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Freelance Police


Items: cash (inside the mouse hole), light bulb

Watch the brief introduction to start Sam & Max: Hit the Road.

You start at the office and Max will here. Pick up the cash in the mouse hole and the light bulb. Go outside to the main hall, and watch the brutal angry in the right door. After all, go outside again.


Items: order (at the cat)

Talk to cat. Make sure she must be stopped talking and use Max on him. You'll obtain the order.



Items: paper cup

After you're arrived, grab the paper cup on the floor to the right, and go inside.

Items: pecan candy

Max will got to go to the bathroom. You need to find something to it, so pick up the pecan candy in the right of the screen. Talk to the attendant and ask about the pecan candy and the bathroom. Finish the conversation quickly, and follow Max to the outside.

Items: rasp (on Max)

Talk to Max, where you asked about the rasp. He'll give you it and go drive.

Kushman's Brother Show

Items: none

Lee-Harvey and Conroy Bumpus will talk to with. After they've gone, go to the fire-eater on the right of Lost and Found tent. Give the order to him and you'll pass with the free pass ticket.

Items: bottle of severed hand jar, sasquatch fur

You've been free to enter the Hall of Oddities, where Bruno will talk to you. After they talk, take the bottle of severed hand jar and the sasquatch fur on the right of the melted ice block. Go outside.

Items: fishbowl magnifying lens, torch (if you winning the game), Lost and Found claim ticket (if you lost something)

After you're at the outside, pick up the fishbowl magnifying lens on the carny game. Play Wak-a-Rat game, where you hit 20 times.

After you won something, take the prize of torch and combine it with the light bulb. Go to Cone of Tragedy, where you talk to attendant and ask about it. The partner will ride Cone of Tragedy, and after end ride. After you lost something, talk to him again and ask about the Lost and Found claim ticket. Feel free to go to Lost and Found tent. He'll talk to you and say "Have you lost something?" He'll also give you a fish magnet to see the point of World of Fish.


Go to Tunnel of Love and ride the swan. Turn on the flashlight and find the fuse box. Here, use Max on it and go, push the gnome of the king and it opens the secret door. Go in and see Doug.

Items: crowbar

Talk to Doug and examine its stories of Trixie. Make sure he has nothing to do, but there's Ball of Twine in the point. Also give the pecan candy to him and he'll give you a crowbar. Operate the lever and back to field.

Trixie's Trailer

Go to Trixie's Trailer, and use the crowbar on the door. The door will open and you're now able to go into Trixie's Trailer.

Items: stiltwalker's costume, Gator Golf Emporium score card

There are a few things to do, so open the chest and get a stiltwalker's costume from it. Open the wardrobe and get Gator Golf Emporium score card. It's located by Gator Golf in Rheumy Eyes, Florida. Go drive and go to World of Fish.

Finding a Fish

World of Fish

Items: bucket of fish

Walk to the bucket of fish and take it, but the helicopter will appear, carrying the fishes, and has gone. When you have a fish, go to Ball of Twine.

Ball of Twine

Items: none

Have Sam and Max go to the tram. Wait for it to come in, and enter the tram. See the chef is cooking the fish? That means that chef will be conscious. Go up to the elevator.

Items: left-handed spanner

Put the fishbowl magnifying lens in the binoculars, but don't use it yet. Talk to old man and ask about the left-handed spanner. He'll give you one and go drive back to World of Fish.

World of Fish

Items: none

Once in World of Fish, use the left-handed spanner in the metal pole, then go through the mouth. Appear Max on it, and then he's too heavy to fishing it. The helicopter will appear again and will take you to Ball of Twine again.

New Destinations

Ball of Twine

Items: none

Once in Ball of Twine, use Max on dangling rope. It will be got of the plans and they fall through the beside the museum. You'll obtain the 91 yards of twine.

Gator Golf

Items: retriever golf ball

Pick up the retriever golf ball and talk to attendant, but it's not necessary. As soon as you can, go to the driving range.

Items: bucket of golf ball

Sam, Max, Lee-Harvey and Conroy Bumpus will talk to you, but start to fight. After he fights, Lee-Harvey will hold you and say "Hold still, ya flea-bitten polecat!" Then Conroy Bumpus will fly Max to Dunk of Beast.