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You'll experience for the first time how you interact with your girls and to progress through the story depending truly through your actions.

Girl of your dreams[edit]

Unlocking different girls endings is not easy. Referring to the next section, the most important is to balance it out for that girl. For example, to have Rosita's ending, you may have to be negative to certain girls to retain that position. Diana's can be tougher because it's not easy to bring her to the top that easily. So for this reason as you go through the whole game with the girl in mind, it's best to check the conditions at each save point.

What to say[edit]

People usually expects you to give a positive response. You'll encounter a multiple of times to choose what to say, with and without a time limit. Keep in mind when it comes to the girls, whatever you say can affect their performance when they reach the battlefield. Not only that you might also heighten or soften your response by moving the left stick or analog stick on the Wii to move the bar up or down.

What to do[edit]

If your expecting a difficult button layout, think not. It's just arrows on two sides and you have to correspond by either pressing the direction or move in a circular direction. Practice makes perfect.

Where to go[edit]

You will have to go places if you have something important to do. For example, you have to gather evidence from around the area to help Cheiron Archer get to her senses during a mock trial. So try not to miss an opportunity or it will be wasted. Because each place you visit takes five minutes of your time, you have to make the best of it. But if by chance you have unlimited time shown on the top left with radio speaker icon, you get the chance to see what to do around here.

Battle of the robots[edit]

At the end of certain chapters, you will have to help save New York from destruction by taking out robots and destroying the main boss. Learn to heal, join attacks and even use your superpower moves. Get careless and one or all teammates might die and it's game over for you.

Boss Fight[edit]

This wouldn't be complete without a boss to deal with. Pay attention and take care of the offensive weapons and the minions before blowing down on its weakness. Like the robot fight, think a lot about going about if you want to keep your crew alive.

The Free and Easy Day in NY[edit]

To keep it short, this is the place to see what things you have unlocked. You can check out videos, pictures and even music! This is also the place for codes and trivial pursuit for the Peppermint photo! It will be a good reminder on how far you have gone in unlocking everything. If your under stress, this is where you relax but only on your second playthrough because your first is only in meeting Ratchet at her office... if you have the codes ready.

Secret to Supernova attack[edit]

Your special attack is extremely complex and tricky. Follow the instructions carefully:

  • Be positive and neutral to all the dialogue. Including Ratchet. One wrong note could leave you wasting your effort on this.
  • Visit all places that requires your positive input but make a plan that you can memorise to help you improve not just the strong girls but the weak as well.
  • Do couplings in all seven episodes based on the girl that plays the major lead. Don't forget to protect the weakest girl in the team.
  • Be positive to Cherry and Anri and remember to take pictures of places for Cherry's theme photo.
  • Use help me and protect to get the coupling attack or giving the weak a head start.
  • Best do it on your second or more playthroughs or the effort could be wasted.

If your having difficulty, try to avoid any places or parts that can be awkward to deal with. Most important is it can only be unlocked in "Episode 8" before the Ahab in Danger! if you follow the requirements.