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The Game starts with your character walking down a side walk, getting called at from a street vender selling presumably stolen goods, and being propositioned by a hooker. The camera then flashes to 3 Vice Kings looking at a wall tagged by the Rollerz. They proceed to "clean-up" the wall, until 3 Rollerz come into the picture. They trash talk the Kings, until a fight breaks out. A red car then pulls up, containing 4 Carnales. A member with a bandanna over his mouth says, "Hector says, buenos noches." and opens fire with an SMG. The Rollerz and Kings pull out pistols, and fire back at the car. A Vice King runs up to the car and kills the passenger. The driver then opens fire with another SMG, and a Roller attacks with an assault rifle. The driver is shot and the car suddenly takes off, erratically, crashing into a building. The car is on fire, and a Carnales is on the ground. The Roller with the assault rifle kills the grounded Carnale. The Roller than falls to the ground, as a Vice King shoots him in the head. Your player, thrown to the ground when the car burst on fire, is seen crawling backwards as the Vice King advances. He says, "Wrong time, wrong place, dawg." A gunshot is heard and the Vice King falls to the ground. A man helps you up and introduces himself to you as Julius, and the other man as Troy. Troy then suggests they get out of there, and Julius says if you want to fight the gangs, come to the Church.

The Saints missions are basically a tutorial, so I will explain things you will do many times throughout the game, like gaining respect, then leave the rest to you.


This mission is simply a tutorial for the hand to hand combat. No matter the outcome, the game advances. But if you want to win follow the commands, and run around to regain health, thats all the advice I can give you.

Back To Basics[edit]

Right after you are canonized, Troy tells you to go with him to Friendly Fire, to buy a piece. Leave the cemetery and take a left. The Friendly Fire is on the right side of the street. Open the door, and move into the white circle in front of the clerk. Select the Vice 9 from the menu and buy it, as it is the only one you can afford. When you leave the store, a message will appear, along with several red squares on your mini-map. Troy tells you there are some Vice Kings on the Row, and you should go take them out. As you leave the store turn right. Go straight until you reach the intersection, where you need to turn left. Turn left onto the next street and there will be Vice Kings on the corner, take them out. Follow the road you're on and their will be Vice Kings on the left corner where the street ends. Take left here, and follow that road. There will be Kings on the left. Run up to them and take them down. A message about gang notoriety will appear. After the message is gone, look for the lot on the left side of the street, it is between two buildings and has a yellow car parked in it. Get into the car, but watch out there may be more Vice Kings chasing you at this point. Pull out of the lot and turn left, take this road until you see a side road on your right. Turn on to it and take it under the overpass. Then make a right onto the main road. Drive until you see a building on your right that has a drive-thru, drive through it. This is Forgive and Forget, the place that gets rid of all your notoriety for a price. Troy will ask you to take him to Freckle Bitches, the Saint's Row equivalent of McDonalds. Take a left back onto the main road, and take it all the way to Freckle Bitches. Turn into the parking lot and park in the blue circle to end the mission.

Get Respect[edit]

Julius calls and tells you that the Saints need more respect. A message then appears telling you activities bring more respect to your gang. Only one activity, Snatch, is available. To get there make a left out of Freckle Bitches and stay on the main road, until it ends. When it does, take a left and follow that road. The pimp hat icon, will show up on the right hand side, a little bit after the Carnales symbol. Park in the blue circle and a cutscene will start. After it ends, pull out of the lot and go back the way you came a little, and make a left down the first side street. Go all the way down this street, make a right then a quick left onto the next street you see. Don't go all the way up it. First, look for the pimp, he'll have a red arrow over his head. DO NOT try and run him over, try and just take him out from the car. Once the pimp is dead, drive over to one of the hookers, they will have a green arrow over their heads, and recruit them the way you would a homie. Once one gets into your car, take the way you came back to the pimp who hired you. Park in the blue area, and you'll have enough respect to do more missions.

