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Gemini the Twin

Sakura Wars 5 character Gemini Sunrise 3.jpg

You met her from day one when you try to find the apartment your staying. Before that, the same type of girl helped you and your crew on a few occasions. If you're anticipating the moment, there's certainly things for you to do.

Samurai Showdown[edit]

After working at the theatre, there's a robbery and masked woman is about to hurt the man. So you step in to stop the attack. Follow the minigame and choose the right answers. After all, you want to motivate her as high as you can.

If there's a goofy moment, you talk to Mr Sunnyside about the encounter. If you choose "Is it me?", you might wonder if Ratchet's checking your body! Or if you choose "Is it Ratchet?", you might get a funny response when you thought that Mr Sunnyside has been looking at her whole attractive body!

To keep it short, at night, your tasked to find out more of the masked girl you encountered the first time. There will be points to look out for. Gemini will be at your house crying when you reach your home and this automatically happens. Also before you head in the theatre, the masked woman is trying to escape from the authorities. The rest is up to you but you have limited choices in exploration so make the best of it before you report to Mr Sunnyside who gave you the task.

Well, if you can't resist being Peppermint, meet Subaru in Midtown and you'll have fun, dressed as a girl once more. Like Cheiron and Rosita, just go to all locations of this area once except for Subaru's hotel.

Save Point

Masked woman revealed (sort of)[edit]

Your friends goes to 5th Avenue to pick up the items that Cherry ordered. But out of nowhere, a giant robot terrorises the town and the masked girl came in to save the day but at the same time, Gemini disappears but there's more to it that meets the eye. After Rosita shoots her, it looks just like Gemini!

At the start, once Diana asked how you know that mark, unless you want to get knocked down by all the girls (until Gemini comes in), choose "I saw them myself" and everyone calls you a pervert! Unless you love Gemini and Ratchet, don't let this dialogue tempt you too much.

Gemini's sister?[edit]

After the incident, you and your friends decided to go to Gemini's house to make up for the heartache. It turn's out her sister is the masked woman that's her twin but is that true? After the meeting, Subaru pointed out there's two toothbrushes but one is brand new. But there's a deception to the story. Even worse the japanese character word left on the wall that Mifune left for Gemini is kanji. Which means butt!

You'll meet Geminine at the Battery Park after hearing the horse, Larry left. She'll tell you to look after Gemini as she has a lot of respect for you. You'll come home to wait for Gemini to come home.

Well, if you told Gemini that the character means butt, she'll scorn you for telling the truth, thinking you're just making fun of her! That would leave the option open after the spa incident, mentioning "Remember what the scroll said", bouncing back the negative response you have earlier.

Save Point

Spa full of errors[edit]

If you been staying at her house, you'll be going to the park with Gemini to practice kendo. Afterwards, she mentions that Mifune has a technique which calms her down by putting her hands on her boobs and rubbing it! That may sound silly but it pays off at the end. Makes sense doesn't it? Well if you choose "Can I try it?" and "Rub Gemini's chest", she'll slap you for being a pervert!

Well, there's a sidequest for Diana which is simple, building a dollhouse. Well to put it simply, instead of visiting location once, do it twice. But when Diana's tired, take her to your apartment to continue on it until she decides to return to her apartment with your help.

In the theatre after 10:30am, there's a few moments of fun. You can help Cheiron and Rosita clean the auditorium, go up and have Subaru and Diana accuse you of spying on them! Well you have to leave the dialogue until the timer runs out. The most funniest is in Ratchet's office, if you choose "Let's read it", the alarm goes off and Ratchet has to tell Cherri and Anri that it's a false alarm. The other which is at the Combat Revue, by clicking the red button, Cherri and Anri accuse you of having brain disease, Rosita thinks your a hero and Cheiron remarks "Is this a theatre or a kindagarten class?"

This can be crazy if not done right. If you arrive late, you'll end up giving Gemini a face cloth which might hurt your pride! To play it safe, get the body towel from the Backstage, the Steamputer area or where Subaru and Diana is. Apparently if you did give the body towel to Gemini, you're about to give her a message when she's surprised to see you stand in front of her half naked! So you try to leave or cover your eyes but comes another shock. You caught her while she pulls her pants up with the Five Ring Mark on her butt!

Even worse you see the negative flash and Geminine knocks you out for being such a pervert! Apparently Gemini with the mark near her butt finally gets a chance to be part of the STAR Division team but Sunnyside has a nasty surprise which puts you in desperation. Flattery as it sounds, if you choose after the incident "You've got a cute butt", Gemini is not going to take that compliment lightly! For the record, she does as she is so cute to look at.

Punish the offence, pity the offender[edit]

It turn's out that Gemini has a split personality! So you take her to the park for a chat but things get out of hand quickly. Geminine has enough and has rushed back to the theatre. But things go worse from there. She saw the enemy in the conference and you have to go after her. It's hard not to spoil but eventually at the bridge, she finally accepts that revenge is not always the answer.

Save Point

Star Division team rescue[edit]

This is probably the toughest ground battle you ever face but really, you should save your teammates from electrocution but there are buttons you need to step on. If you step on a bomb, health lost but if you step on a electrocution button, the power weakens and gives you time to reach your teammate. Don't waste your time taking down robot minions unless you're truly overwhelmed. Perhaps, joint attacks is what you need to use the most for this battle.

Start by saving Rosita since she's the weakest of the group while Gemini saves Subaru. On Shinjiro's turn, go on the right and press any buttons on the right side. When you found one, the camera will show you where you go to transfer to another area. Go to that area and free Rosita. Do the same with Gemini as the buttons can sometimes randomise by either the far side or close to where the person is captured. Pay attention to where you are.

Apparently, the person summons Garan and attacks Gemini. Choose "Put your hands on your boobs". Why? After kendo practice with Gemini much earlier, she mentions the technique Mifune that suppose to calm her nerves down and find tranquility.

After that, you can choose "It's showtime" or "Strike a Pose". You can choose "Strike a Pose" but you don't have time for this! You can't relax while Garan is still in the air!

Special tip: The easiest way to do it is to use "Tai" strategem. It should help delay it for a little longer since nearly all girls have strong defense. Also the best way to tell whether you can free a person is the color of the electrocution. The default is red but once you found the button, it will turn blue. Last of all, press 2 on the Wii Remote to figure out how close to "Area Move" you can get to. Remember it well and it will lead you to victory!

Coupling tip: Call and protect Gemini as usual and be positive when you're really close to her after a turn.

Boss flashback[edit]

You'll remember this from your first flying battle, Garan. So take down the backpack first. Also take down the propellors at the bottom with many other offensive weapons. The only different is the dark pneuma is at the bottom where the propellors is.

If you earned nine medals and get Gemini's motivation to its max, position yourself between the tanks, propellors and where the dark pneuma is and use the coupling attack. Make sure you take down the propellors or you'll get tired of flying down each time. The rest should be straight forward. Clear the top area and go down the bottom to where the propellor is and don't forget to protect Rosita as she might be easily out of the group if you're not careful with your approach.

You now have a complete team and it's finally over for now. Make sure you turn the Strategem to Gi or you might get unlucky with your foe!

Coupling tips: If Gemini's motivation isn't high enough, help me, protect and stall until the coupling is ready.

Save Point