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Rosita in Spirit

Sakura Wars 5 character Rosita Aries.jpg

You start off in Midtown with one of the girls as she rushes off to the bank. You hear the people panicking and go to where the incident happens. A little mexican girl about eleven years old with her weasel as her partner took down the robbers gun with gold and silver magnum pistols! You've got choices but if you love your girl, call for help and get ready for the new recruit.

Note: Depending on which girl has the highest score, the girl you choose to fall in love with will be with you in the beginning of this chapter. Gemini, Cheiron, Subaru and Ratchet will likely be with you if you have scored enough with them. Cherry and Anri might be there with you if you scored high for them instead.

The trouble with Rosita[edit]

You introduced her to the team and it's your tasked to look after her. In the theatre even though the play is going well, Cheiron and Subaru is not to happy with it. It's up to you to end Rosita's performance so the other girls can go in.

Save Point

After the incident, take her around town and have fun with the minigames if you like a good laugh. About half an hour, your called to a new area, the Bay Area, Wall Street where the previous incident has occured with the robber in a different colour. When you get Rosita home, she'll reveal that she's afraid of making mistakes because of the loss of her father and perhaps if you like her, you'll eat and sleep at her place.

Chieron or Subaru? If you choose to stay with her, Subaru will be there with her far later on around the theatre bar area. If not, later on Cheiron will be with her instead where the backstage area is. Now there's your window of opportunity. Keep that in mind.

Save Point

Sleepover of errors[edit]

In order to teach Rosita about teamwork, you have to agree to this which is a sleep over. So you have to read lines and find things to do. Perhaps if your cheeky, as soon as Subaru asks you go into the spa, you can agree to it and get your just desserts with a bucket! The last is making pancakes which should be easy to do. But before the sleepovers over, battle is about to begin.

Save Point

Rositas first battle[edit]

This is pretty much done on the easy side as there aren't many robot minions to defeat. You only need to know that the turrets comes in and out at certain times so destroy it as soon as you can. Unfortunately, Rosita realises what happened. Dokurobou is about to take Rosita down and if you choose to protect her, she dropped her guns and feeling the guilt of the incident that reminded her of her papa. So she gives up her STAR and disappears back to her home.

If you earned level 9 star, this should be very easy: Go to the other end, call Rosita and do supermove on the robot minion at the far end. Do a joint attack with Rosita to end your turn. Get Subaru to do a joint attack with Cheiron on the left side and stand on the gun turret manhole. Get Rosita to do a supermove on the robot minion on the right. Do two move attacks on the small minions before using it up on the final minion. But if don't have enough, get Cheiron and Subaru to do a final joint attack.

By the way, Dokurobo although a tough boss, can be amusingly stupid so there's never a dull moment.

Save Point


You have to search for Rosita at almost the dead of night. So go searching around until it's time for you to reach her. You break down the final barrier as Rosita finally accepted that her friends have supported her when she first stepped in. She comes back to the theatre for one more final battle.

If you went to Harlem, you can choose to spend free time with Cheiron or not. Just visit all locations and the free time ends if you do choose to spend more time with her. Perhaps there's one thing to avoid as a theme, is that Star Division is suppose to remain a secret. So for example, you go to Cheiron's office, click on her phone and choose "New York Combat Revue! What's the emergency?" Cheiron forces you to put the phone down, then gets hit and an angry response "That's what I was suppose to say! Do you have any idea what you just said?". Anyway, you have to keep this a secret.

Note: Start at the Main Office before the NY Combat Revue at the top of the theatre. Then find as many food places before you reach for Rosita's house at the Bay Area.

Save Point

Bossy Cannons[edit]

There's two parts to this battle. Your team on the left and right side has to take down cannons then meet up where the boss is. The downside is if you try to move area marked in red, you'll get hit by a cannon. Even from side to side! So take step by step and don't go to the next area unless it's safe to do so.

Coupling tips: Use help me and protect feature on Rosita for this first part. If Shinjiro is ahead of all the girls (except for Gemini) the girl with the highest trust in battle will compliment you with an extra point tallied. If Rosita still hasn't got enough from this and next battle, continue using it until coupling becomes available.

Of course there's the dramatic moment. Choose "We trust you".

The last part is pretty straight forward but his attack can leave one of your crew falling off the area! So take care of his minions and remember to defend as his attacks is kind of powerful. If one of your crew did fall off, it takes a few turns until they return, assuming they're still healthy. For Rosita, she'll stay with the crew. Good job!

If you earned nine medals and Rosita has been highly motivated to its max, go to where Dokurobo is, call Rosita and do a coupling attack in that area. Don't worry if you miss a robot minion there. Let Subaru take care of that instead. Due to her wide ranging attack, she can easily group it together. Don't forget to take down his side cannons early if you don't like to be blown away!

Save Point

Take note as the same thing would happen again for "Episode 8" so be prepared!

On a side note, on the beginning of this battle, Dokurobo, puts on his large cannon and calls it Iwatooshi. If your response is by pushing all the way up with the control stick, he eventually changes to Dokuro-bou since you accused him of putting on more armour!

You know the drill now from this point on.