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Infantrymen can carry two weapons at a time. Secondary weapons, such as mortars, are counted as Equipment and do not take up a weapon slot. Unlike in many games, weapons and ammo cannot be picked up from the fallen and can only be changed or restocked by using a Supply Depot.

Assault Rifle[edit]

Assault Rifle
Per clip 60
Maximum 480 (8 clips)

The Assault Rifle is a powerful medium-range weapon that is able to wear down enemy shields as well as damaging armor. Its super-fast reload time makes it the ideal primary or secondary weapon for most purposes.

Machine Gun[edit]

Machine Gun
Per clip 120
Maximum 600 (5 clips)

At close range (about 30 meters) the Machine Gun deals heavy damage against enemy armor, mostly bypassing shield protection. Its power is offset by its inaccuracy over medium to long distances and very long reload time, making it best suited for close-range encounters.

Missile Launcher[edit]

Missile Launcher
Per clip 6
Maximum 18 (3 clips)

The Missile Launcher's missiles deal a lot of damage with a direct hit, but the slow projectile speed means it works best against stationary targets such as deployables. Its great power is offset by a slow rate of fire, low maximum ammo capacity and slow reloading time.


Per clip 10
Maximum 90 (9 clips)

The Pistol is the most basic firearm. Its delivers high damage at point blank range but is limited by magazine size and rate of fire. The pistol is best suited for being a close range back up weapon.


Per clip 6
Maximum 36 (6 clips)

The Shotgun rips through armor and disrupts shields. Its short range makes it best suited for close-quarters combat and it is lethal at point-blank range. Its rate of fire is very low, but the reload time is fast. Because of its low rate of fire it is best used with Lock-On.

Sniper Rifle[edit]

Sniper Rifle
Per clip 10
Maximum 50 (5 clips)

The Sniper Rifle has a long-range scope and is accurate over great distances. Its shots drain shields and pierce armor. Its destructive potential is offset by a modest rate of fire, potentially giving targets a chance to get behind cover, and relatively low damage (even with maximum Anvil Rounds it will not kill instantly). It is ineffective against deployables and vehicles because of their greater health and its relatively small magazine size.