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Stacking the Deck[edit | edit source]

All you need for this mission is pistol and/or SMG ammo.

The first Rollerz mission circle is blue, and next to the arena. After you enter the circle and click Y button, it shows Lyn talking with a couple of Rollerz. After Lyn tells them goodbye, you come out of the shadows behind her. She informs you of a shipment of high performance cars being delivered, and you have to hijack it, then get the cars loaded with explosives.

Get in a car, it doesn't have to be super fast, and start driving towards the truck, follow the map markers. Shoot the Rollerz escort and stop so they get out of the car, but don't get out yourself. Once they're out and shooting, drive after the truck, so now you'll have some peace to hijack it. Pull up next to the truck and look left at the truck. Shoot at the driver with an SMG or pistol until the driver is dead. Get out of your car and climb into the cab. More Rollerz will be coming at you by now, so start driving. As long as you don't miss any exits/turnoffs, you don't have to worry about blowing up, just follow the markers and get to the drop spot, and the mission is done.

Samson's Surprise[edit | edit source]

A fast car is all that you need.

You meet Lyn in a club, and she tells you that you're going to participate in a street race, heading to Chinatown. Get a pretty fast car, I used a cop car, then go to the start marker. Park in the blue circle, and you'll be transferred to the starting line. After the race starts, get close to the car that is in the lead, ram him a little. The two of you will probably put a lot of distance between the other racers. Stay close to the car, until the blue taunt meter is filled up. Then, the cars exhaust pipes will light blue, causing the engine to overheat and blow up. After the first car is done, wait for the next car to catch up, then do the same to him. By the third car, you'll probably be close to getting on the highway. The last one is the easiest, because you're on the highway and you only have to go straight. Just watch out for hitting pedestrian cars, that can allow the racer to get away from you.

For completing the mission you take control of Chinatown.

Guardian Angel[edit | edit source]

You'll need an SMG and some shotgun ammo, food as well.

Go meet Lyn at a tea shop in Chinatown. She tells you that you're going to make things go faster, by getting into some of the higher-ups' inner circle. You're going to go attack a guy named Donnie, and Lyn is going to save him. Equip the SMG and drive to Donnie's garage. Kill the Rollerz out front with the SMG, then run through the open garage door. Take out the shotgun to kill the guys in the hallway with. Run through the next room to where Donnie is, he has a green arrow over his head, make sure not to kill him. To get Donnie to run, kill his bodyguards. There is a scene where Donnie jumps in Lyn's car and they drive off. To make the stunt seem real, you have to chase Lyn and Donnie to the suburbs. Lyn will veer off of the road to avoid you, just stay on the main road, but don't lose sight of her. Eventually, you'll take a ramp over to the suburbs, and a message tells you to let them get away, you can either stop, or drive in the opposite direction.

You get Sommerset for completing this mission, and you can now have 3 homies with you.

Escort Service[edit | edit source]

Lots of SMG ammo are needed for this mission, and some shotty ammo will help to complete it as well. A strong car, truck preferibly.

Go to the mansion on the hill, and eavesdrop at the window. You see a young guy wearing sunglasses, and an old man in a suit. Donnie and Lyn walk in, and Donnie is greeted by the young guy. The old man is identified as Mr. Price, and the young guy as Joseph. Donnie starts talking about a shipement of parts that the Rollerz are going to hijack, but Price hushes him in front of Lyn.

Lyn calls you and tells you to defend the convoy from the Rollerz. Get in a strong car, I suggest an FBI truck or a bus as they are hard to wear down. Get in whatever car you have and go right for the first truck, which is near the expressway entrance. Don't always follow the blue markers, they sometimes take long routes. Put yourself between the Rollerz that pursue you, and the truck. Use the SMG to damage the cars until they explode. The reason for a strong car is because when you blow up the cars, they can damage you as well, and if your car blows up then the other Rollerz car will blow the truck up while you're away. After you destroy the cars chasing the first truck, you have to take the freeway to the next one. Follow the blue markers to the next truck, there are 3 Rollerz that will pursue the truck this time, this is why you needed all the SMG ammo. Take out the cars, and start off on your way to the next truck. The last truck is pinned down by three Rollerz cars. Get out of your car and pull out the shotgun. Run up on the nearest car and shoot the people inside, repeat for each car. The Rollerz might get out of their cars and attack you, this just makes them easier to kill. (I would also like to point out that there is a glitch in this game and the third truck may freeze. Not sure what to do..)

