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Hamlet in Central Park

Sakura Wars 5 character Diana Caprice.jpg

You've got half the crew so far but you also need someone special that will play a crucial role in keeping your team alive. Diana whom have helped you in the first three episodes will now decide whether to join the team or not. As a prologue she has about a year to live and you invited her up to the theatre to see the performance.

Before you get through this episode, if you haven't heard about Hamlet, here's a brief description of the William Shakespeare play: Hamlet as the prince has been deceived by his uncle when his father and his king has been murdered and his mother being married in order to take the throne. Because of that, Hamlet decides to take revenge on his uncle, killing himself and his mom in the process, almost like Romeo and Juliet except it takes place in Denmark.

Note: Depending on which girl earns the highest so far, if you choose "I care about you even more" on either Gemini, Cheiron, Subaru, Rosita and Ratchet, whoever scores higher will have the others but Gemini will hit low on points.

Damsel in distress[edit]

Depending on who loves you the most, two of your friends goes over to see Diana. But things go horribly wrong. Diana doesn't like dead birds or cooked chickens! This causes your friends to be in shock as Diana lost conciousness. Because of that incident, your friends can't approach Diana again. So much for making her feel better!

There's only one plot point that ties in this episode until the incident with Diana being attacked by bugs. You and your gang is caring for the injured blue bird which Diana abondoned so keep playing to see what happens next.

Save Point

Note: The two people who comes with you is random at best. The likely pair is Cheiron and Subaru, Rosita and Subaru. Lastly, Gemini and Rosita. Be mindful in keeping score because it's not easy to hang out with girls you don't like!

The quiet side of New York[edit]

You should decide to let Diana see the musical performance. Before that, you'll be taking her around town in a wheelchair. Along the way, you'll meet the girls that appears from their location. Finish with your errands before you go to the theatre for the major performance. It's not easy at first but try to do your best to find as many quiet locations as you possibly can or she might leave for the auditorium early.

Save Point

Birds of fate[edit]

It's worth mentioning that you and your team is taking care of the bird that's injured and you have time to go out and investigate at the dead of night. When you're done searching for things to do, you go home to sleep. But one of the girls got attacked by a bird and realise what's going on: The bug in the bird is what irritates them to attack people. Take a picture and bring it to the theatre.

There's a minor sidequest. When you visit Gemini's apartment, she reveals that she's going to 5th Avenue to get the dress. But if you go there afterwards, Gemini gets kicked out which is why things starts to unravel far later on the sixth episode. Also you can help Rosita on the Bay Area in rescuing Niccolo. Just go to construction site, Chinatown and Battery Park and the jobs done. But if you act like a goofball, avoiding obvious places to go, she leaves you for wasting her time!

Note: Gemini, Cheiron, Rosita and Subaru has different preferences. You can kill the bug with Gemini and Rosita but with Cheiron and Subaru, you better just take a picture to give to Ratchet. But whatever you do, don't hand the bugs to any girls since bugs do upset them very easily! With exception to Subaru. Rosita will accuse you of torture if you give the bug to her since she hates bugs!

Change of heart[edit]

Your angry at this point because of the inaction Diana takes. Eventually, the bird that was injured takes flight to Diana's place to save her from the bugs. At this point, she first uses her pneuma to stop the people killing the birds before going on the STAR to take action.

Save Point

To be or not to be[edit]

At this point the battles are getting harder. The spores on the top regenerate poisonous plants and within a few turns goes in and if all are sucked in, the games over. Also the robot minions regenerate as well. Follow this instructions: You and your girl take to the air to take care of the spores as fast as you can while the rest take care of the plant spores and the regenerating robot minions as much as they can and remember to keep the defence up. By the way, try your best not to destroy the rails as it could further your trouble with the mayor and you don't want Ratchet to pay for it!

Coupling tips: AreaMove to the air, call Diana and protect Diana. You know the drill by now. If hers is not high enough on the second part, do the same until the coupling is ready.

If you want to push her motivations, choose "Don't lose heart!".

Perhaps what's unique is Diana's supermove which heals your crew completely so use this wisely and make sure your really close to the group in order to work. Even the spores that already sucked can still works if your in desperation! The final boss, Ukigumo that Yumedono summons is not that hard. The boss is invincible at first so choose the defense strategy and hit at least one part or you'll be stuck taking turns forever!

After the pneuma is cleared by the birds, get your crew to take care of the arms, head and the robot minions attacking you. Then take down the gateways that sometimes take turns spinning like a wheel of fortune so try to attack the pneuma in one of the windows that tries to protect it and it's all over.

If you earned nine medals and Diana reached its highest motivation, try to position yourself and call her to where the head and the spinning wheel where the pneuma is and use the coupling move. Don't forget to take out the head and arms to make the spinning fortune go your way.

Save Point

Congratulations! You've got five people in your team so far. On the next episode, you have to deal with Subaru and Gemini on the 6th episode. Don't expect it to be easy at this point but only in battle.