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The controls is pretty straight forward. If you must know follow the tutorial in chapter one to learn the basics as well as getting an understanding with the minigames.

Warning: You can also play with the classic controller/pro but the button layout presumes its using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. You could memorise it but it's not worth using it for this purpose.

Battle Mode[edit]

  • Left dpad/Right dpad: Switch Attack Mode.
  • A button: Attack/Heal.
  • Plus button: Open System Menu.
  • Minus button: Open Command Menu.
  • Up dpad/Down dpad: Switch Targets.
  • Neutral nunchuk+B button: Adjust Camera.
  • 2 button: Switch Area View.
  • Neutral nunchuk: Move STAR.
  • C button: Use SP Move.
  • Z button: Defend.

Command Menu Selecting Information[edit]

  • A button: Detail info/Joint Info.
  • Z button: Normal Range/Super Move Range.
  • C button: Order.

Adventure Mode[edit]

  • Neutral nunchuk/Neutral dpad: Move Shinjiro.
  • A button: Choose Destination.
  • Plus button: Open System Menu.
  • Minus button: Review History.
  • 1 button: Cameratron View. Choose Camera of Radio, whichevers available for that section in the game.
  • 2 button: View Photos.
  • C button: Close Window.

Camera Mode[edit]

  • Up dpad/Down dpad: Zoom In/Out.
  • Plus button/Minus button: Adjust Closer/Further.
  • Neutral nunchuk: Adjust Camera.
  • C button: Open Controller Menu.
  • Z button: Take Photograph.

LIPS Mode[edit]

  • Neutral nunchuk/Neutral dpad: LIPS Control.
  • A button: Settings/Skip Text.
  • Plus button: Open System Menu.
  • B button: Display Text/Cancel.
  • Minus button: Review History.
  • C button: Close Window.
  • Z button: Skip Seem Text.

About Skip Seem Text: This only works if you've gone through text that you've already read. Make sure in subsequent playthroughs to go through as many new dialogue choices as you can. And even if you're goofy enough to fail a minigame or choose other spots you haven't clicked on yet! Experiment for your enjoyment. Last of all, it's only available for your second playthrough.