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Samurai Sword Intro Soron.png

The game begins with your character in the midst of combat, about to suffer a mortal defeat. At the last moment, you are whisked away from battle by an unknown force which saves your life. The goal of the game is to locate Saria, the Light Mage, and convince her to help you defeat the great evil known as Soron, shown above. In order to do so, you must navigate through four chapters, in which you must examine items, speak with locals, and utilize tools to reveal more and more of the path you must take in order to reach Soron's palace.


Not all of the following commands will be available at every location throughout the game. Only those commands which are relevant tend to appear at any given screen.

  • Move: Allows you to move from your current location to an adjoining locations. Options typically include the four cardinal directions (north, east, south, west), as well as right or left, or into and out of enclosures.
  • Look: Take a cursory glance at something in order to identify it, or anything obvious about it.
  • Check: This is a more thorough examination of an object which may reveal aspects about it that weren't initially apparent. You may discover new things to examine as a result.
  • Talk: Speak with anyone who is in the vicinity, not necessarily including partners like Saria.
  • Fight: Choose this option to engage with an enemy that is present on the screen. You may not necessarily be able to succeed in combat without the right equipment, but you won't necessarily lose if you don't have what you need.
  • Use: Utilize an item that you have in your possession.
  • Give: Hand possession of an item over to someone else.
  • Saria: When Saria accompanies you, you may choose this command to engage her in conversation, or to request that she perform magic.