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Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Description
Baseball Bat Found on gangstas. Quick to swing and hits hard.
Nightstick Found on dead cops. Swings slower than the crowbar.
Crowbar Found especially on Pimps. Swings slower than the baseball bat, but more powerful.
Knife Found on gangstas and aggressive residents of Stilwater. Good rate of attack, good damage, but lacks reach.

Handguns[edit | edit source]

Weapon Description
Vice 9 Cheapest gun in the game. Fast rate of fire, but very low damage. Appears to be a Beretta model 92. Aim for the head!
NR4 More powerful than the Vice 9. Found on cops and some gangstas. Is styled on a Glock 17.
.44 Shepherd Heavy .44 magnum revolver with loads of stopping power seconded most powerful handgun on the game after the Gold GDHC. Based on a Smith & Wesson Model 29. Kills most enemies with one shot, tougher enemies (gang lieutenants etc) take a couple of rounds. Only drawback is low ammo capacity.
.50 GDHC Pretty big clip, good reload time, but not as powerful as the Shepherd. Is styled on a Desert Eagle.Carried by the FBI.
Gold Plated .50 A gold version of the GDHC Desert Eagle that fires 50 Action Express rounds.It is the most powerful handgun on the game and rivals damage of the shotguns.If you like your bling its for you. Unlocked on completion of Carnales Hitman.

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Weapon Description
Tombstone Standard Police-issue pump-action, eight round magazine. Good at close range. Based on a Benelli M4.
12 Gauge This is actually a sawn-off double-barreled shotgun model, but it behaves like a more powerful version of the Tombstone. Six round magazine.
AS12 Riot Fast rate of fire, but shortest range. Is styled on a SPAS-12.
Platinum AS12 Riot As above, but double the ammunition capacity and deals loads more damage.
Pimp Cane Shotgun Walking cane which doubles up as the most powerful shotgun in the game. Also holds loads of ammo. Unlocked on completion of all Snatch activities.It is based on a cane gun a fires 12 gauge ammo.

SMGs[edit | edit source]

Weapon Description
T3K Urban Cheapest submachine-gun. Reasonably practical so long as your aim is good. Styled on a Tec-9.
SKR 7 Spree More damage, larger clip, a bit more expensive. It's based on an Ingram Model-10.
Platinum T3K As above, but loads more damage and huge magazine.

Rifles[edit | edit source]

Weapon Description
K6 Krukov Automatic Weapon. Pretty good damage. Is styled on an AK-47
McManus The sniper rifle. Satisfyingly powerful, usually one shot, one down. Can be used un-scoped, but has no melee attack. Based on a Barret Sniper Rifle.
AR-40 Xtn Most powerful and expensive assault rifle. Carried by SWAT troops. Styled on the M4A1.

Explosives[edit | edit source]

Weapon Description
Pipe Bombs Budget grenades that take slightly longer to explode and are slightly less powerful.
Molotov Cocktails Explodes into a ball of fire on contact with target, making it the longest ranged thrown weapon. Good thing too, if you get too close you'll cook along with your target.
Hand Grenades Most powerful thrown explosive, nice and heavy, it can knock people to the floor if one hits them in the head.
RPG Launches explosives amazing distances. Best for taking out groups of people and vehicles. Is styled on an RPG-7.
Platinum RPG Similar to the RPG, but twice the ammunition capacity. Unlocked by killing all Hitman targets.