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Challenge 1: Dogfight (Aug 15, 1940)[edit]

In this challenge, you in your Hawker Hurricane Mk. I and Trevor in his Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V are set up for a mock dogfight using paint rounds. If you manage to be the first to score 100 hits on Trevor in two out of three rounds, then you will be awarded the Spitfire.


  • 3 Requisitions
  • Spitfire


  • Primary Goal: Beat Trevor two times

Mission 2: Aldertag I (Aug 13, 1940)[edit]

In the first part of the mission you have just arrived at the Battlehawks' fighter base by a Douglas Dakota aircraft. However, soon after you arrive the Germans begin attacking the airfield as part of their goal in destroying all RAF airfields. Ju-87 Stukas begin to attack the airfield, and you are then put in charge of a 40mm Bofors AA gun. Your goal is to protect the hangars from being destroyed. Soon after a group of Bf-110s appear, and will begin strafing you and Lyle. After all the aircraft are shot down you are sent to the hangar for the second part of the mission.


  • Primary Goal: One hangar survives
  • Bonus Goal: Outscore Lyle

Mission 2: Aldertag II (Aug 13, 1940)[edit]

This is the second part of the second mission, you are now in the air and the Germans are attacking the coastal area, using their Heinkel He-111 bombers. Higher flying Ju-87s then come in heading towards New Romney, Rork and Trevor say they'll finish off the He-111 bomber and you have to destroy the Stukas. Bf-109s also come into protect their Stukas. After that wave has been disposed of you land back at the airbase, as soon as you are ready to take off the second attack on the airbase begins. Ju-87s with Bf-109 escorts begin to attack the airbase. Target the Ju-87s first since their target are the remaining hangars at the airfield. After all Ju-87s and Bf-109s are shot down, the coastal radar station "Spyglass 1" spots another wave of aircraft heading towards it, these are Junkers Ju-88 light bombers, escorted by a group of Nemesis Bf-109s. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to save Spyglass 1 from being blown up, but you can save the other two stations though. Target the Nemesis Bf-109s first before attacking the defenseless Ju-88s. Once the three 88s are down, the fourth one will crash land after you shoot it down, thus ending the mission.


  • Primary Goal: One radar station survives
  • Primary Goal: Destroy all Nemesis Bf-109s
  • Secondary Goal: Half of Hythe survives
  • Secondary Goal: One hangar survives both attacks
  • Bonus Goal: Half of New Romney survives