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Aisha's Favor[edit | edit source]

I suggest buying either a molotov, or a pipe bomb for this mission. But you can do without.

To start the Vice Kings storyline, go to the church and enter the circle with a crown over it and hit Y button. You enter an office and see Dex and Johnny. Johnny tells you to sit down, then tells you that you don't look like much. A cell phone goes off, and Johnny answers it. After he gets off the phone, he tells Dex that the Vice Kings kidnapped Aisha's (?) sister. Dex then says that its not Benjamin King's style. Johnny tells you to follow them and find the girls.

Get a car with 4 doors, then follow the blue markers. When you get to the end of the trail, a yellow sedan will fly past you. Like the lieutenant from the stronghold this car will appear as a square surrounded by a red circle. The difference, the square will also be surrounded by a smaller circle, if you get within this little circle for too long the mission ends. Its not difficult to follow him. After the cutscene, drive to the back of the lot, and kick in the door. There will be a man straight in front of the door, so take him out quick. Run forward and grab his ammo, then crouch down behind the boxes. Around the corner are 4 gang members, so shoot some then use the boxes for cover when you have to reload. Then after they're all dead, take their ammo then run into the room in the back, and go to the door bathed in blue light. Go near it and a girl will tell you that the person with the key went to Tee'N'Ay. Tee'N'Ay is a strip club, that is pretty close to the warehouse you're in. Go outside and get into the car you brought. Follow the markers on your map to get to the strip club. Go up the stairs and kick in the back door. Go right onto the stage, and take out the man closest to you. Then throw an explosive at the pimp(guy with arrow over head), or just start shooting. The explosive just makes everyone scatter, making them easy to pick off. After everyone is dead, run take all the ammo and the key. There will be Vice Kings shooting at you when you leave, ignore them and make a beeline for your car. Get in and jet back to the warehouse. Go in and back to the door. Open it and recruit the girls. Don't just run out of the room. Crouch down just before the entrance. About 4 or 5 Kings in the room. Dash out shoot as many as you can, then crouch back behind cover to reload. The girls will be enthusiastic about fighting, and are liable to die. If this happens just run over and click Y button near their body. After everyone is dead, take the ammo and run outside. Take the Vice King car, because it isn't damaged. Get in and the girls will follow. More Kings will be arriving, so try and get in the car fast. Once everyone is alive, and in the car, drive back to the church, following the blue markers. Park in the blue circle and the mission will be complete. You get Bavogian Plaza for completing it.

...To Kingdom Come[edit | edit source]

I suggest buying an assault rifle, no sniper, or anything that can destroy a car.

Go to the church and enter the crown circle. You are standing in the corner, and a girl walks up to Johnny. You soon find out that this is Aisha, Row native and R&B star. Johnny tells you that you're going to 'kill' Aisha. What you are really going to do is fake her death, so she can get out of her contract. Johnny tells you to go load up Aisha's car with a bomb, at a chop shop.

Go to Aisha's car and get in. Wait for her then make a right. The garage isn't far, just follow the blue markers, then go to the garage door and pull in. The bomb has a timer and a 'health' meter. The health meter goes down when you hit things, so be careful. To complicate things, when you pull out of the garage, a crazed fan starts to chase you. Get out of your car and destroy the van the fan is driving, rockets work best. When the fan is incapacitated, blue markers will appear on the map, leading you to the record studio. There is a roadblock on the bridge, so just move the police cruiser quickly and drive past. After that its just a drive to the studio, and park in the blue circle. After a small cutscene, the car explodes, destroying the front of the building.

For completing ...To Kingdom Come, you get Union Square.

Always Use Protection[edit | edit source]

Get a homie to help you in this mission. Have an SMG, with enough ammo, you decide how much is enough.

This mission is initiated at Freckle Bitches. So go to the burger joint and start it. You interrupt Johnny and Aisha, after you enter Aisha leaves so you can talk to Johnny. Johnny tells you about Tonya, a high up in the Vice King order who happens to be sleeping with Benjamin King's right and left hand men. Johnny figures, put the hurt on her, hurts the Kings. He tells you to go bust up one of Tonya's whorehouses.

Before you can go bust up the whorehouse, you have to take out the 4 patrols of Vice Kings. They consist of 1 or 2 Vice King's in a car. Just aim for the head and you can take out most of them from your car. Once all of them are taken out, follow the markers to an alley, then park in the blue circle. Get out of the car and take out the gang members behind the buildings. Use an SMG it works best. Pick up all the dropped ammo, and heal if you have to. When you're ready, bust into the back door. There is a prostitute when you open the door, so don't waste bullets on her. The first gang member is around the corner, running at you, so take him out before he does much damage. Another guy should run in then right back out. There are about 6 or 7 Kings in the main room so don't waste ammo. There are 2 on the bottom floor, running from pillar to pillar, take them out first. Make a right from where you entered the main room and there is a security booth. There is a King in here, kill him, and use the room for cover. There is a man on either staircase and two more on the balcony overlooking the main floor. Take out the men on the stairs, then move up to the balcony, and take care of them. Move to the wall with doors on it. The gang members in these rooms are all with hookers, so they are very vulnerable. Take'em out one by one, until you finish the wall. Then move to the wall that has an opening leading to another hallway. There is a person at the far end of the hallway, so take him out before you start the rooms. These rooms are just like the other ones, easy. Go to the stairs at the end of the hallway, and kick in the door at the bottom. There are 2 Kings in here, take'em out to complete the mission.

