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Box artwork for Secret Weapons over Normandy.
Secret Weapons over Normandy
Developer(s)Totally Games
Year released2003
System(s)PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Genre(s)Flight simulation
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB Teen
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Secret Weapons Over Normandy (or "SWON") is a World War II-based flight simulation released on November 18, 2003. Published by LucasArts and developed by Totally Games, the game is composed of objective-based missions set in 1940s European, North African, and the Pacific theatres of war. The player is James Chase, an American pilot volunteering to assist the British, who stand alone at this point of the war. He flies in the classified squadron known as the Battlehawks. Over the course of the game, the player has opportunities to: earn or capture new aircraft, add upgrades to his/her existing aircraft, and as the game puts it; "to halt the most insidious plans of the Third Reich." The player's opponent is the German Air Force of the Luftwaffe, in particular the enemies being the Battlehawk's counterpart, the elite squadron of top German pilots, known as Nemesis (similar to the real KG 200), commanded by Oberst Krieger. Other opponents are the aircraft of Imperial Japans; Imperial Japanese Army, and Imperial Japanese Navy. It is classified as a simulation, though when compared and contrasted with games like the IL-2 Sturmovik series of games, the level of input required to fly, or the historical accuracy of SWON leads it to be classified more as an action combat game, or arcade style simulation.


Secret hidden aircraft can be unlocked in the game; the X-Wing and the TIE Fighter from Star Wars. To unlock these you must complete all campaign and challenge missions.

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