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Rosita Aries (Rikaritta in the Japanese version)

Sakura Wars 5 character Rosita Aries.jpg

Rosita Aries is the youngest, hungriest and the most energetic in the group. She's eleven years old and born in Mexico. Her trademark weapons is the gold and silver revolvers. She has brown hair in big pigtails and wears her trademark Mexican frock which is a bit like a cloak. She has a pet, a weasel named Niccolo. Despite her minor appearances on "Episode 2", she can be quite fun but also kind of silly when it comes to things she has never heard of before.

However, despite her youthfulness, she's afraid of making mistakes after her father died and working as a team after spending so much on stage. On "Episode 3", she learns to no longer abandon her friends in dire needs and becomes good friends with all of them. Also she's the most troublemaker of the group like taking pictures of everyone and getting all of Kayama's stuff in his store. Also worth mentioning her normal name is "Rosarita".

Battle Strength Out of all your friends, because she has guns, she has the long range as well as wide range attack. Keep her at a distance and try to keep her alive as she could be the most vulnerable as well.

Rosita's Ending She's not accessible until "Episode 3". Pleasing her should be easy and you should have no problem with her given that you make the right choices.

Requirements for Rosita's Ending[edit]

She is practically like Diana but slightly easier due to an episode head start before her.

  • Episode 3: After the theatre incident, Rosita will tag along with you until you get to her place which is the warehouse.
  • Episode 4: Go to the Bay Area and help Rosita save Niccolo from the mafia person in the purple suit. Idealy go to the Constuction Site first and get perfect on Stick lips, followed by Chinatown choosing "Fight fair chicken!" then Battery Park with another stick lips. If you mess around, she'll leave you before you know it.
  • Episode 7: If she's your girl, go to Rosita's place at the Warehouse in the Bay Area. Accept to play with her tomorrow. Don't forget the cat statue or ham from Maggie's Groceries. Near the end, choose her to complete the ending.