Gold Saint.

Aphrodite showed no intention to do so, and prepared his strongest attack, the Bloody Rose. Shun was forced to counter with his final attack Nebula Storm, and ended the battle by killing Aphrodite, but not without being struck in the center of his heart by the Bloody Rose, falling into a near-death state. The Bloody Rose was true to its name as it was draining all the blood from Shun's heart.

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Shun, 500, 500.
The side-scrolling sequence up to the temple will be rather long. There are two sections of archers. They will occupy the tops of narrow columns in the first occurrence, and then they will be stationed on slightly longer platforms later on. There are no sets of small falling platforms this time through.

Pisces Aphrodite[edit]

Stats Royal Demon Rose Pirahan Rose Bloody Rose
Cosmo 699 22% 34% 29%
Life 699 31% 22% 29%
Andromeda Shun proves his worth as a Bronze Saint against Pisces Aphrodite

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo MAX, Life MAX.
This battle will be about ever increasingly strong attacks on both your part and your opponents. Shun starts out with his two regular attacks, Nebula Chain and Thunder Wave. Aphrodite starts with the Royal Demon Rose. At some point in the battle, he will switch to the Piranhan Rose attack. When he does, talk to him, and you will be given a chance to refuel your meters with Seventh Sense. You will also learn a new attack, Nebula Stream. The battle will resume and eventually, Aphrodite will switch to using the Bloody Rose attack. Once again, talk with him, and you should be able to refuel your meters. When the battle continues, Shun will learn his final attack, Nebula Storm. Continue attacking with these new attacks, and dodging the Bloody Rose as often as you can until Aphrodite is defeated. At the last second, Aphrodite will use a final Bloody Rose to defeat you, leaving only Seiya for the final temple.

Final Temple[edit]

Recommended Saint, Cosmo, and Life: Seiya, MAX, MAX.
With no one but Seiya left to select, you will have little choice but to choose him. Before you begin this side-scrolling sequence, raise his Cosmo and Life to the maximum. This sequence is quite different than the others. There are no enemies to defeat. Roses will fly through the air, and you will slowly lose health automatically as you cross the stage. For this reason, you'll want to move as quickly as possible. Seiya moves faster when he jumps than when he runs, but don't jump recklessly; there are several small platforms that you must carefully jump to in order to cross over gaps.

Near the middle of the sequence, you will see Marin waiting for you. Run to her and she will speak with you. Talk with her, and you will have the opportunity to refuel your Cosmo and Life. She will encourage you to attack, so use either of your techniques, and you will destroy all of the roses around you. When you continue, you can reach the end without fear of losing health or getting struck by the roses. Just run to the right to reach the final temple.

Gemini Saga[edit]

Stats Another Dimension Imperial Phantasm Punch Galaxian Explosion
Cosmo 999 35% 60% 60%
Life 999 23% 60% 60%
Pegasus Seiya attempts to convince the Pope to save Saori

Recommended minimum Cosmo and Life: Cosmo 0, Life 0.
When you reach Pope Ares, reduce your Life and Cosmo to 0 in order to store the power in your Seventh Sense meter. Talk with the Pope and he will apologize, saying he cannot save Athena. Attack him with either technique, and he will begin talking about the Shield. Speak with him one more time, and he will appear to become evil. The Pope will reveal his true identity, that of the Gemini Gold Saint. Try attacking him, but it will be useless. Saga will break Seiya's five senses and defeat him. At that time, Ikki will appear.

When Ikki arrives, have him speak with Saga. Saga will begin to doubt his own deeds, and a noise will appear. Now use Ikki to attack Saga. Ikki can damage Saga, and it is possible to dodge his attacks, but not forever. Ultimately, Ikki will be defeated, and Saga will believe he has won, claiming the power of a god. However, after your Seventh Sense pool fills up dramatically, Seiya will stand back up to challenge Saga once again.

Phoenix Ikki will rise again to challenge Saga

When you give Seiya's first command, talk with Saga. Mu will appear and suggest that you shouldn't fight alone. Intentionally choose the "Call friends" command at this time. You will have the chance to talk to everyone, and fill your Seventh Sense meter in the process. Then press Start button to return to the fight. You will learn the Pegasus Rolling Crash attack. From now on, when you go to attack, you will have the opportunity to fill your Cosmo and Life meters up to maximum. Always do so, and then choose the Pegasus Rolling Crush. Remember to dodge his Galaxian Explosion. Saga may successfully dodge the Rolling Crush attack several times in a row, but don't give up, as it will succeed in defeating him.

Once Saga is defeated, Seiya will have the opportunity to run up to the shield and rescue Athena. Then the ending will be shown. Congratulations.