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Crack Down[edit | edit source]

You'll need a shotgun and SMG for this mission.

Meet Dex at the church to start the mission. He tells you about the history of The Carnales, and thats why you're going to play them smart. Before you go after the Lopez brothers, you're going to take out their income.

Drive to the first drug lab and kill the Carnales outside. Then run in and take out the 1 or 2 Carnales there, then shoot at the objects with a red arrow over it, Stand Back it blows up and will kill you, use the SMG. Run back outside and get in your car, ignore the Carnales coming up. Drive to the next front and go right inside. Use the shotgun to kill the guys inside then the drug lab. Once they are both destroyed the mission ends.

You take control of Southern Cross and Mills districts.

The Missing Shipment[edit | edit source]

You'll need some SMG ammo, and shotgun ammo.

You meet Dex and Troy at Freckle Bitches. Dex tells you that you and Troy are going to hijack a Carnales drug truck. Troy inquires as to why, but Dex tells you to get this part done first.

Get in any car and drive to the car, try and run over some Carnales when you get near the truck, this makes the next part easier. As soon as you park the Carnales will be on you, take out your shotgun and kill the Carnales that are shooting at the truck. Kill the Carnales that pull up and eventually Troy will get the truck started. Get in the nearest car, it doesn't matter what kind. Follow Troy, keep between him and the Carnales pursuers. Use the SMG to shoot through the windshields of oncoming Carnales' cars, to kill the drivers. Defend the truck until you get back to the Row. If your car catches fire during the mission, just get into another one fast. If you get too far away Troy stops driving so keep up with him.

Homeland Security[edit | edit source]

You'll need your favorite thing used to kill Carnales.

This is basically a pushback, just on a larger scale. The objective is to kill the 15 specific Carnales that are attacking the Row. Most of them are driving around in cars, just shoot their cars to get them at you, then kill them when they exit their cars. Near the train station are 4 Carnales, use whatever gun you want to take them out, just watch out for other non-marked gang members, they can take a toll on your health. The last Carnales are in the Southeastern part of the district, near the water. Come from the south, on the sidewalk. Shoot the white barrel that is just before the street goes lower than the wall. Run up the sidewalk killing any Carnales you see. This is probably the most dangerous of the groups, because one of the Carnales has an RPG launcher, thus why you came from the southern sidewalk. Kill all of them to retake Saint's Row.

Trojan Horse[edit | edit source]

You'll need an automatic weapon with lots of ammo, shotgun ammo, and food.

Go to where you dropped off the truck in The Missing Shipment. Dex tells you that the truck is fixed, and you're going to drive a crew right into a Carnales drug warehouse. Drive in and park in the blue circle. There are a lot of Carnales here, so take cover wherever you can. Run in the direction of the Carnales, killing them as you go. Instead of going around the corner, get into the ring of fences for cover. There are some Carnales on scaffolding and a fire escape so look above you too. Shoot any white barrels you see, because they can cause heavy damage if shot when you're near them. Fight your way inside the warehouse. Don't run right in, first shoot the drug setup near the door, which should set some Carnales on fire. After the fire dies down, run in and take out any other marked Carnales.

For completing this mission you take control of Pilsen.

McManus Says Hello[edit | edit source]

You need nothing for this mission, its all supplied.

Start the mission in front of the Friendly Fire near the church. It goes to a showing of the McManus sniper rifle, and Dex buying it. He tells you about a meeting between Hector and the Colombians. You're going to go there and kill Hector.

Get in any car and drive to the spot by the docks. When you park in the blue circle, jump on the boxes in front of the blue storage unit, then onto the fire escape. Climb to the top of the fire escape, then cross the board onto the next platform. Run towards the vents, and jump on them. Climb the next two onto the roof. You have to take out Hector and his lieutenants. Hector arrives in a convoy of cars. He is wearing a red jacket, so wait for him to get into your sniper sights. YOU MUST GET HIM WITH A HEADSHOT!!! After you shoot, all his lieutenants start shooting rockets at you making it very hard to stand there and aim. After you shoot Hector, run back to the fire escape and wait for your notoriety to go down, then the lieutenants won't shoot at you, letting you pick them off. You can try to do it with them shooting at you, but its very hard.

It cuts to Victor listening to some cops, then calling Angelo.

You take control of the Docks for completing this mission.

Meeting Orejuela[edit | edit source]

A fast car, attrozione fast! Use the one from the Rollerz missions.

Go to the church and talk to Dex. After you leave the church, get into the car and drive to the strip club near the airport. Park in the blue circle to wait for Orejuela. But then, Victor turns on his car lights. This is where the attrozione comes in handy. He starts chasing you and you have to get back to the church. The car should be fast enough to outrun any Carnales that follow you, if you know how to drive a car that fast. Just make it back to the church. Also to help, try to buy a rocket launcher before you start the mission. Once you're at the strip club, get out the car in shoot Victor's truck three times. He should jump out. Get back in your car and drive back to the church. (Having your wheel woman really helps because it gives you a chance to shoot easier while she is driving).

