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Mission 5: Flying Tigers (Dec 23, 1941)[edit]

First of all, you start by flying to the shore and start to destroy crates. Then you have to cripple an airfield and all the planes with it. When you head home, Kreiger ambushes you, and Trevor (or Pauline) in shot down. You then must fly home and plot a plan to free them and some other POWs. (Next mission you will free them).


  • Primary Goal: Destroy crates
  • Primary Goal: Shoot down all Zekes
  • Primary Goal: Shoot down all Nemesis planes
  • Secondary Goal: Sink all freighters
  • Secondary Goal: Sink all destroyers
  • Secondary Goal: Destroy all trucks
  • Bonus Goal: Destroy more Zekes than the Tigers

Challenge 1: Tigers (Dec 26, 1941)[edit]


  • Primary Goal: Two US destroyers survive