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Equipment is a category of secondary items soldiers are equipped with. Two pieces of equipment can be carried at any one time. Equipment is switched between with Q and used with F. Some items have limited ammunition, while others recharge over time. Each piece of equipment has an associated feat that is progressed by using it successfully.

Det Pack[edit]

Det Pack

The Det Pack deals heavy damage to enemy targets. It is best used against vehicles and deployables, although it will work on enemy infantry as well. When aimed correctly it will stick to a target. Hold F before throwing to view the target arc.

Det Packs are detonated with E. Det Packs cannot be detonated before they hit the ground, nor can they be detonated when the Det Pack is not the selected equipment type. Players can carry up to five Det Packs at once. Det Pack refills can be collected from a Supply Depot or Outpost, but only five can be deployed at any one time. Det Packs explode immediately when shot or otherwise damaged (whether by an enemy or a friendly) and will damage anyone in the blast radius.

Feat: Support Killer



While less powerful than Det Packs, Grenades can be thrown much more quickly. Hold F before throwing to view the target arc. Grenades explode on contact with an enemy target or when landing within the vicinity of an enemy; if no enemy is within range the Grenade will lie dormant for a while, waiting for an enemy to come into range, but will eventually explode of its own accord. Players can carry up to three Grenades at a time.

Feat: Assault Killer



The Knife is a powerful melee weapon with a very short range and relatively slow repeat rate. When used for a frontal assault the Knife will kill after a few swings, but this gives the enemy plenty of time to move out of range or open fire with a gun (any of which are far more damaging than the Knife for a frontal assault). When used from behind, however, the Knife kills instantly. Stealthy players will like this weapon, especially when paired with a Sensor Blocker. It is especially useful for taking down stationary enemies sniping or hacking or defusing a Control Point (although most players are constantly moving around the CP platform to avoid this sort of thing happening).

Feat: Recon Killer

Micro Sensor[edit]

Micro Sensor

The Micro Sensor is thrown much like a Grenade (hold F before throwing to view the target arc). When it lands it works like a small Sensor Array, reporting enemy activity within its sensor range. It is destroyed by any damage, whether from a friendly or enemy. After firing the Micro Sensor bar must be given time to refill before another can be fired. Each player can have several Micro Sensors active at a time.

Feat: Micro Sensor



The Mortar is a powerful explosive that explodes in mid-air, scattering explosive fragments within a small radius below it. Hold F to see its destination and estimated damage radius. Where possible the Mortar lands exactly where the reticle is pointed, although it has a short range. Because it works on line of sight the Mortar cannot hit surfaces the player cannot see, such as enemies on roofs or platforms. Players can carry 4 Mortar rounds at a time. The Heavy Tank and Convoy mortars work the same as the infantry Mortar, although their ammunition regenerates rather than running out after a few shots.

Feat: Siege Killer

Repair Tool[edit]

Repair Tool

The Repair Tool is an immensely useful device that repairs the armor of any friendly target, whether it is an infantry, vehicle, or deployable. The Repair Tool has a ranged beam and can repair friendly targets from a short distance away; if either moves too far away or behind a permanent obstacle the repair beam is broken. When no valid target is in the reticle the Repair Tool repairs the user instead. The Repair Tool's energy wears down over time and must be given time to recharge; its duration can be extended by Passive Modules.

When equipped with a repair tool, the narrator voice will inform the player whenever a nearby allied target needs repairs and will specify what type of target it is; when a target is fully repaired with the Repair Tool the narrator voice will state "Repairs complete". Damaged allied targets in the vicinity have a wrench icon on top of the normal icon wherever the icon is displayed.

A Repair Tool is an essential part of base defence, especially when guarding player-placed Deployables, and is also very useful for repairing the Convoy and Outpost during Dynamic Combat Missions. Players can even jump on top of a Convoy or Heavy Tank to repair it more easily while it is in motion, although of course this makes the repairer a bigger target for the enemy.

Feat: Repairer

Sensor Blocker[edit]

Sensor Blocker

The Sensor Blocker makes the user and nearby allies invisible to enemy devices, including the Sensor Array, Micro Sensor, Minigun Turret and Rocket Turret. Players using the Sensor Blocker are still physically visible to enemy players, but Lock-On cannot be used and data on the target's health and shields is hidden. The Sensor Blocker runs down over time and needs recharging once it is empty. It can be turned on or off at any time. It is perfect for sneaking into enemy bases, preventing or cancelling enemy Lock-On, and using the Knife and Sniper Rifle more discreetly.

Feat: Sensor Blocker