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Diana Caprice

Sakura Wars 5 character Diana Caprice.jpg

Diana Caprice is nineteen years old and is born in Boston, Massachussetts. Her appearance is long yellow hair with a hair accessory to keep her hair back, wears glasses, light blue eyes and wears white clothing. She is perhaps the most caring out of all the girls. She's terrified of dead birds and is able to give good advice on the first three episodes when Shinjiro first met her.

She starts out on a wheelchair until "Episode 4" when she's finally is able to walk again, after the bug incident that the injured bird she abandon comes back to save her. She loves Shakespeare and musicals and likes to help people out.

Battle Strength Diana doesn't have any strong points but does have great healing powers. Do your best to keep your teams alive with her and surviving the battle would be easier.

Diana's Ending She accessible as a minor character in Central Park until "Episode 4". On the first part when going out before the theatre, take her to quiet places. The second is in the village and you should help her make a doll house. The date is not too difficult so take it easy over there.

Requirements for Diana Caprice's ending[edit]

Doing Diana's ending can be the hardest than any other girls. That means sadly being negative to certain girls to even the playing field.

  • Episode 4: Take Diana on the first part to many quiet places as you can. Avoid Rosita for this and any other noisy places to avoid her negativity before going to the theatre to watch "Hamlet".
  • Episode 6: After training with Gemini, go to the Village and help Diana go to many places and Shinjiro's places twice to get as many items as you can to make a dollhouse. Ideally, take Diana to your house again to complete her dollhouse set to maximize her love for you.
  • Episode 7: If Diana's your girl, meet her and accept her date. She'll be at the Library in the Village. Get the key chain or a cat statue. Near the end, choose her as your girl.