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Each character has a set of base stats, and secondary attributes.

Primary attributes
HP Hit points; Amount of damage a character can take
MP Mana points; determines number of spells that can be cast
Strength Improves attack
Agility Improves Evade %, Hit% and allows more frequent attacks.
Constitution Adds to defense.
Intelligence Improves magic damage or effects
Wisdom Improves magic defense
Secondary attributes
Attack Amount of damage dealt (Strength + Weapon)
Hit% Chance of landing a hit (75% + 1/4 Agility)
Defense Reduces damage received (Constitution + Armor)
Evade% Chance of avoiding attacks (Armor + 1/4 Agility)
Magic Defense Reduces magical damage (Wisdom + Armor)

Leveling up[edit]

When you begin the game, the boy will be at his weakest at Level 1. As you play through the game, you will fight various monsters. Defeating a monster gives you both gold and experience points. The harder a monster is to defeat, the more experience points you are given, with boss battles giving substantial amount of experience points.

Whenever you collect enough experience points, you will reach the next level. Upon reaching the next level, you instantly recover any lost hit points and magic points. Rising in level will increase several of your stats, such as your hit points. No two characters' stats grow at quite the same rate. The number of experience points required to reach the next level increases with each level.

Skill levels[edit]

In addition to your level of experience, the game also tracks your skill level with each weapon, and for magic users, their skill level with each spell. In order to increase the skill level of a weapon or spell, characters must repeatedly use a weapon, or cast a spell.

By increasing a weapon skill level, the player gains access to more and more powerful special attacks, which are accessed by holding down B Button until at least one meter of power has been stored. Each new weapon skill level will allow you to store additional power.

By increasing a spell's skill level, the effectiveness of that spell increases. For example, if the spell is a curing spell, it will recover more lost hit points. If the spell is an attack spell, it will do more damage.

Early levels can be reached relatively quickly for each weapon and spell. But as you continue to master these skills you will need to execute them more times in order to achieve the next level. You can see your current growth in a skill through the Level Ring Command. Your progress in each skill is rated from 0 to 100, where 100 means you are promoted to the next level.