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Box artwork for Samurai.
Japanese title侍御用
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchSamurai Channel
Samurai marquee
This guide is for the 1980 Sega game. For other uses, see Samurai (disambiguation).

Samurai (complete Japanese title: Samurai Goyō 侍御用), is a fighting arcade game, released by Sega in 1980 only in Japan; it runs on their Vic Dual hardware, and the player must use a four-way joystick to direct a red samurai around an enclosed area, with a single button to make him strike at the oncoming challengers (who will attack by either throwing shurikens at him or striking out at him with hooks on the end of chains) with his sword. Once you have defeated all twelve challengers on the stage, you have to fight that turquoise "Master Samurai" (who is a palette-swap of yours); once you have defeated him, you will proceed onto the next stage. The three Katakana characters at the bottom of the screen reads as sukoa (スコア) meaning "score", and the two Kanji characters next to the numbers "1" and "2" below it read as hitome (人目) which means "glimpse" - and the third Kanji character next to the players' scores reads as ten (点), meaning "point". That fourth Kanji character next to the numbers "1", "2" and "3" reads as i (位) which means "place"; despite the presence of a high-score table, Sega had not implemented the practice of letting its players enter their initials yet.