Another way to do this is to get in a car transporter/lorry/lorry cab on the way, and merely try to destroy the Colombian's car this way. Squashing the Colombian's against the side of a building etc will cause their car to set on fore, leaving you free to get back to the church.

Strength in Numbers[edit | edit source]

Lots of SMG ammo, shotgun ammo and rockets.

When you start the mission, you're in the church with Julius, Dex and Troy. Julius is yelling at Dex for talking to Orejuela w/out notifying him. Suddenly, Carnales bust in and pull out guns, and the three of you reciprocate.

Take out the SMG and take out the guys in the church. Then run outside and kill the guys in the cemetery. Then just kill any Carnales that come at you, most come from near the Friendly Fire side. Use the SMG to shoot through windshields, its the easiest way. Then they start coming at the front of the church and the other side of the church, use the same method, or shotgun them. After a few waves, Victor comes up. Get out your rockets. It takes a couple of rockets to blow up his car. After it blows up, he is still standing and will run at you. Shoot him with rockets! Its the easiest way to kill him. After Victor is dead the mission is over.

Possession With Intent[edit | edit source]

You'll need shotgun and SMG ammo for this mission.

Dex tells you and Troy that Julius worked it out with Orejuela, that if the Saints can get back all the drugs the police confiscated from the docks, the Saints will get all drug activity in Stilwater. Instead of storming the police station, Troy suggests blowing a hole in the evidence locker.

To blow it, you have to go load a car up with explosives. Go to the same garage you did in the Kings missions. Then drive VERY CAREFULLY, the bomb is very sensitive, to the police station. If you get the cops on you, you might as well blow yourself up. Once their park in the blue circle and the car will blow. A Mule then pulls up and lets out a lot of Saints into the room. Your job is to know defend the truck from cops, which is not very hard. Just use the SMG to shoot through windshields or shotty them when they get out of their cars. By the end of the 3 minutes, you'll have a 5 star wanted level. Now you get to drive the slowest car in the game, across town. I strongly suggest going to the Forgive and Forget, its extremely difficult to go straight to the church. After Forgive and Forget its easy to get back to the church.

You take control of the Barrio for completing this mission.

House Call[edit | edit source]

You'll need shotgun ammo, and SMG ammo for this mission, but not a lot.

Go to the church and start the mission. There is no preface cutscene so just start off to Angelo's house. The only way in is through the back door, so follow the driveway into the pool area. Stay in the car and kill all the Carnales around you. Once they're dead, run into the back door and use the shotty to kill the Carnales near the doorway. Run right up the stairs near the front door. Kill the two at the top of the stairs, then any others in the hallway. Run through the bedroom, onto the balcony, and into the open door. Angelo is pointing a gun at you and Dex, but the clip is empty. Dex hands you a gun as Angelo jumps off the balcony. You shoot him in the shoulder, and he jumps into the garage. After you jump off of the balcony after him, he tears out of the garage. After a few shots at him, Dex pulls up and tells you to get in. Dex chases Angelo, all you have to do is keep the car in one piece. This is really easy, since you have unlimited ammo in all weapons. So, pull out the RPG and wait for some Carnales to come after you. Try and blow them up, but if they get too close, then shoot the windshields w/SMG as not to damage your car. Eventually, Angelo jumps the raised bridge, and Dex doesn't.

What Goes Up...[edit | edit source]

I absolutely hate this mission! It is much easier said, then done. Don't expect to get it the first time.

You don't need anything for this particular mission.

Go to the Brown Baggers near the church and start the mission. Dex drives up and tells you that, you two have to stop Angelo from leaving the city. When you are back in control, you're in the drivers seat of Dex's car. Don't go straight as the freeway is behind you. So, follow the blue markers to the airport. Do as little damage to your car as possible, it will help later. Once you get off the highway, you stop in the blue circle and get in the passenger seat. A cutscene then shows Angelo getting on the plane. The minute the cutscene is over, pull out the RPG, and take out the Carnales car coming up at you. Take him out either then, or when he chases you, along with the other one that will chase you as well. If you don't take out these cars, they will harass you and make the mission more difficult. After you break through the gates, and turn the first corner, get out your Krukov and get ready to shoot. The hardest part of the mission is taking out the Carnales with RPGs. The first is on top of a building straight forward after you turn the corner. Shoot at the white barrels next to him to take him out. If there are anymore cars coming at you, take them out. The next RPG are on top of storage containers near a ramp, again shoot the barrels to blow him up. You jump the ramp into the street, and Dex drives back into the airport. Always take out pursuing cars. The next, and last RPG is on top of a hangar, so shoot the barrels as you jump onto the roof. Now Dex goes off the roof, and starts after the plane. If there are no cars on you at this point, you are in great shape, if there are then take them out. Dex cannot drive, so destroying the plane takes some skill. When you think you can, shoot the plane with the RPG. When you don't think you can connect with rockets, shoot it with the Krukov, but I found it easier with the rockets. Eventually, the plane will explode, and the mission will be done.

The end cutscene, shows Luz driving up and arguing with Dex. You manage to say something, then drive off in Angelo's car. Dex says he thinks Julius was right about you.

Congratulations, you now control 1/3 of Stilwater!