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Hinoe Island[edit]


New mechanics:

  • Tilling: It should unlock on Winter 3 of the first year. Tilling the field thoroughly improves rice quality.

You will have new Main Quests available. "The Second Year's Rice Crop" and "Pioneering".

Leave and go to any of the new locations. It does not really matter which location you go to.

Hare's Nest Knoll[edit]


Go right and there will be hares and archers on the cliff above. Keep going right through the scenery. There will be a safer way to go up and kill them. Head toward the left and kill the two archers waiting. Climb up and skip past the shield pig; behind him are some archers waiting. Then kill the pig and the hare reinforcements. After the fight climb on the right to find a chest with the spirit bough "Vitality Boost" inside. Head back left to fight a ton of various rabbits and some sparrows. After the fight go left and drop down to find a chest with a scroll inside.


Yui will have a Main Quest called "The Weaving Hut of Dreams" available. It will unlock her workshop that crafts headgear, masks and garments for you. You will need 5x Stone, 5x Wood, 2x Hemp and 2x High Quality Oak.