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Samurai Sword map Chapter 4.png

You arrive at Soron's palace, still a bit off in the distance. You begin in the bottom of the map to the right.

Look at the temple
You realize that you need to rescue Saria immediately.
Use the lance
You will fire energy at the palace, but the palace is undamaged.
Move to the temple
As you do, the temple actually rises off the ground and into the air.
Move to the temple
You try to make the Alpha Arm jump, but it's not high enough. Then something flies toward you from the temple. A Wyvern comes into view.
Look at the Wyvern ×2
After watching it fly, it gets close enough to attack you.
Take the Wyvern
By issuing this command, you eject from the Alpha Arm and jump onto the back of the Wyvern.
You dismount the knight riding the Wyvern, and take control of the beast. It flies you to the temple.
Look at the area
You notice something sparkle.
Check the pillar
You find a ring behind the pillar.
Take the ring
Move forward
You arrive in a room that appears to be floating in space.
Move left
You arrive in a similar room with pillars.
Move forward ×4
After moving through what seems like a never ending path, you start to get suspicious.
Look at the area
You wonder how far the path goes.
Move back
In one move, you return to the start of this path.
Look at the area ×2
You will notice something inscribed on a pillar.
Check the pillar
You discover that a spell has been causing you to travel in circles.
Move forward ×3
You will discover a jail cell, and you approach it.
Check the jail
You will notice that the lock is rusted.
Move forward
In its current state, the lock can't stop you from opening the door. You notice a man sitting on the bed.
Talk to the man ×2
The man was a Light Mage from whom Soron drained magic. He gives you holy water which he says can break the curse, and then he vanishes.
Move back ×4
You will return to the central room.
Move right
Now you arrive on the other side.
Move forward
At first glance, this room appears empty.
Look at the area
You will notice something shining.
Check the "?"
You discover a small mirror. Then a warrior will suddenly appear before you.
Use the orb
Any attempt to fight the warrior ends up in a stalemate. Instead, use the orb to see the truth, and the warrior will disappear, which will cause the small mirror to shatter.
Move forward
You will discover a statue.
Look at the statue
You notice that it resembles Saria.
Check the statue
It seems cheerful.
Use the orb
You confirm that the statue is indeed Saria, cursed by Soron.
Use the water
The holy water succeeds in breaking the curse, and Saria is restored to life.
Move back
Saria will suggest that the Samurai Sword is in the jail, and you will be instantly transported back to it.
Check the area
You will discover a hole in the wall.
Talk to Saria
She suggests that Soron's ring might be useful to break the seal.
Use the ring
Inserting the ring into the wall causes the wall to slide open, revealing the sword and a tablet.
Look at the tablet
The tablet explains that the sword is powering the palace's ability to fly. Therefore, it you take it right away, the palace will crash into the land below and you will die.
Talk to Saria
She notes a connection between the sword and the Light Drop.
Look at the Katana ×2
You will discover a hole in the hilt.
Look at the jewel
It begins to shine.
Use the jewel
You put it in the hole but nothing happens.
Take the Katana
Soron's ring will break and the wall will collapse. The palace begins to shake, and you note that it won't remain floating much longer. The Sage communicates with you across a great distance, signaling that now is the time to strike Soron. You return to the outside of the jail cell.
Move back ×3
Move through the door
You kick it open, but arrive in darkness.
Saria tries to cast the spell of light, but the light is absorbed. Soron awakens and attacks you.
Fight ×3
You try to fight once, but you miss and become paralyzed,
Saria casts a spell that partially restores your ability.
This time you swing your sword, and it's a direct hit. However, after that, Soron is revived and even stronger than before.
In his stronger forms, he hits you with a blast of energy and knocks you to the floor.
Talk to Saria
Sje prays that the Samurai Sword gives you its power.
Use the Katana
You pull out the weapon, and are surrounded by light.
Fight ×2
The first time, the light deflects one of Soron's attacks, but the second time, Soron is able to weaken you
Talk to Saria
You instruct Saria to end things.
Saria → Talk → Soron
Soron lets on that he will devour both of your souls.
Use the orb
You see that Soron is actually a collection of souls.
Look at the Katana
The light from the jewel in the sword revives you.
Use the Katana
You draw the sword.
You swing your sword and eliminate the evil. The sage rescues you, and from here, the ending can be seen, which explains the origin of Soron. Congratulations.