One Step Ahead[edit | edit source]

Get at least 7 or 8 rockets, more if you're not too good a shot. Plus, a bit of SMG ammo just in case. You only need to get 4 out of 6 cars, so you can miss two.

Lyn and Donnie walk into a room and talk with Joseph and Mr. Price. To make-up for the parts they missed out on when you stopped them from taking the trucks, the Rollerz are just going to hijack certain cars.

Lyn calls you and tells you to stop the Rollerz from taking the cars. Again, don't always follow the blue markers, but sometimes its the fastest way. Try and get to the cars before the Rollerz, so you'll have time to blow up the cars, before they are driven away. Do this with all the cars and the mission will be done, not much more too it.

Liberation[edit | edit source]

Get plenty of SMG ammo, and 2 or 3 rockets for this mission.

Go to the church and activate the Rollerz icon. You talk to Julius who compliments the work on the Rollerz, when your phone rings. Lyn tells you to come to the pool hall because the Rollerz are getting into something big. It then shows Lyn tied to a chair, with Sharpe holding the phone to her ear.

Drive to the pool hall with the SMG equipped. Go through the front door and take out the guy behind the bar immediately, then crouch down behind the bar. Take out the Rollerz in the main room, and the ones who'll run onto the top flight of stairs. Run from behind the bar and up the stairs, there should be 1 or 2 gang members left here, take them out and run into the side room where Lyn is.

As you go behind Lyn, you're hit in the head with a bat. Sharpe and a Roller then hear the police coming and they have to leave.

Burning Evidence[edit | edit source]

This is directly after Liberation.

You and Lyn are somewhere and the screen is blank. Then you see Sharpe and Donnie open the trunk. Sharpe has Donnie watch as he shoots Lyn, and you. Sharpe watches Donnie speed away, then pushes the car you're in into the river. Then you pop out of the water.

Your objective now is to kill Sharpe. So run down the pipeline thing your in, until you see a staircase on your left. Run up it and then to the Bootlegger. Follow the markers on your map until just before you get under the overpass. Get out of your car and take out the RPG. Run out onto the main road, and you'll see Sharpe's car speeding toward you. Calmly shoot his car with a rocket, which should stop him. He'll get out, use the SMG to kill him, mission done.

NOTE: If you call Eye for an Eye Voodoo, you unlock Zombie Lyn as a homie.

No Time To Mourn[edit | edit source]

You don't need anything for this mission.

Julius is crouching down in the graveyard next to the church, and he tells you they found Lyn's body in the river. He also says you're going after the Rollerz. Then it shows Joseph Price surrounded by Rollerz, as he gives an emotional speech saying he is going to burn the Row to the ground.

Drive Julius Zenith to the spot. Once you're there, you get into the passenger seat, with the greatest thing ever, an RPG w/infinite ammo. Just use the RPG to blow up the Rollerz, unless they get too close, then use the Krukov or SMG and shoot the driver. Once the 9 cars are dead, you go after Price, but he gets away.

Semi-Charmed Life[edit | edit source]

FBI truck or a fast car, as many homies as the car can carry.

After you take over the last of the strongholds, Price calls you and tells you to meet him at the car dealership. Drive whatever car you're going to use over there, and a cutscene starts. Price drives a car hauler straight at you, but you dive out of the way.

Get in your car, and give chase to Price. The quicker you can get to him the better. Equip the SMG, infinite ammo, and drive as fast as you can after him. Start shooting at the cars on the back of the semi, homies help this process. As you blow the cars up, Rollerz will be attacking you from all sides, this greatly damages your car and homies help destroy them. Once all the cars on the back are gone, you have to destroy the cab. Stay behind it and pump it full of lead with the SMG, it takes a little while, but again, homies help it go faster.

For defeating the Rollerz, you unlock Sharpe's mansion as a crib, and all the Rollerz cars, and Julius car.