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If you been using cheats but don't know the girls in the pictures that your buying from Kayama in Romando, here's the place to find out who these people were as well as the people that you met at the beginning.

Sakura Shinguji[edit]

As the daughter of Kazuma, the hero of the last demon war and heir to the spiritual power of the Shinguji family, she was summoned to Tokyo by General Yoneda sometime after the formation of the Hanagumi. Struggling to adapt to life in the metropolis after arriving from rural Sendai, she is further troubled by trying to integrate with the already established members of the Flower Division.

Often seen as either clumsy or a country bumpkin by many of the other members when she first arrives, she steadily increases in skill and confidence to become one of the strongest of the group. Other than her open and friendly personality, the main benefits she brings to the group are the Shinguji family's hereditary power to defeat evil.

In connection with this game, she only appears as a cameo although her voice has been carried over from "Sakura Wars: The Movie" than the TV episodes.

Ichiro Ogami[edit]

He was chosen to head the Hanagumi when he proved himself capable during a test of a Kobu prototype at sea as a sailor. Kayama was with him during that time, but eventually Ogami was sent to work with the Hanagumi, as Kayama worked with the Tsukigumi. He temporarily assumed the role of Assistant Commander. Originally an ensign, he was later promoted to lieutenant junior grade.

Ogami was later given the Shintou-Mekkyaku, one of the four spiritual swords, by an injured Yoneda after he awoke from a coma. Later he and Sakura came to possess the Shinken-Shirahadori and Koutou-Mukei spiritual swords to carry out the Ni-ken Ni-tou no Gi. One interesting note about Ogami is that though he is the primary protagonist of the Sakura Wars games, he plays a minor role in the anime and manga adaptions.

Like Sakura, he plays a minor role although appears more slightly because he gives Shinjiro, his nephew, his mirror wrapped up and use it as a last resort. Last of all worth mentioning that he's friends with Kayama and presumes he's taken over the Flower Division as the main commander now.

Sumire Kanzake[edit]

An established actress of great talent and self-professed star of the Hanagumi, Sumire is arrogant and selfish, perhaps because she was raised as a spoiled brat, with her father and grandfather being good-hearted yet very workaholic.

Despite her attitude, she is skilled pilot and highly capable of wielding a naginata, and can sometimes be rather wise. She is a daughter born into the elite Kanzaki industrial clan, whose factory produced the Kobu.

Maria Tachibana[edit]

A veteran of the Russian Revolution, Maria is the only member of the Hanagumi with prior experience of military tactics and warfare. This experience was why she was chosen to be the original leader of the group. However, though her struggles in Russia had left her an expert marksman and skilled tactician, she also became coldly logical and unwilling to interact with others on an emotional level, which led to being labeled "Kazuar" (meaning "cassowary" in Russian).

After a series of setbacks, it was decided that Ichiro Ogami should replace her as leader, with Maria remaining as his second. After an initial period of friction between the pair when Ogami arrives, Maria's attitude began to turn slightly, though she still remains the most coldly emotional of the group.

Iris Chateaubriand[edit]

Born into an aristocratic family somewhere in France, Iris typically wears a green gown with white apron and pink ribbon on her hair and carries her teddy bear Jean Paul around with her. Her kobu is in yellow colour. The youngest member of the Hanagumi, Iris does not use a weapon like her teammates but she has psionic Energy Amplifying powers.

She can heal her teammates with her Marionette ability. Because of this, she is the core of the Haja no Jin spiritual barricade formation. She is also capable of teleportation. Her parents apparently kept her locked in her room for a long time, scared by her psychic abilities, until Ayame came up to them and offered to take Iris to Japan.

Li Kohran[edit]

Cheerful, and good humoured, Kohran is mechanically inclined and loves to work with the koubu. She works as the stage manager of the Hanagumi. A running joke in the series is that Kohran's inventions are rather accident-prone, often backfiring or blowing up in her face.

She sometimes uses Ogami to test her inventions, with predictably hilarious results. Despite her cheerful attitude, she also has a serious side regarding her past; a bandit raid killed her parents and was said to be the only survivor during the village fire. She idolizes the creator of the kobu, Shinnosuke Yamazaki who turns out to be the foe who pushes the kobu to be the fighting machine against the demon because of the conflict of Commander Yamada and Ayame.

Kana Kirishima[edit]

Always hungry and tomboyish, the fairly easy going Kanna serves as the group's raw muscle. Kanna is the master of a martial arts style that allows her to easily kill a bull with her bare hands. She sometimes gets into an argument with Sumire over their differences in attitude.

Orihime Soletta[edit]

An extremely beautiful Italian-Japanese girl, Orihime was at first cordial to all of her fellow teammates except for Ogami. The reason she holds a grudge against Ogami is because her Japanese father, Seiya Ogata, abandoned her; after that, she despised all Japanese men, thinking them unreliable. However, Ogami managed to eventually reunite her with Ogata, with whom she made peace, and Orihime and Ogami become close friends.

Reni Milchstrabe[edit]

As a young child in Germany, Reni was part of a program that created high spirit power children called "wunderkind" (translated from German as "Miracle Child"). Because of that project, Reni is so distant and tomboyish that everyone initially thought she was a boy.

With Ogami and everyone elses support however, she becomes more open and gets along well with Iris. Mentioned in the ADV Sakura Wars TV pamphlet Reni has great battlefield tactic knowledge and is a gifted ballerina.