After all the Vice Kings at the whorehouse are dead, it goes to a cutscene where we get our first glimpse of the heads of the Vice Kings. Benjamin King, Warren "EZ Money" Williams, and Anthony "Big Tony" Green are sitting at a conference table, discussing the bombing you perpetrated in the last mission. Shortly after, Tonya walks in and tells about what you've been up to. King says he'll tell the police to put pressure on the Saints.

For completing 'Always Use Protection' you take control of Prawn Court.

Reinforcements[edit | edit source]

This is basically a pushback on Prawn Court. Kill the lieutenants to complete it. Focus on the lieutenants, don't worry about cronies.

Best Laid Plans[edit | edit source]

SMGs are best used for this mission.

You walk in and see Johnny standing over a table full of weapons. He battles with himself, choosing specific firearms, and the two of you soon leave.

Get into Johnny's Venom, and follow the blue markers to the abandoned police station that is being used as a King stronghold. There are a few Vice Kings on the front steps, that are fighting some Saints. Take them out, and collect the ammunition before kicking in the doors. Look right and you'll see Tanya with an arrow over her head running, don't try to shoot her, focus on the 3 goons in the room. There are 3 gang members in the next room, so take them out fast. Go through the door at the back of this room, and take the hallway to just before the door. A King should run out at you, take him out, if he doesn't run in and do it. There is a small hallway at the other end of this room, with 2 gang members at the end. There are 2 more in the room just behind them, so essentially 4 in all. Use an SMG to send them to hell. Make a left and then go through the door at the end of this hallway. Shoot the Kings on the bottom steps, but don't go down, there is nothing there. Instead go up, killing any Vice Kings in your path. You'll eventually follow Tanya into a room and a cutscene starts.

Anthony Green knocks you on the back of the head with a shotgun, and you fall to the ground. Johnny and Green then trash-talk some, until Green shoots Johnny in the leg. As Johnny rolls on the floor, he pulls out a knife and stabs it into Green's foot. Johnny than tells you to go, so you run and knock over Tanya as you jump out a window.

When you are back in control, Julius calls you and tells you to get back to the church. Just try and avoid the cops, don't worry about the Vice Kings, the cops are the bigger problem. If you can get back to the church without getting busted or smoked, the mission ends.

Green With Envy[edit | edit source]

SMG/Rifle ammo and shotgun ammo would be nice to have.

You walk in to the church and see Julius, Dex and Aisha. They discuss how they should get Johnny back. You're told to intercept Tanya's limo and replace the chauffeur. You have to go to the record studio you blew up. You park in the blue circle, then follow Tanya's limo down the street a little, then kill the chauffeur. Drive the limo back to the studio and park in the circle. Tanya gets in the car, and tells you to drive her to a clothing shop in the High-End district. After that, she has you drive her to Friendly Fire. Once you get there Julius calls you and tells you some Saints are going to hit Tanya's limo now, and he doesn't want them hurt. Your job is to lose them. Drive towards the blue triangle/square, taking main streets to pick up speed. Once you lose them, drive to Tony's condo. You follow Tanya inside and KO her. Go to the right of where you enter, and kill the gang member here. Then crouch down behind the white wall, then spring up and pop the rest of the gang members. Once everyone is dead, Green will run through. Go out and kill him, anyway you can. Once you do the mission is over. You take control of Atlantis Avenue.

3rd Street Vice Kings[edit | edit source]

SMG or Shotgun ammo would be useful in this mission.

You meet Johnny and Dex in an On the Rag. You and Johnny are going to dress up as Vice Kings and cause havoc, to make the police put pressure on them.

First, go back into the store you met in and kill the shop keep. Run back outside and find a car. Now you have to follow the blue markers to the High-End retail district and kill some shopkeepers there. So drive up there and do it. News vans will follow you, along with police. After you take out the shop clerks, you have to go to the downtown district. Once there find the blue circle. You'll see green arrows leading up to a ramp of sorts. Make sure you have enough speed, then go off of this ramp, so you crash into the bowling pins. Once this is complete, you have to drive to a bulldozer, follow the blue markers to get here. Once your in the bulldozer, all you have to do is follow the blue markers to the statue of Alderman Hughes. Park in the blue circle, then ram the back of the statue. After that you have completed the mission, the Vice Kings take control of Nob Hill.

