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Subaru Kujo

Sakura Wars 5 character Subaru Kujo.jpg

She's around the same age between Shinjiro and Gemini. About 18 years old at least. She's born in Kyoto, Japan. Her appearance is different to Sakura. She has a medium short haircut, wears a purple suit and does sometimes refer herself as a third person. Even though people aren't certain whether she's a girl or guy, she's really a smart cookie. Also she keeps things to herself until "Episode 5" when things finally unrivalled about her dark past.

She previously particapated in the European Division with Ratchet Altair about a few years earlier and despite her flawless nature, she does well to keep people around her happy and also knows how to keep herself out of trouble the most. Perhaps if you do get on her bad side, she'll scare you to death with her very scary look. Best to describe is having one side covering her face while her look is like she's going to explode.

Battle Strength She has probably the widest range attack than anyone else. So if any enemy or vulnerable part is nearby, they'll be hit as well. Worth trying to motivate her to make her a perfect ally for you. Also perhaps she's the only one who's able to move her STAR like the wind when you move her. It may look kind of blurry but that's the intended effect when controlling her. She might be able to move through your teammates so use it to your advantage.

Subaru's Ending She's accessible at the start but can be wildly difficult in certain sections. Especially the scene in which you have to vs her in a sword fight minigame. On the dating game, when she's asleep while watching TV, embrace her and kiss her to mark it off.

Requirements for Subaru Kujo's Ending[edit]

  • Episode 2: After your errands at the theatre, meet Subaru at her suite. Take her to Mercury Club. After the incident, you get her to agree to a mock trial by either the Theatre Rooftop NY Combat Revue or Subaru's Suite.
  • Episode 6: During your investigation of the "masked woman" go to Midtown and Subaru will ask you to be Peppermint again as reference to Episode 5.
  • Episode 7: If Subaru's your girl, accept her as a date. You'll find her at Mercury Club in Harlem. Get her the key chain or a cat statue. Near the end of this episode if you succeed in keeping her happy, choose her for the ending.