The Wind Division that co-incides the group is the Wind Division which consists of Kasumi Fuji, Yuri Sakibara and Tsubaki Takabura.

On a side note, she's called "Leni" in "Sakura Wars: The Movie".

Kayama Yuichi[edit]

Graduating from the same naval academy as Ichiro Ogami at the same time, Kayama was intended as the original replacement for Maria as leader of the Hanagumi. However, after it was found that his above average spiritual power was still not enough to power a Kobu, General Yoneda found a different use for him. Given command of the Tsukigumi, or "Moon Division" (the reconnaissance and intelligence unit for the Hanagumi).

Kayama's role is to carry out any and all covert missions for the general. As part of his duties he is often seen in disguise, whilst discreetly passing on information to Yoneda. He has some limited psychic abilities, including being able to induce hallucinations in others, according to the anime.

In this game, he pretty much acts like goofball around you and the girls currently in New York. If your using cheats to unlock pictures, he's pretty much the person to look for who runs his japanese antique store as Romando. He also takes you to the museum to see the sword which will play a major role in "Episode 7". Even though he's a friend of Ichiro, it's presumed that Tokyo and Paris has returned back to normal and now is assigned to help protect New York through his shop, remain undetected.

Erica Fontaine[edit]

A sixteen-year old nun in training, and a cabaret dancer for Chattes Noires at night. A devout Christian, who genuinely wants to help people in need, however, because of her clumsy nature, those who receive her help often ends up with more trouble. She sometimes mistakes her dreams and imagination as reality, and acts on it, creating havoc.

She has a great interest in Japan and its culture, although her knowledge is often anachronistic, or wrong. She asks Ogami about Japan many times in the game. Her favorite food is pudding. Her hobbies are: bible reading, prayer, helping people, and machine gun shooting. She carries two cross-shaped machine guns named "Raphael" and "Gabriel", concealed inside her skirt.

Glycine Bleumer[edit]

The daughter and sole heir of the Bleumer family, a great noble of Normandy decent. Her personality is aggressive, due to her Viking blood. She is preoccupied as to how a noble should act and contribute to society. She is also extremely proud with talent to back it up, and does not hesitate to hard work to gain such talent. A very responsible and reliable member of the Hanagumi. She is a good friend to Kitaoji Hanabi, who lives in the Bleumer family palace.

Because of her pride as the protector of Paris, both as a noble and a member of the Hanagumi; she, at first, does not think that a foreigner such as Ogami could protect Paris. However, as she sees the genuine nature in Ogami, she starts to respect Ogami as the captain of the Hanagumi.

Lobelia Carlini[edit]

A thief, who was sentenced to one thousand years of confinement for her numerous crimes. Because eighty percent of the criminal incident in Paris was her doing, she was called the greatest villain in Paris. She has a tendency to use any means to achieve her goal: she used her spiritual powers to commit her crimes, and burned a famous painting when the enemy tried to use it as a bargaining chip. Born between a Romanian father and an Italian mother.

When the Paris Hanagumi members are being led into the prison, where she was detained, to recruit her, she takes Erica as hostage. However, because of Erica's comical yet sincere approach, she was confused and captured off guard. Even though Erica was taken hostage by her, Erica manages to heal her wounds, much to her surprise.

The only anti-hero throughout the three Hanagumi, she joins the Paris Hanagumi under the condition that her sentence would be reduced and a huge reward would be given with each dispatch (on the other hand, if she refuses to join, Grand Mere has the right to do as she pleases, even to kill her).

Hanabi Kitoaji[edit]

A very quiet and shy girl who came to Paris for her studies. Because the House of Kitaoji and the House of Bleumer are old acquaintances, the Bleumer family took care of her after her father Baron Kitaoji Masamichi left Paris. She has been good friends with Glycine since boarding school.

Because she has lived most of her life in France, she has a strong interest in Japan. She is well versed in Japanese manners and arts, however, her knowledge, although accurate, is mostly based on purely formal traditional manners gathered from books. Because of this, in comparison with the Teito Hanagumi members, she is the closest to the typical image of the traditional Japanese woman (reserved, refined, and obedient to men). She dances at Chattes Noires as "Tatamisée Jeune" (roughly meaning a traditional "Japanese girl" in French).

She has aquaphobia, because of the trauma of losing her fiancé Philippe de Malebranche, in a ship wreck, on her wedding day. She wears a black dress as a mourning dress. She frequently visits Philippe's grave.


A Vietnam Orphan who was raised up as a young magician in a circus. She works and lives with a circus named "Circus De Europe". She was always seen collecting leftovers in the town market and treating the circus animals as her friends. Even though she was treated badly by the ringmaster and always seen smiling all the time, yet she is actually trying to hide her sad feelings of loneness.

Soon, a new performer named Karuchera joins in the circus. She heard her stories of her losing her daughter, assuming that both are in the same boat, she decides to call her "Mama". The truth is that Karuchera is actually Python in her human form. Luckily, Ogami and Erica reveals her true identity and she manage to chase her away when Python taken her as hostage. As she used up all her powers and brought back to Chattes Noires, Grand Mere intends to take her as a member of the Hanagumi but Ogami tells Grand Mere to let her decide since she has a sorrowful background, not knowing that she was already awake.