Round Peg, Square Hole[edit | edit source]

Everything you need is supplied.

You meet Johnny and Dex in a cul-de-sac to talk. Dex tells you that the cops are getting paid off by King, and you need to stop it. Instead of going public, like Dex wants, Johnny and you decide to go blow all the meetings away, with materials found in Green's crib.

You have infinite ammo, for all weapons, so don't worry about that. All you have to do is kill all the cops and Kings, with red arrows over them. The meetings consist of these people, huddled in a circle, use the RPG launcher to take them out fast. The only hard part is keeping Johnny's car from blowing up between meetings. Use the rockets to blow up cars, unless they get close. If they are too near you, blowing them up can damage Johnny's car. When they're close, use the K6 Kruov to shoot the driver, causing the car to veer away. If you can defend the car, long enough for Johnny to make it to Forgive and Forget, the mission will be done.

Johnny opens the trunk of his car to reveal a ton of dynamite. The car is parked in front of the record studio, and you and Johnny walk away, while Johnny hits a button to blow the studio up again.

Benjamin King is talking on the phone when 'EZ Money' and Tanya walk in. Warren and King talk, and fight a little, when suddenly two guys walk in, and Williams takes over the Vice Kings.

For King and Country[edit | edit source]

You'll need a shotgun and plenty of SMG ammo for this mission.

Julius tells you that Benjamin King is in trouble down by the park, and you are going to go save him.

Follow the blue markers to the park. When you get there, run down the steps and pull out your shotgun. Run up on each Vice King hiding behind the planters and take them out with a shotgun blast. Work your way to the side of the overpass, then up the stairs until you're on top of it. Here you'll meet King and the two of you have to get to King's car, which is a green triangle on your map. Depending on how many Kings you took out below, you'll have to fight a few on your way to the car. There are 3 Vice Kings in the street in front of the car. Take them out then get in the car. You have to take out 4 Vice King cars. The cars come at you so just wait for them to get close, then shoot the driver through the windshield. After they're dead, you have to go after Warren. He drives a sports car, so don't get out of the red circle. Just ram him, and shoot him with an SMG and eventually his car will catch fire. Then all you have to do is get back to the church.

After you get back to the church, a cutscene initiates. You see Warren with his leg caught in the burning car, and Tanya looking down on him. Warren starts to mutter to himself, then ask Tanya for help. Tanya then pulls out a gun and shoots Warren.

You take control of Amberbrook, for completing the mission.


All The Kings Men[edit | edit source]

I suggest using the shotgun and SMG because you'll be fighting quite a few Kings. Fill all of your food slots with Fists from Freckle Bitches.

After you initiate the mission, you see Johnny with a gun in his hand, talking about Ben King. Then King tells the two of you you're leaving.

You must run outside and get into Kings yellow Mag. Before you can go after Tanya you have to get the codes to the elevator. The only way to get them, is to scare them out of Tanya's fashion consultant, Stefan. He is in his store in the High-End Retail District, follow the markers there, then park in the blue circle. Johnny will chase Stefan out of the store, and King will hold him by his ankles out of the car window. You must drive fast to scare the codes out of Stefan. As you do this, your police notoriety will rise, as Stefan's fear does. What I did was drive towards the Forgive and Forget in Rollerz territory. Drive through it when you get there so the police stop chasing you, because the police ramming you really hurts Stefan's health. Then drive that road and drive through Forgive and Forget to take off your notoriety. Once Stefan blurts out the codes, King drops Stefan and you head off to the penthouse, but go through Forgive and Forget to get cops off you. Follow the markers to the penthouse and park in the blue circle. Pull out your shotgun. Run in and start killing Vice Kings on the bottom floor, once they're all dead run up the left staircase (from in front of them) and go left. Kill all the Kings on this side before wiping out the other. Before going in the elevator, let your health regenerate, then get on.There is a small scene, with the 3 of you in the elevator, and it includes one of the four times your character speaks. After the scene, you are in front of a receptionist desk. Kill the girl behind the desk and go straight behind it, and wait near the door to the left, but don't go in it. A King or 2 will run out, kill them, then run in and take out the rest of them. Run through the room with the cubicles and kill the Kings in this room and on the spiral staircase. After they're all dead, go into the blue circle and the final Vice Kings Video will start.

Tanya is lounging behind her desk, and behind her are large windows overlooking the city. King tells her its over, and she pulls out a rifle. The three of you shoot her up, and she stumbles backwards, out of the broken windows. She catches herself on the window, begging for King to help her. Instead, King just steps on Tanya's fingers, causing her to fall directly onto King's truck. The 3 of you leave the penthouse and King gives you the keys to his penthouse.

You take over the last of the Vice King territory, and unlock a new crib (King's Penthouse), Johnny's Car, and all the Vice King cars.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed 1/3 of Saint's Row's Main Storyline!