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Vice Kings[edit | edit source]

Sunnyvale[edit | edit source]

Needed Materials: A car, SMG or Pistol, Shotgun, Item slots w/food

To me, the most difficult Vice Kings stronghold. This strongholds start point is in front of a field, that is overlooked by an apartement building. Bring a car to the start point. After you start the stronghold, get in the car and drive around the field killing Vice Kings from the car. This makes it much less likely you'll be killed. Once all the Kings in the field are dead go through one of the alleys next to the apartements, and get to the buildings door. Kick in the door, and run up the stairs, there are no gang members on the steps so don't worry. Once you get to the room you need to go in, kick the door in and there is a King right in your line of sight. Kill him quick with an SMG, then pull out the shotty and clear out the rest of the apartement. Make sure you get all of them. If you don't get all of the Kings in the apartement then when you're doing the next part of the stronghold they'll kill you. After they're all dead, pick up the sniper rifle and walk into the blue circle. Use the sniper rifle to take out the Vice Kings with red arrows over their head. Once the first wave are through, it gets harder. The next ones arrive in cars, and have snipers and RPGs so be careful. Crouch down and back up some. Pick off the Kings in the upper left part of the field, leaving you less vulnerable to RPGs. Then do your best to dodge the rockets and take out the rest.

Rebadeaux[edit | edit source]

Needed Materials: Shotgun, SMG, Food

The start point of this stronghold is on the right of where the road dips underground. Take out the shotgun and take out the 2 or 3 Kings on the stairs. Go up until you reach the hallway, go down it and kick the door in. Take out the Vice Kings by the window, and just outside it. Then jump through the window and go up the fire escape. When you reach the roof, there will be 2 Kings talking right in front of the fire escape stairs. Blast them, then crouch down and sneak around killing the rest of them on this roof. Then go up the stairs and over to the next roof. Kill the rest of the gang members here, and pick up the rockets, then step in the circle. Yellow cars with red arrows over them will come down the street, don't worry about wasting rockets because more will appear. Take out the cars as they come, if you miss too many you fail, just try again.

Filmore[edit | edit source]

Needed Materials: RPGs, SMG, Food

The start point of this stronghold is at the on ramp of the Filmore parking garage. Go in and start blow up the first car you see. Get in any car and drive through the garage, destroying any car that has a red arrow over it. Don't worry too much about the individual Vice Kings, just destroy the cars. Once you reach the roof, the last car speeds off, and you have to chase him. Follow him off the roof and shoot at his car with the SMG, and ram him. Repeat until he blows up.

Shivington[edit | edit source]

Needed Materials: Shotgun, SMG, Food

This is the same police station you cleared out in the missions. The start point of this stronghold is to the left of the stairs leading into the building. This is an abandoned police station, where the Vice Kings are keeping some Saints locked up, your mission is to get your boys out. Go in the front door with the shotgun equipped. Run to the left and forward and take out the guy behind the pillar. Then move forward from there and take out the two Kings in the room. Move into the next room taking out the one guy here. Go down the hallway, there are 2 guys in the next room, use the SMG to kill them. Then run through this room, and down the hallway leading from this room. There are 2 or 3 Kings in this hallway and the adjacent hallway, take them out and head down stairs. There may be a couple Kings on the stairs, or at the bottom. After you get into the basement, some Kings will be beating up one of your homies. Use the SMG to take out the Kings, a shotgun blast will kill your homie too. Recruit the homie you saved, then find the other thats locked up, and recruit him too. Then you have to roll upstairs and take out the leader. There is a King to the right after you get out of the stairwell, then one more farther on. There are 2 Kings in the room with the leader, who'll run out at you when you approach take them out with whatever you want, then use the SMG to take out the gang leader(guy with a red arrow over him).

Huntersfield[edit | edit source]

Needed Materials: SMG, Homies, Food

The start point for this stronghold is along some broken fences near the Rim Jobs between Rollerz and Vice King's territory. The stronghold is a grocery store, that you have to clear out. From the start point, go through the fence and make a left, your homies will help deal with the Kings to the right. Whenever your under fire, crouch behind any of the myriad objects that provide cover. Clear a path around the perimeter, going left, until you see the alley made by the store and a wall. Shoot the two white barrels, to blow the scaffolding away, allowing you to jump up onto the ledge. Run behind the grocery store and enter through the large garage like door. There are a lot of Vice Kings in here, so crouch down and use the shelves for cover. Take out your SMG and start killing any Kings that pop out and try and shoot you. Then ferret out the others and take'em out.

Westside Rollerz[edit | edit source]

Tidal Spring[edit | edit source]

You'll need shotgun ammo, and SMG ammo, and food.

The start point for this stronghold is by a motel/apartment building. The objective is to kill the jurors of an important trial. You can start at the bottom or top of either building, but I suggest the top because after a few jurors your wanted level goes to five, and going up then down stairs can be time consuming. So start at the top, killing the Rollerz on the stairs on your way up. Kick down the door, and kill the Roller(z) protecting the juror, then the juror. Work your way through each building, killing the jurors, and Rollerz. After the first few jurors, the cops will be all over you, but the only danger is when you're transferring buildings, so just save your stamina for the run between.

