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Badges are awards earned for completing a particular task in a single match. Unlike Feats they do not need to be completed in a single life. Many Feat contributions will also build towards Badges, but unlike Feats you are not rewarded with money for Badges you earn during a match.

XP earned from Badges eventually increases your rank, giving you a new rank. After a few levels within a rank you move into the next rank, earning a new insignia in the process. The insignia is displayed in the player list and on your Ranked Stats page. Ranks are purely a means of reflecting a player's prowess; they do not give the player any special equipment or other advantages over other players.


  • Specialist: Kill 8 players with equipment (20 XP)
  • Point Offense: Get 8 Attacks (20 XP)
  • Armor Combat: Kill 8 players with the Heavy Armor (20 XP)
  • Infantry Combat: Kill 20 players (30 XP)
  • Anti-Vehicular Combat: Destroy 3 vehicles (30 XP)
  • Retaliation: Get 4 Avenges (20 XP)
  • Tank Combat: Kill 8 players with a Tank (20 XP)
  • Marksman: Kill 15 players with non-vehicle Weapons (20 XP)


  • Objective Support: Assist in the capture of 4 Control Points (20 XP)
  • Conquer: Capture 4 Control Points (30 XP)
  • Enduring Service: Complete a game (must have been in 30% of the game) (10 XP)
  • Distinguished Service: Finish at least 3rd place in a game with 12 or more players (15 XP)
  • Guardian: Protect friendly Control Points with 8 Defenses or Denials (20 XP)
  • Sapper: Hack 8 Control Points (30 XP)
  • Honorable Service: Finish a game with the highest teamwork score of your team (20 XP)
  • Battlefield Victory: Win a game with your team (must be in 30% of the game) (40 XP)



  • Intelligence Network: Deploy 4 Sensor Arrays (20 XP)
  • Clear Skies: Destroy 4 Anti-Air Turrets (30 XP)
  • Shroud: Destroy 4 Sensor Arrays (20 XP)
  • Circumvent Defenses: Destroy 8 Minigun or Rocket Turrets (30 XP)
  • Medic: Get 16 Repairs (20 XP)
  • Squad Tactics: Get 8 Kill Assists with your squadmates (30 XP)
  • Supplier: Deploy 4 Supply Depots (15 XP)
  • Security Automation: Kill 5 players with Minigun or Rocket Turrets (30 XP)