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If you're expecting the traditional level up your character game, you've gone to the wrong guide. This is following a total of eight episodes on how the New York girls get along with you depending on your decision. Here's what you need to know:

  • Choose what lines to use carefully. One line of dialogue may make a person happy but a bad line on the same thing can be bad with your reputation.
  • Minigames with the use of the analogue sticks (and a d-pad on the Wii) needed to succeed to win a girls heart or to help progress through the story.
  • You'll be battling in robot suits in a turn based strategy game. Be smart with your actions and try to keep your crew alive to the end.

There's more to it that meets the eye[edit]

Unlike other RPG games, you have to connect with the girls to enable you to have success on the battlefield. Whenever you encounter dialogue from either people who's part of STAR division or has a passive role in it, by the end of the adventure, the points will tally up and be used in battle when it comes to strength and defense. Check the Conditions at the end of each save point to find out how motivated the girls were. For joint attacks, check the friendship rating to see how close you were to those people as well as how close the girls were when they combine attacks with each other. So remember to walk a fine line before your team heads into battle.

Moving and attacking[edit]

If this is your first time, here are some pointers. Even though your movement is not restricted, you have limited move set because of the blue bar so you have to use them wisely. Normal attack takes up to a max of five moves whilst joint and supermoves takes up one. Also healing takes up one. If you have spare moves, use defense or strengthen up your special move.

For the joint attack, you need to be at the right distance to be able to group up one or more foes attacking your team. If by chance, a third person can be involved as well. Use joint attacks in the air as if the enemies are in line.

Last of all, flying is the same as ground attack. Just remember to use your moves wisely and spare it mostly for defense.