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Of the people, by the people, for the people

Sakura Wars 5 character Cheiron Archer.jpg

You're now the Captain in Training by Mr Sunnyside. Ratchet joins you and you learn how to use the camera. If you're playing the Wii, it's simple: Neutral nunchuk for moving camera, Up dpad/Down dpad to adjust the zoom and using the Minus button/Plus button for the focus adjustment. Last of all, press Z button to snap a photo shot. Things go well so far. Also Kayama takes you and Gemini to the museum to see the Demon Sword. Take note of that as it will play a role in "Chapter 7" the villain your going to have to face which is beyond belief but hey, it's only a game.

Note: If you want to unlock coupling for each character, you have to be positive to the girl the episode is focusing on. Be wise on your choices and she'll be highly motivated. Do the same in battle by calling her and protecting her in two battle sequences at the end. You'll be surprised what you can do with coupling! Last thing is it's not located through "joint attack" but "Supermoves" will be replaced by "Coupling" if done perfectly.

Cheiron blows her temper[edit]

You join Subaru to find Cheiron midchanging her clothes. You discover the mark which is five dots like a circle and one in the middle. Such terribly bad timing! Anyway, she calls you a pervert but Subaru helps to defend your actions. So after that incident, Subaru leaves you. Go down near the exit as Mr Wong has something important for you to do. You have to deliver the letter to Cheiron's office in Harlem where she works as a lawyer. But when you get there, Carlos and the gang stopped you from going to Cheiron so what's next? Ratchet suggests you go with one of the girls your familiar with.

First girl day out[edit]

You only have three choices here: Subaru, Ratchet or Gemini? You'll find Subaru in Midtown and Gemini near her apartment at the village. Ratchet will be at the Manager's Office at only 8:30pm. If you go with Subaru, you'll have free time to explore until you reach the Mercury Club. With Gemini, it's just finding her horse Larry in the alley. With Ratchet, you should take her to the church.

Save Point

Go to Cheiron's office and deliver the letter. When you leave, Ratchet, Gemini or Subaru goes with you when something goes wrong here. On the side note, when the clock changes to a radio speaker, you'll have free time to look at all sections in the particular area. Also if you don't have an escort, Mr Wong takes you to the place with the three girls already there including Cheiron Archer.

Warning: Going without a girl of your choice will hurt your chances far later on the fake trial that Cheiron sets up. Without the girl of your choice, you'll pay the price after saving Jing's leg from an accident but you don't have anyone proving the point. If you're playing for the first time, you can do this to see the consequence without a witness to back you up on the trial.

About Subaru: You might encounter more scary face look (not making it up). It happens if you continuously choose to upset her with bad choice of words. A simplest example is meeting her in 5th Avenue without inviting her to Harlem. Choose "So you love girls" and her look could give you a fright! So watch out for those. Avoid it unless you want to know what it's like to poorly motivate her with a bad choice of words.

The darkside of Cheiron[edit]

The gang who locked you out earlier is confronted with the buildings collapsing with Cheiron overlooking the project and co-incidentally, she's with Steam Frontier. You only have one minigame. Save Jing's leg. Remember the moment with you and either the three girls as they play a major role later on. On the next day, Cheiron's on edge so talk to her a couple of times and you'll find out what happened: Steam Frontier is breaking down Harlem to make way for the new development. You have little choice but to get ready for a mock trial.

But be forewarned that if you don't have any girls involved with Jing's accident, it will have a negative impact on the trial far later on so don't blow your chance over this incident.

Also whatever you do, don't ask Cheiron for more breakfast or she'll blow up on your face!

Save Point

Law and Order[edit]

You have to look at nearly all areas to find clues to support your case. While most have been easy, there's one difficult part which would be over if you don't follow this instruction: In Subaru's hotel, first choose "Follow the guys" and when you reach the open area, push control stick down to a softer tone so the men couldn't hear both of you. Next is the park so choose "Japanese tourist" or "Act Suspiciously". The third is in the museum so follow the minigame and get it perfect so you can hear the men talk.

