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The Slumbering Lamb

Well it's Christmas and the villain has stop trying to bring chaos to New York. But what happens next comes up soon. You'll have a chance before the Central Park performance to choose which girl you want to date with.

Note: The girl you love the most will be the first to ask you about your promotion. All but Ratchet will discuss what you're doing in your training. For the first part, Gemini, Cheiron, Subaru, Rosita and Diana will ask about the task your given.

In the backstage theatre area, you have to be mindful on who you really fall in love with. Gemini, Cheiron and Subaru will be below about 25% mark on the scroll lips, 75% for Rosita and Diana, and if you decide to let the timer ends, Ratchet will be your likely date. By the way, the reference of Peppermint is at the lowest with a scorn response from Ratchet! But by Christmas, that part would be reconciled.

Save Point

Before you Date[edit]

After the meeting at Central Park, you have to be mindful about everyone's preferences. After going free time with Gemini, go to 5th Avenue again to pick up a key chain which is useful for everyone but Rosita. The lucky cat statue works for everyone and Ham from Maggie's Groceries is for Rosita.

As long as you're not tempted into dating more than one girl, the girl who loves you the most is the person you should be dating with. For example, if you been positive to Rosita more than anyone else, she'll be extremely happy if you decide to play with her tomorrow.

Last of all, you get a chance to spend free time with Gemini. Go to Midtown and visit all locations but Central Park and end with 5th Avenue. It should be easy. No sweat!

Save Point

The Dating Game[edit]

It's up to you to choose which girl you want to date. Be mindful if you're a love troublemaker, dating all six girls is not really a good idea! If you date a girl with the highest trust, you'll start out early and the status of anyone but your lover might not be affected. But if you already set up the date of all girls, you have to choose one girl while the others lose faith in you. Also if you chose not to date any girls, the girl with the highest trust will automatically be chosen for you and will start out late. To keep it short here's the scenarios:

  • Gemini and you have to help Carlos with the puppet show. You'll find her outside her apartment in The Village.
  • Cheiron will take you to Central Park to learn how to ice-skate. You'll find her in her Law Firm office in Harlem.
  • Rosita will take you to the Toy Store. You'll find her at the Warehouse at the Bay Area.
  • Diana will take you to the Bronx Zoo to play with the animals. You'll find her in her apartment in Midtown.
  • Subaru will spend the time with you while watching TV in her apartment. You'll find her in the Gold Hotel in Midtown.
  • Ratchet will help you get better as the rest of your crew heard the news. You'll find Ratchet in Cafe Samba in The Village.

To know how to keep your date happy, check the links to learn how to do it.

You have plenty of save slots. This might be a good chance to experiment how you meant to go through with your date. Don't be afraid to try it out as it will save you the heartache of going through the motion over again.

Special note: You can't date Ratchet if you give her a faulty massage at her office. But you can if you visit her in other locations or give her a good massage.

Note on girls: The girl you choose will give you a gift and pre-determine's the one whom you've fallen in love with depending on how highly motivated the girl is. Also could be your likely choice when it comes to the ending.

Save Point

The last of Ranmaru[edit]

It's worth noting the troublemaker Ranmaru is the reason for its horrific chaos that got your group in both dramatic and comedic fashion. Anyway, you need to take down all chains and stay away from the center filled with lava! Fortunately Garan you faced at the Statue Librety is under repair. Try to play safe and keep your allies alive to survive this.

Split up into two groups. Shinjiro and the strongest girl in the group go on the one side while the rest go the other side after taking the first chain out. Then both teams continue in their directions, avioding the lave pit, taking out cannons, chains and robot generators. Protect the weakest, defend and keep healing and better use the "Tai" strategy after you and the strongest girl do the coupling attack on the first chain.

You'll meet Oda Nobunaga and tried the Five Ring Mandala but something's wrong? Your girls escaped, Ranmaru attacks you once more before Oda's arrow strucks her which marks the end of her conquest in creating chaos of New York. Unfortunately, another arrow hits you but is this the end? Not by a long shot.

Save Point

Life or death?[edit]

To cut it down short, you told Mr Sunnyside about your plan that you'll be the sacrifice. After a sleeping for a week, you have free time to go around and motivate all the girls and get them back to their high spirits. When you meet Mr Sunnyside the next day, things go horribly wrong as you realised the girls know of their sacrifice of what you told him back at the hospital with a punched in his face! You have to convince the girl who wants to be sacrificed to rethink her views as you'll always determined to keep them alive.

Be mindful the girl you choose will be the person you see at the end showing the cinematic of the girl you suck up to at various points. If you have any issues left to deal with, check the links above to find out how to keep all the girls spirits up.

Warning: You can choose only between the three girls with the highest points. Any girls who close their eyes is unavailable to be part of the finale. Whomever which girl you like, the three other girls that's been given more negative or neglected responses will be excluded. My only recommendation is to do your best to balance out the responses for the other girls except for the one you like the most before you reach this moment.

Its highly recommended the girl with the highest overall motivation is the person to choose. Choose any other girl that you haven't dated before might not work too well so stick to the girl you love as it will pay off very well when you reach the ending and completes the photo album next time you check "Free and Easy Day in NY".

Oh yeah, before this battle, you can choose "It's showtime", making Mr Sunnyside feel unhappy as he's getting fewer lines!

Save Point

Saving the city[edit]

You'll face the same scenario in Gemini's story in reverse. Instead of saving the crew, you have to take down the generators. Be mindful of robot minions carrying bombs so take care of them or the barrier will break down and easily end the mission.

The best way to do this is by following this instruction: Move to the far end and call on Diana to that end. Then go back and warp on the near left side of the area and use the supermove to take down the generator. Subaru should go to the near right and take down the next generator. Gemini should move to the far right to take down the next generator and Diana should go to the far left to take down the final generator. Saves a lot of time doesn't it?

Save Point

Note on Supernova: The girl who's highly motivated the most will need to do the coupling in either "The Last of Ranmaru" and this scenario. Failing to do so will easily sour all your hard work. The exception is with Ratchet's ending.

It's perhaps also worth mentioning that it would be harder if you stood up all the girls making your job harder in both battles so stick to the defensive strategem should it happen.

As for medals, better do the coupling in both areas to max out, making you the ultimate sword fighting machine! It's critical that you do that if you made it up to this point with the following people doing coupling in each episode: Cheiron, Rosita, Diana, Subaru, Gemini, girl of your choice for the rest.