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For new comers playing the game for the first time, it's perhaps best to learn the basics. As you go through the walkthrough, you'll encounter hilarious moments right down to a dramatic finish in the end.

Talking dialogue[edit]

There are three types, multiple question time limit, up/down level answer and a long time limit dialogue. This simplist explanation goes down to either pleasing someone or be a bad apple. Also it plays to how you collaborate with your female teammates. For example, in episode two, if you manage to reinvigorate Cheiron by opening up her heart, she'll be more powerful and forthcoming to be your perfect fighting partner. Or if you like Gemini, try spending time with her and try not to say bad things and she'll be highly motivated.

Using the camera and the minigames[edit]

To start off, taking pictures should be easy. Adjust the direction, zoom and focus to get the perfect shot. It's on the easy side so it won't be too much trouble. With the minigames, whether your using the analog sticks on the PS2 or the combination of control stick and d-pad on the Wii, you have to follow the prompts as fast as you can. Failing to do so can be hilariously awful but you'll still be given a chance to try again. Well that's if you're playing this game again if you scared of making a mistake the first time.

Using the STARS, on the ground and in the air[edit]

At the end of each episode apart from "Episode 8", you have to battle robots and a boss near the end. To start off, even though your movements is not restricted, you have to be mindful of your defence, the distance you go through, the number of moves you make, the supermove and the joint attack. Mastering all of them in the right way while keep your crew alive is key to the battle. Perhaps what's forgiving is that even if one of your crew is out on the first half of the battle, she'll come back for the second half, depending on the circumstances. Last of all make sure you pick the right targets as the battle to win becomes easier if you can cut down on numbers.

Fighting in the air is the same thing though slightly harder. It's pretty much like Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars in the west) but using the same tactics as the ground battle. Remember to use your crew effectively and it would work.

Now it wouldn't be complete without dealing with a boss. Perhaps to start off is to take down any offensive weapons the boss has or go from one side to the other. Even go from top to bottom. Also take out any robot minions attacking your crew or it would be over for one of them. When that's done, it's the best time to take out its major weak point, the pneuma which gives mainly offensive powers to the boss. On the ground in the later stage, you'll have to use defense more frequently so be mindful of that.

Last of all, you can choose to defend one of your teammates and heal people close to you as often as possible. It's key to effective teamwork when facing offensive opponents on the battlefield. Plus, use the help me feature if any of your crew is too far away and you need it for an important joint attack. The most important is if Shinjiro dies, the game's over but you get a chance to do a rematch so don't be disheartened because you'll succeed in figuring out how to deal with a number of foes attacking you and your crew.

Perhaps the most ultimate supermove is coupling. It's absolutely essential in Adventure Mode to really stay positive to the girl you choose. Also in battle to protect the strongest girl and call her for help to push her motivation to the highest level in order to make it work. The exception is in "Episode 8" with the dark mirrors of Shinjiro and his crew if you chose Ratchet as your girl.

The most helpful clue is that in every episode up to "Episode 6" the girls have their own story. Cheiron is Episode 2, Rosita is Episode 3, Diana is Episode 4, Subaru is Episode 5 and Gemini is Episode 6. On Episodes 7 and 8, it's your job importantly to get everyone's motivation up for the coupling move to work. So choose your date and someone whom you fallen in love with until the end of the Story Mode.