Pleasant View[edit | edit source]

You'll need lots of grenades, 2 or 3 rockets, homies and food.

The start point for this stronghold is in the driveway into a storage unit block. The objective is to destroy all the cars they have in storage. First off, kill all the Rollerz around the block because they ravage your health when your destroying the cars. Use the grenades to destroy the parked cars, then pull out the rocket launcher. Just stand on the outer edge of the block and wait for the cars to be driven around. As they are coming at you, launch a rocket at them. If your health is ever dangerously low, hide in one of the open storage units and wait or eat food.

Misty Lane[edit | edit source]

You'll need homies, and shotgun and SMG ammo.

The start point for this stronghold is in the driveway of Sharpe's mansion. Run around the back of the house and kill the guy near the back door. Kick in the back door and move towards the stairs, killing the Rollerz you see. Take a right at the top of the stairs and kill the Roller in the hallway. Enter the bedroom and kill the guy here, then grab the keys off the desk. Run back downstairs, and out the back door. Run to the far garage door and get into Price's car. Drive along the main road that is to your left as you exit the garage. From there go to Forgive and Forget, to complete the stronghold.

Copperton[edit | edit source]

You need shotgun and SMG ammo, plus 3 or 4 rockets.

Go to the stronghold and initiate it. Kill the Rollerz that are already here, then you have to hold the position for 3 minutes. Just kill any Rollerz that come up with the shotgun or SMG. Stay in a gang member's car for extra safety. After the 3 minutes, a semi cab will drive towards the exit. Take out the RPG and blast it to complete the stronghold.

Los Carnales[edit | edit source]

Cecil Park[edit | edit source]

This mission is rather easy. All you need is some shotty and SMG ammo, food could help too.

Once you start the stronghold simply run in and clear out the place with the shotty or SMG. That part is easy, the next is slightly harder. Make sure you run into one of the stairwells and get the McManus, if you don't already have one. After the building is cleared out of the initial Carnales, more surround you on the nearby rooftops. There is only one person that you need to look out for, and that is the one with the RPG. If you get hurt there is an enclosed room, that nobody can shoot you in, just go in there to heal. Take out each one, I suggest killing the RPG wielder last. After they're all dead, Carnales reinforcements arrive, you have to kill the lieutenant. Just run down and kill the lieutenant with your shotgun.

Stoughton[edit | edit source]

Don't need anything. Once the mission starts, run right up to the bulldozer and jack it, don't fight the Carnales. Immediately go to the first crate and push it into the water, don't worry about time or the bulldozer's health. Just keep pushing crates in. There may be a guy with an RPG near the end, just drive at him and he'll dive out of the way. After the last crate is knocked in, the stronghold is yours.

Charlestown[edit | edit source]

You'll need SMG and shotgun ammo, food wouldn't hurt either.

The first part of the mission is easy, take over the place. To do this, just kill all the Carnales around, simple. Then you have to defend the compound for 1:30. Just get in a car and use the SMG to take out the Carnales that attack you. After you've defended the compound, the people Angelo was going to meet show up. After the small scene you are set in front of them. Both have RPGs so don't use a car to go at them. Get out your shotgun and move towards the bosses. They'll shoot rockets at you which you can easily dodge.After one of them shoots at you, run up on him and shoot him. Repeat with the other.

Fox Drive[edit | edit source]

You'll need SMG, shotgun and McManus ammo, plus food.

The first part is to kill the Carnales that are guarding the plant, complete this as you see fit. But know that there are snipers above you, that you must kill. Once they are dead, a garage door opens and some Carnales are seen. Run in and take out the nearest Carnale. Using the pillars for cover take out the rest of the Carnales in the garage. Then, hop up onto the platform and enter the blue circle. Kick in the door and kill any Carnales there, then plant the bomb under the platform. Run up the stairs and plant the next bomb killing any more gang members on the way. Plant the last bomb in the office, and take any ammo you want, then make your way to the outside. To get to the last bomb point, jump onto the roof and go to the vents that make a sort of ramp up and down the building. Climb the lower one and jump onto the higher one. Following this will get you to the bomb drop. You then have 35 seconds to get away from the factory. Take the same way you came back down, but just jump onto the nearest surface from the bottom of the lower vent. Get away any way you can. Once you're outside the red circle, the bombs go off and you beat the stronghold.

Black Bottom[edit | edit source]

Homies and SMG/Shotgun ammo help for this mission.

To complete this stronghold, you need to tag over any Carnales tags with Saints'. If you've never tagged before, you click Y button standing in front of the tag, then click the corresponding buttons. If it's A button click A button, if it's Left lstick then click and hold down Neutral lstick and flick it to the left, then release. Do the ones on each height level, before moving higher. Your homies will take some of the fire off of you making it easier to tag.