If you chose Subaru, she'll be at your trial You'll find her at the Gold Hotel and in the rooftop theatre. But with Gemini, you must go to her or your apartment and talk to her and she'll join you. With Ratchet, you'll find her in 5th Avenue or the garden at the top of the theatre. Most importantly, go to Harlem and check the church and go to the alley to take photo of her motorcycle. If you missed a mark, Carlos will bring you here again to take photo of the emblem.

Save Point

Trial and Error[edit]

So it's you and Carlos versus Cheiron and the Steam Frontier owner. Here's a few pointers to look out for: When you choose "Her men bribed the mayor" when you get to the next text with the timer, push the control stick up in "Bribery is bribery" to get the audience to agree with you. Do the same if you got the evidence in Maggie's Grocery the second time with "Billy kick the kid".

On the second round choose all the lines as you can because Cheiron has an offer the people can refuse. But if you didn't bother to talk to like Gemini in the backroom or Cherry at the bar, you'll end up getting the line "Nothing to say" believing that you didn't know anything about Harlem. How embarrassing!

The third round is crucial if done correctly: Choose "Our Harlem?", follow by pushing the control stick up in "Answer the question". The rest should be easy and remember to keep it positive as she'll play a crucial fight in the robotic battle sequence coming up.

Storming up Harlem[edit]

After she realises her mistake, the evil boss came to make it worse. Cheiron takes the motorcycle and destroys her but there's no effect. Then the red hair woman in the mask came in. She'll reveal her true colours in "Episode Six". At that moment choose "Evacuate the residents".

This is considered normal at this point. Control stick up if you want to highly motivate Cheiron and Subaru. Leave it in the middle for a standard procedure or control stick down for a funny Cheiron look. And if you leave the timer run out, than your teammates won't benefit at all.

Save Point

Anyway, you, Cheiron and Subaru have to take down her robotic minions and take down three storm items to clear the place of a cold and wet weather. One note is moving to the next area. You can only move to a place once per turn so remember to plan wisely.

There's one thing which is the defining moment pending whether you include it on your previous dialogue or not, choose "Remember the Centaur Oath".

Tips on coupling: If you check the conditions and Cheiron has decent motivation, you better use the help me and protection and getting close to her with a positive response should boost her motivation slightly quickly. Remember to use it or all your efforts could easily wasted.

Dragon Express[edit]

There's one last business, take down the monster Kokuryu summons, Kusakage. First take down her robot minions than start from the tail to where the arms were. You can use the subway but you don't have to since it's easy to deal with. Once her arms were clear and the tail no longer in use, go all out in attacking the belly. Mission accomplished. Last of all, get ready to meet the new member that hasn't been recruited yet.

If you earned nine medals at this point and Cheiron is very highly motivated by this point, you should call her about the head section to do the coupling move. But if Cheiron hasn't reached the highest point yet, stall and use the protect feature on her. After the second or third defence should be enough to allow you or her to do the coupling move. After using coupling move, if you have any left, use the protect on Subaru as it's important to keep the weakest from dropping out.

Eventually you have won this battle. Cheiron decides to help her community. Last of all, prepare for a new recruit and who says age matters?

Tips on coupling: If Cheiron still hasn't have her motivation high enough, continue using help me and protect feature until the coupling feature is available. But if it's already there, use it on Subaru since she's not as strong as Cheiron.

Save Point

Who's that young mexican girl?[edit]

Before you get your escort or not, you can check Cafe Samba. A young mexican girl is talking to the mafia with one person called Babyface. She bumps into you and leaves the scene.

Before the trial, while gathering information, go to Maggie's Groceries on your second visit in which you witness Bill, the head of Steam Frontiers hurting the kid after he gets the envelope full of money. Apparently, a young mexican girl shoots the guy away.

Use the link to help you make the right decisions on the people you talk to.