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Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy
Box artwork for Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy.
Developer(s)Telltale Games
Publisher(s)Telltale Games
Distributor(s)GameTap, Xbox Live Arcade, Steam
Designer(s)Dave Grossman
Release date(s)
GameTap icon.png
Windows icon.png
Wii icon.png
Xbox 360 icon.png
Xbox 360
System(s)Windows, Xbox 360, Wii
ModesSingle player
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
OFLC: OFLC PG.svg Parental Guidance
PEGI: PEGI 12.png Ages 12+
Preceded bySam & Max Episode 101: Culture Shock
Followed bySam & Max Episode 103: The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball
SeriesSam & Max
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Same & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy returns you to the office of Sam & Max as they face off in a handgun duel. Fortunately the phone rings before anyone can get hurt, and the Commissioner informs them that a daytime talk show host, Myra Stump, has taken her entire studio audience hostage. It's up to you to help Sam and Max thwart the hostess' hostage situation.

You'll soon find, however, that in order to gain access to Myra's studio, you'll have come on as a guest star. Myra has strict requirements, so you'll have to have three accomplishments to prove your fame:

  1. A signed record contract.
  2. A reel from your hit television show.
  3. Proof of your latest scandal.

Getting Started[edit]

Sam & Max is a point-and-click adventure game, for multiple systems. You navigate around the game world by moving the cursor to a spot on the screen and selecting that spot. Around the world are "hotspots", with which the characters can interact. When the cursor is over a hotspot, it will become hilighted and its name will appear if known (names can be disabled in the options menu). You solve puzzles during the game by interacting in a (somewhat) logical way with the environment, talking with other characters and collecting items that are held in your inventory.

Windows Xbox 360 Wii Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Neutral lstick A button (Hold) Move to cursor
N/A N/A Double-click A button (Hold) Move more quickly to cursor
PC Mouse Left Click.png A button A button Interact, make selection
PC Mouse Right Click.png or Space B button B button Skip conversation
Click box Click box or X button Click box or Minus button Open inventory
Click gear or Esc Click gear or Start button Click gear or Plus button Menu

Bosco's Inconvenience[edit]

Before you get started over to the TV studio, check out Bosco's down the street to the right to see if you can pick up any new merchandise. After seeing his new getup and perhaps hearing about the new menace he's been dealing with, try to grab the last bottle of shaving cream on display by the front door. As soon as you do, you'll find that some belligerent skinbodies snatch right out from under you before peeling away in a diminutive sports car. Run down the street and hop in your DeSoto to follow them.

Stop the skinbodies
Sam & Max Season One screen skinbodies.jpg
  1. The skinbodies have to move away from your shots to dodge.
  2. By shooting to the left or right of them, you can move them in the opposite direction.
  3. Direct them into the pothole in the middle of the street.

When you've recovered the shaving cream, get right back into your car and head to the TV studio.


Inside the studio you'll find that your progress is blocked by the director. She's there to audition acting hopefuls to replace the leads in Midtown Cowboys. Since that will get you farther into the studio, ask her if you can audition.

Ace your audition
Sam & Max Season One screen audition.jpg
  1. Use the shaving cream on Sam when he has to act rabid.
  2. Use the Tear Gas Grenade Launcher on Max when he has to act sad.

Your wonderful performance won over the director, so you've been cast and can now pass through the blue door behind her.

Midtown Cowboys[edit]

The show is about two cattle ranchers trying to raise a herd of cattle in an apartment in Manhattan while trying to hide their profession from their anti-bovine landlord Mr. Featherly. Since the cow ate most of the script, you'll need to ad-lib a bit during the shoot, and produce some sight gags for the laugh track. If you mess up at any time, they'll redo the set and you can talk to the director again to try another take until you get it right.

Get the clip reel
Sam & Max Season One screen midtown cowboys.jpg
  1. Grab the lampshade and put it on the cow.
  2. When the landlord asks who your guest is, tell him it's your chef.
  3. Use the plate on the cowpie behind the cow.
  4. When the landlord asks what the cow said, tell him she said Moo Goo Gai Pan.

For doing such a great job on the show, the director will hand you a clip for your reel.

Cooking without Looking[edit]

You can access the set of the cooking show from the Midtown Cowboys set. All you need to do here is make a cake, and it doesn't matter what ingredients you put in. That's it. On the Wii version, you don't have to put a single ingredient in.

Embarrassing Idol[edit]

When you walk back out of the sitcom room the way you came in, you'll find that the empty studio has been converted into the set of a singing talent show. They're short on judges, so Max will be filling in for Peepers' old spot, since he's going to be a contestant instead. In order to win the competition, you'll need a unanimous decision from the judges, but in order to do so you'll need to change the other two Soda Poppers' minds. You'll need some additional help, so grab the inventory item on the set and head back through the sitcom room to the game show room.

Inventory items
  1. The lyric cards on the apple crate by Peepers.

Who's Never Going to be a Millionaire?[edit]

When you walk into the game show room for the first time, you'll go into an automatic conversation with Hugh Bliss, the magician turned motivational speaker.

Get a picture for the tabloids
Sam & Max Season One screen hugh bliss.jpg
  1. Get Hugh to do a magic trick, and choose green as the color he should change to.
  2. Ask Hugh to take a picture with you.

Once you're done talking with Hugh, you'll be able to go on the game show. Walk up to the podium on the left (the one with the score of zero on it) to start the game. After failing to answer the impossible question, you'll realize you're going to need some help to improve your odds.

Win a million dollars
Sam & Max Season One screen millionaire.jpg
  1. Replace the game show questions in the host's podium with Peepers' song lyrics.
  2. When Hugh asks if he's blue, say no unless he really is blue.

Since they don't have a million dollars in cash, you'll have to settle for food stamps.

Become a scandal and get a recording contract[edit]

For the next part, you'll need to head back to the office so you can talk to your friends on your street.

Cover of the tabloid
Sam & Max Season One screen times.jpg
  1. Give the photo of Sam, Max and a green Hugh Bliss to Sybil.
  2. Pick up a copy of the tabloid from the newsbox in front of Bosco's.

Now that you have proof of your celebrity scandal, you can work on winning Embarrassing Idol.

Get a recording contract
Sam & Max Season One screen contract.jpg
  1. Buy the voice modulator from Bosco with the one million foodstamps you won.
  2. Use the cake you baked on the condiments in Bosco's to ice it with ketchup.
  3. Give the ketchup-iced cake to Whizzer at the Embarrassing Idol studio.
  4. Use the voice modulator on Sam before using the microphone.

The recording contract should be the last element you need to prove your celebrity status to Myra and be guest on her show. Head over to the game show room and knock on the pink door to talk to her.


You'll first need to talk with Myra at the door and convince her to let you in by showing her the three forms of evidence of your fame. When you're on the talk show, you'll need to abide by Myra's rules, which means staying where you're seated and not interrupting her. As you walk on the set, you'll see suspicious teddy bear on the desk, which Sam immediately spots as the hypnotic device controlling Myra. Somehow you'll need to disable that bear to break its spell on Myra.

Save the day
Sam & Max Season One screen myra.jpg
  1. Pick "I'd rather relive my Embarrassing Idol glory." from the first set of topic choices you have.
  2. Use the voice modulator, then use the banjo.
  3. Talk to Myra, and this time pick "About that picture in the 'Times'…"
  4. Choose "There was someone else involved!", then say it was Bessy the Cow.

You've solved another case, however there may be some link between this one and the Culture Shock, since they both involve hypnosis. As the episode comes to a close, you'll note that the gift box containing the hypno-bear was sent from The Toy Mafia.