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Respect is the secondary currency of Stilwater. Before you can do main missions you have to have the respect level to do so. To gain respect you have to complete activities throughout Stilwater, they are:


  • R = Rollerz
  • C = Carnales
  • V = Vice Kings
  • A = All Completed
  • " " = Special/Custom
Activity Description Rewards Upon Completion
Snatch Steal hos from pimps, and give to other pimps R ="Baron" Car, C =Pimp Clothes, V= Pimp Jewelry, A= Pimp Cane Shotgun
Escort Drive prostitutes and their famous clients around, keep them away from the paparazzi R ="News Van" Car, C =Outfit, V= "Samantha Homie", A= "The Job" Car
Drug Trafficking Take drug dealers to sales, and protect them R =5% Faster Rollerz Notoriety Drop, C =5% Faster Carnales Notoriety Drop, V= 5% Faster Kings Notoriety Drop, A= 5% Faster Police Notoriety Drop
Hitman Kill specific people R =Platinum AS12, "Mr. Wong" Homie, C =Gold .50 GDHC, V= Platinum T3K Urbans, A= Platinum RPGs
Insurance Fraud Hurt yourself for money R =Less damage from explosions, C =Less damage from cars, V= Less damage from bullets, A= Health refills faster
Demolition Derby Destroy other cars A = "Ruckus" and "Rampage" cars
Chop Shop Collect cars for chop shops R ="Ricochet" Car, C ="Hollywood" Car, V= "Stiletto" Car, A= car repairs cost less
Mayhem Cause destruction R =Pipebombs at cribs, C =Molotovs at cribs, V= Grenades at cribs, A= RPGs at cribs
Hijacking Steal cars from people R ="Attrazione" Car, C ="Racing" Clothes in wardrobe, V= Jewelry Pack in wardrobe, A= "Titan" car
Racing Win street races First Win =10% off at Rimjobs, Second =20% off at Rimjobs, Third= 30% off at Rimjobs, All= 50% off at Rimjobs

Hitman[edit | edit source]


Target Weapon Location
Jackie Vice 9 Drives an ambulance
Alan Knife Arena
Jose T3K Truck Yard
Roxanne NR4 Barrio
Charles Nightstick Suburbs
Juan Tombstone Apartments
Bucky Hand Grenade Arena
Bill K6 Kruov FBI Agent


Target Weapon Location
Richard .44 Shepard High End Retail District
Don .44 Shepard Red Light District
Hank Molotov Museum District
Louise RPG High End Retail District
Dick Knife Downtown District
Marty Baseball Bat Suburbs
Billy Bob 12 Gauge Downtown
Henry T3K Downtown


Target Weapon Location
Chris SKR Airport (Mailman)
Thomas Baseball Bat Docks/Warehouses District
Julia Vice 9 Barrio
Theresa Knife Barrio (Fat Hooker)
Gabriel Tombstone Factories District
Bill Molotovs Factories District
Tina .50 GDHC Barrio
John McManus SWAT Team Member

Chop Shop[edit | edit source]

Los Carnales

Car Modifications Tips
Reaper None Hearse
Ambulance None Call 911
Destiny None Put on HUD
Taxi Street Hood Call for a taxi
Slingshot Stylish Hood Put on HUD
Bootlegger Muscle Hood Muscle car/Put on HUD
Compton Muscle Hood and Stylish Rims Vice Kings Drive'em
La Fuerza Hot Rod Hood and Low Rider Rims Put on HUD


Car Modifications Tips
Peterliner None Semi cab, look on highway
Nightingale None Airport, fire truck
Halberd None Put on HUD
Westbury Muscle Rims Mini-Van, put on HUD
Varsity Street Grill Pick up, put on HUD
Raycaster Racing Exhaust (some have this already) Foreign Power
Attrozione Convertible Roof and Sport Front Bumper Foreign Power
Zenith Racing Exhaust and Racing Convertible Roof Foreign Power

Vice Kings

Car Modifications Tips
Cavallaro None Put on HUD
Quota None Security Cart
FBI None Kill cops
Keystone Retro Spoiler Put on HUD
Nordberg Sport Spoiler Put on HUD
Nelson Street Spoiler Foreign Power
Mag Off Road 1 Bumpers and Off Road Rims Put on HUD
Bulldog Stylish Rims and Luxury Body Kit Some Saints Drive them