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Gemini Sunrise

Sakura Wars 5 character Gemini Sunrise 3.jpg

Gemini Sunrise is 16 years old and is born in Texas. She came here to find a new life in New York. She's described as having red hair, blue eyes and a fun girl who comes pretty close to Shinjiro Taiga. She daydreams, can be clumsy and kind of a trouble maker because of her love of the samurai. However, despite her sunny appearance, she has a split personality with Geminine, her alter ego who's intent in avenging her master Mifune.

Geminine has been encountered in Wall Street when you first came in, after the trial between Shingiro and Cheiron, during the invasion of Central Park with Diana before revealing her true intentions in Episode 6 "Gemini the Twin". Lastly her only friend is her horse Larry which apparently was only used when alter ego Geminine is in charge whilst Gemini is sleeping in her mind.

In Japan, her horse's name is Parry. In keeping with the west, the reason it's changed goes down to pronunciation and how the west see it's in order to keep it from being too unfamiliar for people new to the genre. Also it's worth mentioned in connection to this game is called "Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0 - Kouya no Samurai Musume" or translated in English "Samurai Wars 5: The Samurai Girl From the West" only on Playstation 2. You'll bound to see parts that been added to help get to know her better. But you have to play in Japan, if you only know japanese.

Battle Strength She's the same as Shinjiro minus the healing range. Keep healing and defence up and get him to protect you from harm.

Gemini Ending This is easily accessible if you choose to be with her. Starting at the beginning with the masked woman to the end can vary except the spa scene in "Episode 6". Also when dating, the last part with the puppets, you need to move up about 75% to kiss her to round it off.

Requirements for Gemini Sunrise's Ending[edit]

There's a few major spots on certain episodes you need to follow.

  • Episode 1: At the start on your first tour of the city, Gemini will tag along with you until it's time to go to the rooftop of the theatre. After cleaning the rooftop, help her clean the hallway and help give handouts to the following areas that you need to go to. Before the battle, help get the place up and running to boost her even more.
  • Episode 2: After meeting three places, go to Gemini's apartment and accept her help in finding Larry. After the incident, in preparing for the trial, talk to Gemini in either her apartment or yours. Don't forget to go to the backstage to increase her motivation for you.
  • Episode 7: If she's now your girl, go to her place and accept her date. Also do free time mode with her in Midtown and be positive with her on Diana's apartment, Subaru's Suite and 5th Avenue. Don't forget to get her a key chain or a cat statue. Lastly, choose Gemini for the ending before Episode 8.