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Below are the default controls for Section 8. They can be modified from the menu by going to Settings -> Controls -> Configure Bindings.

PC Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png RT button R1 button Fire
PC Mouse Right Click.png LT button L1 button Zoom
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Look/aim
WASD Neutral lstick Neutral lstick move/strafe
Space L button L2 button jump/jetpack, lunge (in Heavy Armor)
E RB button Cross button Use, enter/exit vehicle
F LB button R3 button Use equipment (outside vehicle), melee (in Heavy Armor)
R X button Square button Reload
Z ??? L3 button Change zoom magnification
LShift ??? L3 button Sprint
LCtrl N/A N/A Walk
C R button R3 button Crouch
PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png / 1-2 Y button Triangle button Change Weapons
Q / 3-4 B button Circle button Change Equipment
B Up dpad Up dpad Buy (Vehicles and Deployables)
F1 Left dpad Left dpad TacNet Dropship
F2 N/A N/A TacNet Teams
F3 Down dpad Down dpad TacNet Map
F4 N/A N/A TacNet Scores
F5 Right dpad Right dpad TacNet DCMs
T N/A N/A Global Chat
Y N/A N/A Team Chat
U N/A N/A Squad Chat
Home N/A N/A Games for Windows Live menu (if installed and logged in)
Escape Start button Start button Menu/Pause
Tab Back button Select button Scoreboard (hold to view)
M Down dpad Down dpad Map