Athos Bay Stronghold[edit]

Down the street from the Snatch activity, is a Carnales icon. This is the first Stronghold you've encountered in the game. Troy calls and tells you to take it over. Like missions, strongholds need respect to attempt. Go to your crib and walk into the circle with a gun over it, move to the Pistols category and take out the Vice 9 ammo. Go back to the stronghold, and click Y button to begin. Open the door and go to your left. There'll be an open door, leading into a hallway. At the end of the hallway is a gang member, so take him out. Crouch down behind the barrels, and pick up the ammo the dead gang member dropped. Sidestep from behind the barrels and kill the member behind the table. Run down the hallway, go behind the table and grab the ammo. There is a door on the left wall, of this room. Straight in front of the door is a gang member so take him out quickly. There is another to the left, so take him out too. Grab both their ammo and go to the door just right of where you came in at. To the right, when you walk out, there will be a gang member with an arrow over his head, running towards a car. Try and take him out before he gets in the car, though this is very difficult. Run to the brown Vegas, get in and give chase to the gang member, who'll appear as a square on the map. The square will have a red circle around it, if you leave this circle, you'll have 30 seconds to get back in before, the mission ends. Don't try to shoot at him from your car, just wait for him to get out. He takes the main road until the overpass. He'll go straight under them, onto the next main road. He takes a left at Freckle Bitches and then a right through a drive way and some fences, then around the water tower. Instead of following him, go across the left side of the water tower, then make a left. Wait for him to race past you. After a few feet he'll stop and get out of his car. Get out and gun him down. After he is dead, grab his ammo, and you'll have gained the Athos Bay territory.

You must do another Snatch level to get enough respect. After you have the respect, steal a car and go to the Friendly Fire. This is completely optional, just some extra cash and respect. It should be nighttime, go around the back and kick in the door. Go to the right and through that door. Go up to the safe and click Y button. Click and hold down Neutral lstick and move it in the direction that is signified on the screen. After you do the 4 left stick movements, don't let the stick up and move it back to the upright position, and click B button. The safe should open, revealing a package with an arrow over it. Pick it up, and put it in the trunk of your car. Follow the blue markers on your map, to the pawn shop. Park in the blue circle, and collect your $500.


Get a 4 door car and go to the church, and park in the purple circle and click Y button. Wait for Troy and Julius to run out of the church and get in the car. Troy tells you there is a turf war going on and the 3 of you are going to take everyone out. Follow the blue markers on your map, to the war. The objective is to take out all 3 gang lieutenants. There are 2 Saints, wearing purple, so don't shoot them. Get out of the car, and look straight ahead. There is a gang member between the left wall, and a semi hold. Kill him, run and pick up his ammo. Follow Troy and Julius right of the semi and you'll see a car. Crouch behind it, running out to kill the gang member in front of you. Go in front of the car, still crouching, and there will be an explosion. Three gang members will be there, take them out. Grab their ammo, and run up the dock. Make a right, and crouch behind the dumpster. Kill the members that are behind the boxes, around the corner. Watch out for pipe bombs. Let Troy and Julius catch up, then run up on them. A car will pull up, kill the Carnale that gets out. Go to the box that is on the far right, and kill the gang member that is around the corner of the warehouse. There is a lieutenant and 2 other gang members straight ahead. Kill the lieutenant first, then go after the cronies. Take all the ammo. Go between the two semis, and there will be a gang member there. Kill him, and go hide behind the corner of the warehouse near the body. Around the corner is another banger, take him out. There is a yellow car on fire, beyond the guy you just killed. It blows up as another car runs by it, flipping that car. Around the corner to your left is another lieutenant, kill him and crouch behind the dumpster to your left. Kill the 3 gang members near the destroyed car, with Troy and Julius' help. Run along the side of the warehouse, and crouch behind one of the last boxes, take out the gang members near you. The last lieutenant is way down the battlefield, so kill him fast. After everybody is dead, Troy says the cops are coming. Run back the way you came, along the water, until you get back to where you came in. Get back in your car, and drive to the church. If the cops get there, just kill them, and your notoriety should go down, then you can use the cop car to get out. Once you get back to the church, you've retaken The Row.

Divide and Conquer[edit]

This is a movie. Julius says that he has decided that the Saints need to take down all the gangs, before there can be peace. He assigns the job of taking down Los Carnales to Dex, the Vice Kings to Johnny Gat, and the Rollerz to Lin.