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Sam & Max is a point-and-click adventure game, for multiple systems. You navigate around the game world by moving the cursor to a spot on the screen and selecting that spot. Around the world are "hotspots", with which the characters can interact. When the cursor is over a hotspot, it will become hilighted and its name will appear if known (names can be disabled in the options menu). You solve puzzles during the game by interacting in a (somewhat) logical way with the environment, talking with other characters and collecting items that are held in your inventory.

Windows Xbox 360 Wii Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Neutral lstick A button (Hold) Move to cursor
N/A N/A Double-click A button (Hold) Move more quickly to cursor
PC Mouse Left Click.png A button A button Interact, make selection
PC Mouse Right Click.png or Space B button B button Skip conversation
Click box Click box or X button Click box or Minus button Open inventory
Click gear or Esc Click gear or Start button Click gear or Plus button Menu