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Chapter 1[edit]

Myrthe the Studious 1[edit]

Description: With only the ingredients native to this island, it's tough for Myrthe to cook her home country's cuisine. She would like to start preparing meals using local ingredients; that's where I come in.


  • Acorn (5)

How to complete: Just go to any world map location that drops Acorns from bushes. You will likely need to visit more than one location in a short amount of time before the Acorns spoil (items spoil at midnight). Once you have all of them, rush back to Myrthe and hand them to her. Foraging is not a good idea because it takes a lot of time and there's no guarantee you will find all the acorns you need.

Unlocks: Menu planning and cooking.

Myrthe the Studious 2[edit]

Description: Gathered ingredients will spoil quickly if nothing is done to preserve freshness. I shall ask Myrthe to process them so that they can keep for a longer amount of time.


  • Have Myrthe process the designated ingredient: Rabbit Meat (3).

How to complete: Kill demon hares until you have enough. The spirit bough bonus from the Autumnal Hunter's Garment will make this easier. Just be wary that rabbit meat spoils in 1-2 days and the game does its spoil check at midnight.

Unlocks: Food processing.