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Even before you arrive in the Empire, the Travel Cannon manager will advise you to keep a low profile there. Then he'll send you flying in the air, and you'll land directly in the Empire's Travel Cannon center. This center only offers trips back to Kakkara Village. Head out and you'll be on a path that leads to Southtown.


Secret of Mana map Southtown.png

Follow the path as it winds down and to the left. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, examine the upper left corner of town. A woman will see you and duck into her house. Follow her inside, and this woman named Mara will claim she knows who you are, and that you're friends of Jema's. She will explain that she is a Tasnican spy, and that the only way to get into Northtown is through the sewers to the east. She instructs you to give the passcode, 634, to the guard inside.

Wander a bit more around Southtown. The large building below the path you entered from is both an inn and a shop. The shop is on the second floor, and contains another boost in defensive clothing. The Golem Ring and Ruby Vest are both improvements for every character, while the Quilted Hoods can only be worn by the Girl and the Sprite. They are all quite expensive, but you can make some of the money back by selling your no longer needed equipment. However, if you are particularly high level and have well over 30,000 gold, you may just want to save your money for the equipment at Northtown. Then stay at the Inn if you wish to save your game.

There's not a lot of else of interest in Southtown. Most of the citizens have nothing better to talk about than Mara. There does not even appear to be a normal exit from the town. However, if you head to the east side of town, you may notice a man walk away from you to the north. He will protect the entrance behind him and you must provide the correct secret number to get past him. Enter 634 and you may proceed.

Imperial Sewers[edit]

Secret of Mana map Sewers a.png Secret of Mana map Sewers b.png Secret of Mana map Sewers c.png

As soon as you arrive, you will encounter two Iffish. A bit above, you'll find a Dinofish on the left, and some Blue Drops on the right. Take either path to access a stairwell beyond. On the level below, you will find another Dinofish, and two or more Blue Drops, depending on how quickly you travel down. It's not a bad idea to fight the first set of Blue Drops that you can see from a safe distance across the gap. Make your way down to the bottom of the area, and through the doorway below.

In the next room, take out the Blue Drops, and continue down the stairs they block. Take on the Dinofish that you encounter below, and then proceed through the doorway in the lower left corner. Make your way down to the water, where you'll face two Dinofish. Below them is a Blue Drop. Keep heading down, where you'll find a Mad Mallard hanging out by the exit from the room.

Head through the door, and you'll discover three Dinofish hanging around in the water. Clear them up, and climb up the steps on the left. You'll see another Blue Drop. The path to the bottom leads to a dead-end, so climb the staircase in the upper left corner instead. You'll arrive in another room with yet more Dinofish and Blue Drops. Your goal here is to get the doorway on the left side of the bottom half.

Secret of Mana map Sewers d.png Secret of Mana map Sewers e.png Secret of Mana map Sewers f.png


Secret of Mana map Northtown.png

Exiting from the sewers, you'll arrive in a rebel base. At first, Krissie will want to know who you are, but she'll recognize you as the people Jema told her about. When the Girl mentions Dyluck, Krissie will report that a Dyluck has been draining people's energy to the east. Then the girls will begin to wander around the room. You can speak to them and the man in the corner, but you won't get much useful information. Head out of the room and start making your way through a series of other rooms until you exit outside, where it turns out the Resistance base is disguised as a cafe.

To the right of the cafe is a shop, and this shop has defensive equipment that is a substantial increase over the items available in Southtown. If you have the money to afford it, the Frosty Ring, and all of the Tiger equipment will seriously raise your defense levels. The Tiger Bikini for the Girl is a bit more expensive, but in return it offers even higher defense levels than the Tiger Suit, and is well worth the money.

There's an Inn in the upper left corner of town. It's not very remarkable, except for the fact that it contains a set of stairs in the lower left corner which leads to a room where you'll find Watts, in case you need to upgrade any weapons. There isn't too much else to see in Northtown. You can talk to many of the people inside and outside buildings for little bits of information. Like Southtown, there aren't any exits to the wilderness. You can access two different areas to the north. The one on the left leads to the castle, while the one on the right leads to ruins like those found in Pandora. If you try to visit the castle, a barrier will block you, so explore the ruins.

Northtown Ruins[edit]

Note: This area is composed of many similar looking sections. Rather than presenting them individually, stitched maps will be shown to cut down on any confusion.

Secret of Mana map Northtown Ruins entrance.png Secret of Mana map Northtown Ruins a.png

If you approach the center staircase at the top, you'll encounter Phanna from Pandora. The Girl will try to speak with her, but Phanna will insist that she and Dyluck love each other and are happy here. The Girl won't believe her and slap her. The Boy and Sprite will suggest taking Phanna to Krissie's. Right at that moment, Krissie will appear in the ruins. Krissie will agree to bring Phanna to a doctor, while your party tackles the ruins.

Climb up the steps and walk through the center door. In the large room that you enter, you'll encounter Ghouls, and small eye stalks known as Wizard Eyes. The Wizard Eyes have the ability to summon Weepy Eyes, and Weepy Eyes have the ability to temporarily transform you into Moogles. The stairs on either side of the room lead to a balcony, and on that balcony are two doors that are easy to miss. The left door leads to a small room containing Imps and Grave Bats. Fight your way past them and exit through the door in the back. You'll enter a small hallway with some Blue Drops and an LA Funk. There's an exit on the left side that leads to another small room containing Ghouls and a Tomato Man. Exit through the bottom of this room to reach a small outdoor balcony with a treasure chest that contains a Spear's Orb.

