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Ratchet Altair

Sakura Wars 5 character Ratchet Altair.jpg

Previously named "Latchett" in "Sakura Wars: The Movie" she's perhaps the only person who's able to get the group together up and running. She's twenty-one years old and described having very long yellow hair and dark blue eyes. Not to be confused with Diana, she perviously wears a long down striped, blue and white dress that you see her in the movie. In this game, she wears her trademark big ear rings, more specifically a shape of a big circle and a strong blue suit dress.

She's born in Washington, DC. Without her, Shinjiro wouldn't be given a chance to lead the battle to the team and winning. Even though she plays almost a minor role in all the episodes, she's a no nonsense businesswoman. Her backstory is at first she thought she can do it alone but with Sakura and Ichiro by her side, it helps make her a better person. Also, she used to be the Captain of the European Division alongside Subaru, Leni and Orihime.

Ratchet's Ending This is supposed to be the secret ending which only works if you follow the requirements down below. Even though she doesn't participate in battles between the beginning and the ending, there's certainly additional missions, provided you know how to keep her happy until the finale. Also at the finale, you get to control her without the joint attack and supermoves but in exchange, you get the coupling which only works after Ratchet leaves you before your team face their darkest fears.

Requirements for Ratchet Altair's Ending[edit]

Perhaps the only negative is you can't check her conditions. These requirements can come across as complex and tricky so pay attention to your choices. Note that Ratchet's ending can only be unlocked after you have beaten the game once and started a fresh playthrough.

  • Episode 1: Near the end, choose "I'll surpass all expectations" then later on in the chambers where the STAR is launched, choose "I'll show everyone my samurai spirit". In the battle after you save her, choose "I've done nothing wrong".
  • Episode 2: After your errands, at 8:30pm, go to Ratchet's office and accept to go with her to Harlem. Before the trial, go to the Theatre Rooftop Garden or 5th Avenue in Midtown and get her to testify on your behalf.
  • Episode 3: Before Rosita's second battle, since you're in the theatre, go up to NY Combat Revue at the rooftop and follow the prompts while helping Ratchet: Choose "Talk to the suspect", "Do a hip toss" and "Get down".
  • Episode 4: Before Diana's battle, go to the Library and help Ratchet to her apartment (if she has high trust for you). On the stick lips, go between poor and perfect to continue getting increased trust.
  • Episode 5: On the first half, follow in this order. Go to the Bay Area after saving Diana to Rosita's house. Choose "I've sacrificed for you". Also go to Mercury Club and choose "I'm looking for Subaru" or "I'm looking for you" presuming she has high trust in you. Before Subaru's battle, while you're dressed as Peppermint, go to 5th Avenue to meet her. On the analog lips, move your stick up to blow your temper and your wig off! It would have been mighty bad but she'll forgive you highly.
  • Episode 6: Go to the library during your investigation and if Ratchet has high trust in you, choose "What do you think of me?". After training with Gemini, go to 5th Avenue and you go to the question of baby accessories! You can choose "Who's it for?" or for a funny response "Are you pregnant?". As if she's having a baby! After 10:30 assuming you're in the Theatre, go to her office and choose "You better not read it".
  • Episode 7: Before the savepoint, let the timed analog LIPS slide and Ratchet will have a high response for you. If she's your girl, you better get this right. Meet her in her office. Get perfect in her massage and accept her as your date. In the hot spring, clean your body, then head, then LEAVE the bathroom. If you brush your teeth, she'll be upset. Go to hot spring again to get a positive response once more. Get the key chain or a cat statue. Near the end, choose her to get the ending you've been waiting for.