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Body armor[edit]

Name Defense Worn by Where to Get Cost (GP)
Overalls 3 Hero Potos Village 20
Kung Fu Suit 4 Girl Kingdom of Pandora 25
Midge Robe 7 Sprite Dwarf Village 22
Chain Vest 7 All Dwarf Village, Kippo Village 120
Spiky Suit 13 Hero, Sprite Kingdom of Pandora, Dwarf Village 260
Kung Fu Dress 17 Girl Kippo Village 350
Fancy Overalls 22 All Matango 675
Chest Guard 28 Girl, Sprite Kakkara, Todo, Empire Southtown 1,000
Golden Vest 34 All Kakkara, Todo, Empire Southtown 2,250
Ruby Vest 43 All Empire Southtown, Empire Northtown 4,500
Tiger Suit 52 Hero, Sprite Empire Northtown 6,375
Tiger Bikini 64 Girl Empire Northtown 7,100
Magical Armor 78 All Mandala (Lofty Mountains) 11,500
Tortoise Mail 95 Hero, Sprite Tasnica Castle 14,850
Flower Suit 115 Girl Empire Gold City 21,000
Battle Suit 139 All Empire Gold City, Tasnica Castle 30,000
Vestguard 240 All Neko (Sunken Continent) 65,500
Vampire Cape 242 Girl, Sprite Fiend Head treasure (Mana Fortress) N/A
Power Suit 245 Hero Whimper treasure (Mana Fortress) N/A
Faerie Cloak 250 Girl, Sprite Master Ninja treasure (Mana Fortress) N/A


Image Name Defense Worn by Where to Get Cost (GP)
Secret of Mana armor Head01.png Bandana 2 Hero Potos Village 50
Secret of Mana armor Head02.png Hair Ribbon 3 Girl Kingdom of Pandora 55
Secret of Mana armor Head03.png Rabite Cap 5 Sprite Dwarf Village 45
Secret of Mana armor Head04.png Headgear 7 Hero Kingdom of Pandora, Dwarf Village 70
Secret of Mana armor Head05.png Quill Cap 10 Girl, Sprite Matango 110
Secret of Mana armor Head06.png Steel Cap 13 Hero Matango 180
Secret of Mana armor Head07.png Golden Tiara 17 Girl, Sprite Kakkara, Todo, Empire Southtown 350
Secret of Mana armor Head08.png Raccoon Cap 21 All Kakkara, Todo, Empire Southtown 550
Secret of Mana armor Head09.png Quilted Hood 26 Girl, Sprite Empire Southtown, Empire Northtown 700
Secret of Mana armor Head10.png Tiger Cap 32 All Empire Northtown 1,100
Secret of Mana armor Head11.png Circlet 38 Hero, Sprite Mandala (Lofty Mountains) 2,300
Secret of Mana armor Rubyhelm.png Ruby Armet N/A N/A N/A N/A
Secret of Mana armor Head13.png Unicorn Helm 55 All Empire Gold City 5625
Secret of Mana armor Head14.png Dragon Helm 66 All Empire Gold City, Tasnica Castle 7,500
Secret of Mana armor Head15.png Duck Helm 78 Girl, Sprite Empire Gold City, Tasnica Castle 11,250
Secret of Mana armor Head16.png Needle Helm 140 All Neko (Sunken Continent,) Needlion treasure (Pure Land) 30,000
Secret of Mana armor Cockatricecap.png Cockatrice Cap 142 All Basilisk treasure (Sunken City) N/A
Secret of Mana armor Amulethelm.png Amulet Helm 143 Hero National Scar treasure (Mana Fortress) N/A
Secret of Mana armor Griffinhelm.png Griffin Helm 145 Hero Griffin Hand treasure (Pure Land) N/A
Secret of Mana armor Faeriecrown.png Faerie Crown 150 Girl, Sprite Terminator treasure (Mana Fortress) N/A

Arm wear[edit]

Name Defense Worn by Where to Get Cost (GP)
Wristband 1 Girl, Hero Neko's, Pandora, Gaia's Navel 45
Elbow pad 2 All Kippo, Pandora, Gaia's Navel 90
Power Wrist 4, +5 Strength All Pandora, Gaia's Navel 150
Cobra Bracelet 6 All Pandora 280
Wolf's Band 8 All Matango 400
Silverband 10 All Kakkara, Todo, Southtown, Northtown 525
Golem Ring 13 All Southtown, Northtown 750
Frosty Ring 16 All Northtown 1200
Ivy Amulet 20 All Mandala 1875
Gold Bracelet 24 All Tasnica 3750
Shield Ring 29 All Gold City 5100
Lazuri Ring 35 All Tasnica, Gold City 8800
Guardain Ring 41 All Doom Sword -
Gauntlet 90 All Sunken Isle 37500
Ninja Gloves 91 All Dark Stalker (Mana Fortress) -
Dragon Ring 92 All Ice Thug (Mana Fortress) & Treasure Chest drop (Pure Land) -
Watcher Ring 93 All Eggplant Man (Mana Fortess) -
Imp's Ring 94 All Ghost -
Amulet Ring 95 All Tsunami -
Faerie's Ring 100 All Wolf Lord (Mana Fortress) -