Reverse your tracks back to the large room beyond the entrance, and examine the door on the right of the balcony. It leads to a small room with Imps and a Wizard Eye. The door in the back leads to a small hallway with a Specter and some Ghouls. The exit to the right leads to a small room containing another Wizard Eye and some Weepy Eyes. The door at the bottom leads to another balcony, where you'll find a chest containing a Bow's Orb.

Once again return to the balcony above the large room, and come down to the center of the room. Proceed through the door in the middle, and you'll find yourself in a narrow vertical hallway with a Specter and some Ghouls. Fight your way to the top to reach the next room where you'll find a Wizard Eye and some Weepy Eyes guarding a staircase.

Secret of Mana map Northtown Ruins b.png

Climb down the staircase, and you'll arrive in a small room with three Grave Bats. Head through the door at the bottom, and you'll enter another small room that's occupied by one of each of the three colored drops that you've encountered; red, blue, and green. Fight your way past them to reach the door below, and you'll arrive on the right side of a long horizontal hallway guarded by Ghouls. There are two other doors here. The center door is guarded by Robin Foots, and the left door is guarded by more Ghouls. The center door leads to a short hallway with some Grave Bats. Beyond it is a furnished, but otherwise seemingly empty room. Passing through the left door, you'll arrive in a hallway with one Green Drop and two Blue Drops. Beyond them is a door that leads to a stairwell guarded by Ghouls and an Imp.

Secret of Mana map Northtown Ruins c.png

Head down the stairs, and you'll arrive in a very large room with two levels. All manner of enemies that you have faced so far will appear in this room. The upper level will form paths ways that wrap around two lower level rooms. The right room is accessible by stairs, but the exit is blocked by spikes. Likewise, the exit in the upper-left corner is blocked by spikes. The only exit that you can use at the moment is a small doorway in the bottom of the right side.

This lower exit will place you in a room with an LA Funk, a Dark Funk, and a Blue Drop. Head through the door at the bottom, and you'll arrive in a narrow hallways with Grave Bats and Imps. Cross over to the left to find another door, and head through. You'll find an extremely small room with two Blue Drops and an LA Funk. This small room contains a floor tile which acts as a switch. Step on it, and then return to the large two-level room. You'll find that both sets of spikes that were blocking other exits have been removed. Examine the door in the upper left corner first to find a small room with Ghouls guarding a treasure chest. Open the chest to find a Sword's Orb.

Return to the previous room, and descend down the steps to reach the lower right room. You'll be able to access a tile beyond the spikes. Stepping on it will make a door appear on the wall behind you. Pass through the door to enter a small hallway with Grave Bats and a Red Drop. Cross to the left side and exit through the door below to reach the lower level room on the left side. And exit from that area can be found at the bottom. That exit places you at the top of a stairwell guarded by two Imps.

Secret of Mana map Northtown Ruins d.png
Secret of Mana map Northtown Ruins e.png

Climb down the stairs, and you'll be greeted in a new room by two Ghouls. Follow the path down, and then to the right. Follow the path around the spikes until you reach the lower right corner where a tile is visible. Step on the tile, and the spikes will disappear, giving you access to the door beyond the spikes at the top. Head through and fight your way past another pair of Grave Bats and an Imp to descend down the next stairwell. You'll be greeted by two Robin Foots. Head left and then up to encounter a Wizard Eye and some Weepy Eyes. Clear them away and pass through the door above.

Boss: Doom Wall[edit]

Secret of Mana boss Doom Wall.png

This fight will be very reminiscent of the fight against the Evil Wall. The good news that you don't have to worry about the wall trying to crush you. The bad news is, it has much more powerful attacks at it's disposal. It can cast Thunderbolt and Energy Absorb, among other attacks. It can perform an attack that resembles a cave-in on some characters, or cover you in rocks that disable you from fighting for a while. That being said, you can take your time with this fight, and even charge up your weapons to do more damage against each eye and the center target. Take the eyes out first, and then focus on the middle.

When the wall is destroyed, you will obtain a Whip's Orb. Head through the door behind the wall, and you'll enter a large room with an alter in the middle. Climb the alter to find none other than Dyluck. The Girl will be excited to see him, and he will appear to be excited too... before he kills her. The Boy will demand he bring her back, but he will refuse, so the Boy will strike Dyluck. This will appear to jog Dyluck's memory, and he will regain his senses. He will instruct you to head through the door in the back.

Entering the next room, the Girl will be lying on the ground in front of Thanatos. He is about to absorb her power when something interrupts and brings her back to life. Dyluck sends her some power, and she rejoins the group. At this point, a Vampire will attack.

Boss: Vampire[edit]

Secret of Mana boss Vampire.png

The fight against the Vampire may take a while, but if you're properly equipped with good armor, you shouldn't have too much to worry about. It likes to attack by literally picking up the character that is closest and biting them. It can also use Energy Absorb. Vampire fears a form of magic you don't yet have access to, so all you can do is cast the attack spells that you do know and chip away at his health. The Boy should attack, but his attacks will only be effective when the Vampire is down on the ground, and not jumping around. The Girl should focus on healing, but if you're doing well, you can use some of her offensive fire spells as well.

Taking out the Vampire will award you the Boomerang's Orb. However, when the battle is over, Dyluck will be nowhere to be found. The Girl will be sad, but then she will compose herself, and assure everyone that she will find him. At this time, all you can do is make your way out of the ruins and return to Northtown. Be sure to visit Watts in the room below the Inn and upgrade the five weapons you recovered orbs for. Then save your game.